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{Download Ebook} ⚤ The Challenge Accepted (Gauntlet Trilogy, #2) ⚣ Brydon S Quest For The Gauntlet Of Ven Kerrick Continues As The Mysterious Dark Master Sends Him On An Unexpected Journey That Will Take Him Through Ruined Cities And Forgotten Castles On The Way, He Gathers New Friends And New Enemies, But Will Time Run Out Before He Can Save His Former Companions In This Second Installment Of The Gauntlet Trilogy, Dyson Takes Our Hero On An Adventure You Won T Want To Miss Awesome When will book 3 be ready Gotta get Toryn hooked up Almost as good as the first book Would have given it a five but I felt that for a while I was pushing myself to keep reading in the hope that I will be captivated while the author was trying to build the story Eventually all the angles started coalescing By the end of the book, I was just as anxious to get started on the the third book. It s nice enough for being self published, but doesn t come close to the first one I still like the characters and their interaction and the world described within, but a lot of the story felt repetitive and in the end nothing much was achieved it seems So, I don t know if I ll keep on reading once part 3 is available maybe this will just be the filler part of the story