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(Free Epub) Ñ The Crystal Channelers and the Revenge of the Kolob à In The Third Installment Of The Crystal Channelers Book Series, Our Favourite Australians, Who Have Been Reincarnating Since The Dawn Of Time, Are At Odds With One Another, And Their Solar Systems At War The Epidemic Continues To Rage Throughout The American, Malayan And Ethiopian Worlds And The Kopavi Court Have Ordered Earths Reformation As Banished Kopavi Elders Janna And Akuma Return To Sahasrara From Exile, The Crystal Channelers Find Themselves Divided And In The Middle Of An Attack By The Kolob And The Infamous Killios Army Will The Crystal Channelers Unite To Save The Earth From Reformation As Races Clash, Romances Rage, And The Lord Of The Overworld Himself Rises, THE CRYSTAL CHANNELERS AND THE REVENGE OF THE KOLOB Presents Unprecedented Obstacles For Our Heroes, Who Are Called Upon To Recognise Their True Purpose In The Universe In The End, However, Only One Among Them Has The Power To Resolve The Conflict And Bring Order To Chaos