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I ve said it before, and I ll say it again to anyone who ll listenthis Dinotopia series of books is the best series out there for young readers They are creative, innovative, unique, adventurous, moral, and exciting They teach great lessons without being overtly didactic What young boy wouldn t want to be on an island where dinosaurs talk and are best friends with human youth This particular book seemed a little simpler and even a littledidactic than most of the others that I ve read, but I d still place any book in this series above most other children s series of books.Do you have a reluctant reader Particularly if that young reader is a boy, please check out this Dinotopia series. This one gets a bit harrowing at times but is still a wonderful story. I read through this series of books on dinotopia as an interest in a lesson plan extension for higher elementary school grades, this was expanding the thematic unit i created for kindergarten A wonderful, fantastic series The authors do a good job to keep their writing and voice congruous throughout the various books. ( READ DOWNLOAD ) ⚑ Survive! (Dinotopia(R)) ☨ After An Earthquake Sends Him Tumbling Down A Cliff, Young Kurt Awakens Unhurt, But Terrified He Can T Remember Anything Not Even His Own Name Hopelessly Confused, Kurt Stumbles Away From The Cliff, Unknowingly Wandering Deeper Into Dangerous Rain Forest Meanwhile, Kurt S Family And His Deinonychus Friend Tostri Are Urgently Searching For Him But Without His Memory, How Will Kurt Know Who They Are