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After a while, the How to Train your Dragon books all seem to merge in to one big pile of not for me so, whilst I said a full review would follow, sadly I don t particularly remember anything, either vaguely or pivotal to comment on I think the series as a whole has some things to offer, though perhaps most of it sails underneath me.From my rather abysmal memory, I just know that the humour seemed forced and wasn t particularly anything, really I didn t enjoy the historical aspects because they were wholly inaccurate right down to the pointy helmets and, though it had its fun moments, this truly is not a series for me.Though I am loath to admit that the books aren t for me because I m not a child I dislike books that are just for children I d prefer if your child read something else something historically accurate but also extremely fun, but I don t know any books like that To be honest, I d suggest just watching the film. The plot begins when Hiccup s tribe locates a coffin, exactly, one of Hiccup s ancestor s coffins And it leads to a treasure In for a scary adventure filled with dragons and danger and Hiccup even finds out some interesting truths about himself He may very well make an excellent sword fighting Viking one dayCons There some rather disgusting cracks that the boys may say I suppose to show their Viking manliness but I don t enjoy reading it too much.But my favorite part is being able to listen to an audiobook narrated by David Tennant in his Scottish brogue. This is another book that was recommended to me by my son I found the hero, Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, to be very likable and funny He is an unlikely viking, scrawny and uncoordinated, who is forced to take pirate lessons from Gobber the Belch, another member of his tribe Luckily Hiccup has a sympathetic best friend named Fishlegs and a small pet dragon named Toothless to see him through his adventures An engaging quick read with a surprisingly wise ending, I recommend this book to all pirate lovers and anyone with a sense of humor. listened to audio book This book made me smile so much I also had the thought again that Toothless is so annoying And Hiccup has such a sad outlook on life p Hiccup knows he s destined to be good with the sword So that s why he foolishly takes on an older boy And nearly dies But he s saved by a box a coffin Or is he Because what s in the coffin is about put him on an ever crazier path toward death And poor Hiccup knows he has no chance of living or of ever being the future chief I love the sound effects I love humor and sarcasm I love how deep the characters are for a middle grade book And the story was fun and sometimes surprising, too. 3,5 suka dengan pesan moralnyaaa I had a lot of the same feelings after this one as the first It was good And the characters were amazing and hilarious But I felt the plot was maybe a tiny bit lacking I m not going to go on ranting about this one bc it would probably be a duplicate of my review for the first one lolOverall it was good And yes, I will continue the series, and I m excited to start the next one So this was the 2nd volume in the series about Hiccup Horrendous III and his dragon Toothless I must say, the differences to the movie s are enormous and I don t mean that in a good way But I suppose both forms have their strengths and weaknesses.The movie s strength Toothless and his loyalty, his hilarious cat like behaviour and his and Hiccup s teamwork The movie s weakness Not too deep a message except for in the first movie where the topics misfits, wits beating muscels and physical disadvantages are mentioned Maybe, if one was looking very hard, one could say that family issues and environmentalism were topics in the second Maybe.The books strength Somewhat deeper message or at least dealing with certain topics thoroughly for longer than the movie s Toothless stutter and Dragonese dragons language.Books weakness Toothless character often isn t very nice but whiney which got on my nerves The adventures are sort of dull maybe because there is no flying because Toothless is too small to carry Hiccup.This time the young Vikings are supposed to get their lesson in surprise How To Be A Pirate The dragons are in the background It s the same old same old banter about which dragon is better, which Viking can fart louder Hiccup is still his little clumsy self At least we now know WHY Hiccup was so clumsy with his sword that was actually not bad because considering when the book was released this was a major issue back then and the author sort of criticising common practice is nice But he is also still a misfit and still at war with his cousin who wants to become the heir to Stoic Hiccup s father and leader of the tribe while Hiccup s best friend still observes several times that most Vikings are just brainless This COULD be good but it s like observation after observation after observation without any progress Toothless is still complaining about everything The only difference is the scenery because this time there is water However, again there is the lesson at the beginning, some major embarrassment for Hiccup and his dad, then some complications, mortal danger and TADAAAAA our hero is victorious once Not bad, just meh.But it was still kind of funny Just not always.The best thing about this Definitely David Tennant again This is me whenever I hear him especially when he s not holding back with his accent *READ KINDLE ⇧ How to Be a Pirate ✐ Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III Was A Viking Hero Dashing, Brave, And Ever So Clever But Even Viking Heroes Have To Begin Somewhere In This Rip Roaring Adventure He Recounts His Early Days When He Still Had A Lot To Learn About Swordfights, Shipwrecks, And Homicidal Dragons Surprised to say I think I like this one better than the first. Lots of humor, sarcasm, fun and surprises too I don t like this toothless, at all