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I am only wondering why I did not end up reading this earlier It s an excellent masterpiece of a work, keeping aside all the criticisms, reasons why this was banned in early 19th century, etc This is a must read for all.A novella that tells a lot about the kind of person the author was or perhaps, maybe was not Review to follow I was inspired to read this after finishing The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy because the theme of The Kreutzer Sonata seemed to closely mirror an episode Sofia described in which her husband became jealous of a musician friend of hers and of the hours they spent playing music together That real life connection gave the novella an extra relevance for me but otherwise I found it difficult to understand I think I prefer the Tolstoy of War and Peace and of Anna Karenina to thefundamentalist and intensely angry Tolstoy who wrote this novella However, the work introduced me to Beethoven s Kreutzer Sonata, a wonderful piece of music which has become a favourite I have the Itzhak Perlman version but this one is fine too @Download Pdf ⛅ Крейцерова соната Ò When Marshal Of The Nobility Pozdnyshev Suspects His Wife Of Having An Affair With Her Music Partner, His Jealousy Consumes Him And Drives Him To Murder Controversial Upon Publication In , The Kreutzer Sonata Illuminates Tolstoy S Then Feverish Christian Ideals, His Conflicts With Lust And The Hypocrisies Of Nineteenth Century Marriage, And His Thinking On The Role Of Art And Music In SocietyIn Her Introduction, Doris Lessing Shows How Relevant The Kreutzer Sonata Is To Our Understanding Of Tolstoy The Artist, As Well As To Feminism And Literature This Modern Library Paperback Classic Also Contains Tolstoy S Sequel To The Kruetzer Sonata I read Doris Lessing s introduction to this and I was a bit stunned, angry almost Why would a writer pen such a semi negative image of a book in her introduction, I wondered A critique, yes, but why write an introduction for it at all There is a moment when she even questions his lovemaking skills At some point one does have to ask if perhaps the trouble was really a simple one Tolstoy was no good in bed Whaaat A bit personal, no And then I read the book Ehn ehn. On a plane to Chicago, I read At the Chicago Riverwalk, flanked by pigeons, I read At a teashop, I read While waiting for my husband to end his day at a conference for lawyers, I read And then I started to be angry at myself for choosing it I threw the book on the park bench, kept walking, turned around, and came back for it It was small, fit snugly into a small backpack, seemed easy for travel, so I chose it from my home library Ehn ehn, silly mistake There I was, in a different city, no paperback to read, a few books on Audible, yes, but it still wasn t the same Alas, this is one I did not, could not complete Tolstoy wrote this during the spiritual crisis that reshaped his life He was a rationalist and moralist and his views on marriage had become skewed He stopped writing, until friends like Turgenev, on his deathbed, convinced him to keep writing Of course we re glad he did, because we have possibilities, like The Death of Ivan Ilych However, putting aside the preposterous plot, the tone of this book was disconcertingly bitter and anguished, a bit psychotic and egotistical, and just plain ignorant as relates to female sexuality Perhaps Tolstoy should have listened to his friend Chekhov when he told him he talked nonsense about female sexuality I just could not take another moment of Pozdnyshev s condescension, even if at some points he had great insight about man s hypocrisy On to the next My next planned Tolstoy reread The Death of Ivan Ilych. One of the best stories I have ever read.Written by one of the greatest story tellers A bold, and authentic discussion of Lust Love Marriage Children Jealousy Madness.Strong stuff What a creepy, unpleasant read Not what I expected from Tolstoy, at all. What happened to Tolstoy the jolly sensualist who liked getting his leg over I know late 19th century Russia folks were struggling with sexuality problems, and how to deal with human lust with minimum oppression, misery, and offence to God, but this novella still shocked me At the time some even despised him forever over it.Banned by the Russian censors this is probably LT s most controversial work, and it s easy to see why, even the most fraught relationship is unlikely to approach the crazy and deranged union described in Tolstoy s story First published in 1891 only after the writer s indefatigable wife, Sonya the very person who must have felt most humiliated by it appealed to the Tsar Seldom, if ever, has such a crackpot polemic also proved to be as riveting a fiction Riveting yes, but still, it s not the same Tolstoy many have come to know and love It all takes place on a train, where, after overhearing a conversation about marriage, the narrator listens as a nervous, almost demented fellow passenger, Pozdnyshev, begins to tell him the story of how he killed his wife The crime becomes almost incidental as he rails against jealousy, the evils of sexual love, and the wiles of women.The narrative is firmly rooted in Tolstoy s later in life anti sex opinions, where he started to believe that sexual intimacy was actually the work of the devil, where desire would only end in destruction His views could be seen as venomous, encouraging repression and limiting the ecstasy people are able to gain from life and love He does raise thought provoking questions on Christianity and marriage, but the story itself was lacking a spark, and didn t carry any of the old Tolstoy magic from other novels Although well written, I found it a little depressing, and the social issues he writes about is done in a rather cold manner Over all a decent enough read, but it never left a lasting impression on me when comparing to some of his other work. 21 . Es evidente que Tolstoi atravesaba una crisis que abarcaba lo matrimonial, lo tico y lo religioso cuando escribi este libro, dado que todas las ideas que l tiene claramente ordenadas en la cabeza repito en ese momento de su vida las plasma en la mente del verdadero narrador principal de la historia que es Pozdnishev y no el supuesto personaje que sube al tren y se mezcla en una acalorada discusi n los pasajeros que se encuentran en ese vag n.Se nota tambi n que la historia es demasiado fuerte para la poca en la que fue publicada 1889 y por la violenta naturaleza de los hechos que se suceden hacia el final, adem s de la escabrosa forma que aborda ciertos temas como son el matrimonio, las relaciones sexuales dentro y fuera de este, la tica, la infidelidad y el asesinato Demasiado fuertes tal vez para una sociedad rusa que, como otras tantas, sin ser ingenuas, no estaban tan preparadas como hoy para digerir una historia tan transgresora como esta.Creo que all est el m rito de Tolstoi, quien intenta transformar este tr gico hecho ficticio en una ense anza para las generaciones posteriores, bas ndose en su propia experiencia, que abarcan el serm n de la monta a, los Evangelios y Jesucristo He le do s lo dos libros de Tolstoi, ste y La muerte de Iv n Illich y me maravillaron desde el punto de vista psicol gico y existencial Los trabaja de un modo distinto a Dostoievksi, tal vez m s simple, pero sin dejar de ahondar en la psiquis del personaje que est siendo sometido a la presi n de lo que est viviendo.En el caso de Pozdnishev, me encuentro con un personaje que relata su experiencia en forma maquinal y que m s all de lo que se apasiona por lo que cuenta, lo hace fr amente, como un raconto de sucesos a los que les agrega esa mezcla de sentimientos que lo embargaban en ese momento sumado a lo que siente hoy en el presente cuando todo pas , porque realmente, contar con lujo de detalles c mo fue pertrechando el asesinato nos da una idea de su sangre fr a al momento del relato Me record , por momentos, a Mersault, de El Extranjero.Yo personalmente percibo eso No logro detectar hasta qu punto est arrepentido, ya que no parece sufrir, con excepci n de ciertos sollozos al final de lo que cuenta, lo que tuvo que vivir Es como que acept el seguro destino que le tocar a, la prisi n y la quita de sus hijos, quienes ya crecidos, le dan vuelta la cara.Siempre es dif cil posicionarse uno en el lugar de Pozdnishev, sobre todo porque es muy complicado saber si uno llegar a a tales extremos ante la desconfianza, los celos y una posible infidelidad.Para finalizar vuelvo a reconocer la maestr a de Tolstoi al escribir una novela corta pero efectiva, adelantada a su poca por los temas que toca, narrada con fluidez, imposible de dejar de leer de principio al final si la le de un d a para otro fue por causas de fuerza mayor , con el m nimo de personajes logra un m ximo de efecto y nos da una novela contundente que dio mucha tela para cortar en 1889 y que sigue cautivando lectores a n hoy en el siglo XXI Son este tipo de libros los que hacen que un grande como Leo Tolstoy tenga la vigencia que se merece eterna. Plainly the only reason for reading Tolstoy s Kretzer Sonate is to be able to begin the review with The Kreutzer Sonate and to end the review with The Kreutzer Sonate.As to the story I am disappointed, for which I blame Janacek.To go back to the beginning, lets imagine you are travelling on a train, it is going to be a fairly long journey,than a day, I get on and sit opposite you and begin to tell you a boring story full of tiresome ideologies I had settled on reading Ms Appletree s Iron Curtain the crushing of eastern Europe, flicking through and reading a couple of pages of Ms Apfelbaum s book ator less random convinced me that it was likely to be a deeply silly tome view spoiler in which case you may well ask why not just cut to the quick and read Mme Wolstonecraft instead hide spoiler