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I love the topic of neuroscience, but I could barely get through this It wasn t as interesting as it sounded and I didn t like the audiobook. Phenomenal. @EPUB Ä The Neuroscience of Change · Personal Transformation Based On Mindfulness And Self CompassionWhat S Your Most Important Goal Why Does It Matter So Deeply How Will You Overcome The Obstacles Answer These Questions With Sincerity, Proceed With Mindfulness And Compassion, And You Have Just Set In Motion A Revolutionary Method For Personal Change That Is Supported By Both The Latest Science And Traditional Wisdom On The Neuroscience Of Change, Psychologist And Award Winning Stanford Lecturer Kelly McGonigal Presents Six Sessions Of Breakthrough Ideas, Guided Practices, And Real World Exercises For Making Self Awareness And Kindness The Basis For Meaningful TransformationPractical Methods To Retrain Your Brain To Support Your GoalsOur Understanding Of The Incredible Power Of The Human Brain Is At An All Time High, With The Emerging Fields Of Neuroscience, Evolutionary Psychology, And Psychophysiology Opening New Possibilities For Greater Health, Happiness, And Freedom From Suffering Drawing On Her Training As A Research Scientist And Longtime Practitioner Of Meditation And Yoga, Dr McGonigal Reveals These Startling Findings Including The Clinically Supported Methods For Training The Mind Away From Default States And Negativity That No Longer Serve Us And Establishing Behaviors And Attitudes Aligned With Our Highest Values And AspirationsThe First Rule Of Change It S Already HappeningAs The World S Wisdom Traditions Teach And Science Is Now Verifying, Our Lives Are In Fact Defined By Constant Change Whether You Re Looking To Change A Behavior, Improve Your Health Or Other Circumstances, Or Simply For A Way To Bring Hope And Resilience Into Your Life As It Is, The Neuroscience Of Change Will Help You Trust Yourself And Unfold Your True Capacities For Personal TransformationHighlightsWillingness, Self Awareness, And Surrender How To Nourish The Seeds Of Change Focusing On The Process, Not The Outcome How To Overcome The Trigger To Instinct Reaction The Proven Benefits Of Meditation And How To Start Practicing Yourself How To Transform Self Criticism Into Self Compassion Why Your Mind Creates Habits And How To Consciously Create New Ones Making Values Driven Commitments Visualization And The Principle Of Encoding Prospective Memories The Power Of The Vow Deep Activation And The Danger Of Rejecting What Is Working With Inner Experiences As The Key To Making Outward Change Six Hours Of Breakthrough Science, Practical Wisdom, Guided Exercises, And Mindfulness Meditations For Making Positive Change That LastsCourse Objectives Discuss How To Nourish The Seeds Of Change And Transformation By Working With Inner Experiences As The Key To Making Outward Change Through Willingness, Self Awareness, And Surrender Explain How To Transform Self Criticism Into Self Compassion Discuss The Value Of Vows, Encoding Prospective Memories, Making Values Driven Commitments And How To Overcome The Trigger To Instinct In The Process Of Transformation And Change Practice Guided Reflections Based On Breakthrough Science, Practical Sensability, And Wisdom Traditions, Including Exercises And Mindfulness Meditations That For Making Positive Change That Lasts I tend to prefer the author live, on stage, she truly is talented in understanding the human condition, from a nueroscientific perspective. If you have never done meditation before this is a fantastic introduction If you have an existing practice and have been doing it for awhile there is not much in here to learn. A nice audiobook I will continue to listen to going to sleep when I need to come back to center. Pleasantly surprised by this book and definitely a great book to get on audiobook The title makes it sound like the book will be very dry, but it wasn t at all Instead, this book provides calming, practical advice for building the habits you want and explains how that advice fits into both science and the wisdom traditions like Buddhism Addresses many of the paradoxes of change, such as how trying NOT to think about something makes us think about it , or how when we are self critical in an attempt to change it undermines our ability to change Really helpful and a relaxing listen. 3h 2x Basic introduction to meditation with some neuro thrown in parts of the brain weren t referred to by name IIRC, just by function analogies I liked the reflective questions found the author s speech generally non annoying Visualization, imagining, reflections e.g., If anything were possible, what would you like to see , What do you want to offer to the world followed by the relevant What are you willing to let go of. Using science to give ourselves a better quality of life is a wonderful idea We can learn so much about what is working for groups of people and whyand what isn t working I learned a lot about how the brain works There is so much valuable information in this book, I can t even begin to give it all a review However, I can t recommend this book enough It s for those times when you ask yourself, Why do I act this way and What can I do to not do this next time Whether you are overcoming an addiction, wanting to lose some weight, stop procrastinating or just generally get a clearer idea of why we fall into patternsI would recommend that you read it There are also activities included that can really help you to get to know yourself better. This is an excellent audio book Dr McGonigal does a terrific job of elucidating the science that supports mindfulness practices Her explanations of why it is so difficult to stop mind chatter and to change habits and develop new ones helped me to be tolerant of my frequent failed attempts Dr McGonigal has a nice voice and her guided meditations are very nice She is one of my favorite psychologists.