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Another book read for In2BooksActually, not a bad biography of Einstein Covers all the important life milestones, paints a well rounded picture of Einstein without ignoring the fact that he was a crappy father and husband.So why am I giving it only one star There is a glaring science error in this book Really egregious right on pg 43, the author says, Before Einstein, scientists thought that the sun was always in the same place, with the earth and other planets orbiting around it Albert, however, shocked everybody by claiming that the sun, the other stars, the planets everything, all of the time are moving through space this must have especially shocked Thomas Wright, who suggested that the sun, and all the stars in the Milky Way are rotating around the center of the universe in 1750 I m pretty sure the author was trying to simplify Einsten s development of the cosmological constant But this explanation Nonsense and demonstrably wrong. Each student had a copy of this book We read a chapter each week and then met in small groups to discuss it before coming together as a whole class to share our thoughts.Here is a review that the class wrote together We first made a mind map of our ideas and then put them together Albert Einstein was a hero who was guided by his strong character Albert Einstein was a great thinker, but without patience he would not have been able to come up with all his equations and theories that helped the world If he did not have courage, he would not have plunged into his jobs and discovered all that he could do It also took courage to continue with his scientific discoveries during two wars and to write to FDR about making an atomic bomb He faced many difficult decisions in his life including whether or not to return to Germany to teach, leaving his family in Switzerland He had to be honest with himself to make this decision Without gratitude for the people and things in his life, he would not have been driven to help others Without his creative thoughts, we would not have many things, including possibly television He used creativity to learn from his experiences, like the job at the patent office Perseverance helped him prove a lot of new ideas such as the fact that light bends He would not have accomplished this if he had given up easily Albert Einstein was a great thinker who used his character traits to guide him to great achievements. For an idea that does not at first seem insane, there is no hope I do not know how the third world war will be fought, but I do know how the fourth will with sticks and stones Albert Einstein Who Was Albert Einstein by Jess M Brallier is a terrific book that tells all about his personal life not only his professional life It tells it in a way that makes this genius a normal guy that is a lovable person from a child to the end Great job Lots of great sketches and over 100 pages of interesting info packed in this book. 105 pages Well written biography of a genius scientist I learned a lot about his accomplishments but had not heard about his personal life before I think kids will find it interesting He made some interesting choices in life This whole series is great for all ages I am enjoying all of the series so far I rated other ones a little higher maybe because I was interested in the people so this was really good on my scale Highly recommended for Grades 4 5. O carte foarte buna pentru o ora de lectura de vara cu copiii sau chiar cu toata familia E o istorioara cu haz despre viata lui Einstein, cum si a contemplat descoperirile si teoriile Dar si despre Einstein ca personaj dincolo de omul de stiinta , cel cu freza haioasa si vioara in valiza cind calatorea E scrisa cu umor, foarte informativa, intr un limbaj accesibil si e presarata cu replici de a lui Einstein, pentru deliciul picilor. Last weekend I spent my vacation with My amazing friend Albert Einstein Let me tell you about Albert The dopey one from my 7th book in 2018Title Who Was Albert Einstein Author Jess BrallierRating 8 10 Pages 105 pages Genere biography seriesBought it mrbabuonlineSpoiler Alert Einstein was a violinistContent Apart from being a genius with a really crazy hair what else did you know about Einstein This New York Times Best Selling Series dives into the life of the brilliant Albert Einstein from breath to death It gives a wellrounded picture of albert the human, the husband, the father and scientist in fun and interesting way.What I liked It provides a clear image of Einstein and does not shy away from his personal life It discusses all the important milestones of his life alligned with Historical events of that period I loved the cover, the illustrations and the simple language.You get to know Albert from a personal side You get to find out the inspiring and incredible scientist The human with charming personality The world changer and how he used his fame to shed light on causes close to his heart You feel that you can be his friend I am at a loss of words to how amazing he is The world has lost a Amazing human being but his impact and presence surperpasses any existence, time or place.What I disliked it was very short simple I wanted to know details I felt the writer was a bit baised towards Israel and neglected the Israeli Palestinian Conflict.Lessons Learned 1.You are unique2 Stay humble3 No one is perfect 4.Think and donot be afraid to ask questions 5 Be inquisitive and curiousFavorite Quotes 1 For an idea that does not at first seem insane, there is no hope 2.There are only two ways to live your life One is as though nothing is a miracle The other is as though everything is a miracle bookreadaholic whowasalberteinstein bookreview noorbookadventures bookstagram recommendit *DOWNLOAD BOOK ⇸ Who Was Albert Einstein? ☝ Everyone Has Heard Of Albert Einstein But What Exactly Did He Do How Much Do Kids Really Know About Albert Einstein Besides The Funny Hair And Genius Label For Instance, Do They Know That He Was Expelled From School As A Kid Finally, Here S The Story Of Albert Einstein S Life, Told In A Fun, Engaging Way That Clearly Explores The World He Lived In And Changed Summary Albert Einstein was a very brilliant and important man of science He lived his whole life, beginning to end, thinking and writing He contributed to many of the most important advancements of our time He lived a very important life.Review I think that this edition of the Who Was series was a much needed one The story of Albert Einstein is such a valuable one, and I m glad it s made for the purpose of reading to children Though I m not the biggest fan of the artwork, it mirrors that of Albert s lifestyle messy and quick The writing is phenomenal The way they introduced everything was great I definitely recommend this book. This short biography is packed full of interesting information about Albert Einstein who many consider to be one of the smartest human beings who ever lived There were so many interesting facts given in the book that I did not realize As a young boy, his parents often wondered if there was something wrong with him and his brain He was a man of peace, and yet his discoveries led to the development of the atomic bomb He was against war, and yet he asked President Roosevelt to start developing the bomb right away to be used in WWII He was a German Jew who was hated by Hitler He was not the best husband or father He became a citizen of Switzerland as a young man and later the USA as an adult I could list so many , but then you would not need to read the book enjoy