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I am deeply impressed by Dr Cottom s book and message It blends the pragmatic with the mystical and a clear eyed view of complex issues with an idealism based on love and trust Her unusual, perhaps unique, approach to creating change has taken her to many parts of the world and into the corridors of power where she s been influential in important ways She d be the first to say that she wasn t alone in her efforts she had plenty of help, from on the ground workers to psychics, dreams, and guiding voices This may seem strange, but keeping an open mind reveals that as a narrow perspective Dr Cottom is convinced that coming from an attitude of love truly does change things, and I agree She s right, and it gives me hope. #KINDLE » Love Changes Things ß In The Summer Of , Caroline Was Recovering From Her Thirty Two Year Old Sister S Untimely Death, Working As A Consultant In Rural Tennessee, And Writing Her Sister S Story Then, In One Startling Moment, She Was Struck By Lightning Its Message Develop A Relationship With Al Gore, Jr, Then A US Congressman, For The Purpose Of Ending The Threat Of Nuclear WarAlthough She Had Had Little Political Experience, Caroline Heeded The Message Of The Lightning Bolt, Albeit Reluctantly In Time, She Moved Her Family To Washington, DC, Where She Could Work To Affect Policy In An Era In Which The US And Soviet Union Had , Nuclear Weapons Between Them, She Found Herself Surrounded By Politicians Who Wanted To Build EvenHundreds Of Dreams And The Voice Of Spirit Led Caroline Ever Deeper Into The Political Arena, Urging Her To Build Relationships Based On Love And Respect With Members Of Congress And The Supreme Soviet, Defense Analysts, Peace Activists, Scientists, And Vice Presidents Of Both The United States And The USSR Love Changes Things Is A David And Goliath Story Where David Included Millions Of People Working To End Nuclear Test Explosions Worldwide In This Extraordinary Story, What Tamed The Dragon Was Love An Ingredient That Is Often Missing In Social Change Work, But Essential To Creating A World At Peace The Premise Is Simple, And The Tools Are Easy To Use Cottom is an exceptional woman in her own right, intelligent, thoughtful, and well spoken This book is well written Cottom doesn t spend time in theoretical discussion but leads you through the difficult choices she made in order to follow Spirit s leading as to how she was to change things, and in doing so you ll read about a fascinating journey, both inwardly and geographically After reading, you will have learned a great deal about the history of the nuclear weapons race and the current challenges the world faces in eliminating nuclear weapons.The method Cottom applies in her quest to change politics is one of intentional, directed love On every account before she takes action, she actively sends love to the person When obstacles arise, she sits with the feelings that come up, acknowledges those feelings, processes them and seeks guidance This allows her to work from her true nature as a spiritual being It is a method we might all try given the current state of our world.After consideration, I have thought for some time that I would refrain from giving any book I read five stars unless it equaled the epitome of magnificence in writing, which is very rare indeed There s no doubt that this book deserves a five star rating for openness and untiring dedication of the author toward world betterment, and is very well written, so I m a bit torn in my resolve. Wow This powerful book is a must read for all who want positive change in the world It is heartfelt on many levels The author talks about her journey to spirituality from a painful childhood to her calling to put Love in action via the political arena in America Is it possible that we can influence those in power to do what is morally right for everybody by simply loving all our leaders unconditionally Well, she provides an awesome testimony by revealing her pivotal role in manifesting the test ban treaty on nuclear weapons, which took 20 years of effort She also suggests effective and specific steps that we can take to create a better life for ourselves and a healthier, peaceful world for each other Maybe Love is the dominant force in the Universe I don t remember the last time I read a book that not only changed the way I thought, but also spurred me to action Within two days of finishing Carolyn Cottom s memoir, Love Changes Things, I became aware of a situation in my community that needed to be addressed Perhaps a week earlier I would have fumed in silence or kvetched with friends, but I would probably not have addressed the situation directly While the book is a memoir in every respect, it s also an action manual for change agents, and that change starts on the inside She devotes considerable space to conversations she had with the inner voices or guides that led her down the path of developing the relationship with Al Gore that eventually helped influence him to spearhead congressional action to ban nuclear testing and de escalate the arms race Her personal story of overcoming the fear and insecurity that had plagued her since childhood is fascinating and inspiring in its own right By detailing specific steps she took to overcome that fear, to feel the fear and do it anyway, is compelling She gave me a new way of looking at situations, a way of approaching them in a spirit of love and respect, and that s an outcome I never expected when I began reading I don t hear her guides, but I do now find myself thinking How can I approach this with love How can I demonstrate kindness in this difficult encounter How can I develop a relationship with key people It is worth noting that she does not give a recipe for instant results Her approach is relationship based and that takes time. Thank you Dr Caroline Cotton for connecting unconditional love to politics and ultimately positive change This extraordinary work needs to be required reading for every elected official in Washington Urge everyone to read this affirmation of what we should all strive to attain. This is a beautiful, inspired book that shows how individuals can make a huge difference in this world Caroline had a spiritual experience that led to her working with Al Gore on the Nuclear Freeze movement in the 80s Despite her reluctance, and feeling unprepared, the Spirit performed that which was given her to do through her Caroline tells how she was guided by love every step of the way, looking beyond appearances, eschewing political stereotypes, and connecting through what unites rather than divides us What terrified her at first, became a liberating and empowering experience Thank you, Caroline, for sharing your courage, and for sharing your transcendent wisdom It is a lesson for all ages Peace is certainly found in little steps. A Unique Tale of Effecting Change in the World.When I think of politics, an image of conflict, polarized interests and power struggles emerges so the title Love Changes Things Even in Politics intrigued me Once I started reading Dr Cottom s book, I was immediately drawn in by the interweaving of the personal story with her political role.How does one equate loving relationships with the realities of the political world Cottom answers this call as she follows the Spirit s lead into the unknown world of politics This unique and uplifting story is about a young woman who defies convention and makes a difference in her role as head of the Nuclear Freeze movement in the 1980s She takes us on her spiritual journey from being struck by lightening after the death of her sister and receiving a message that she is to befriend Al Gore, Jr and support his work with nuclear test bans to the actual achievement of the test ban As she listens to the Spirit s call to approach her interactions with political leaders in a loving and understanding way, the story of how she was able move the agenda along through building trusting, compassionate relationships with the key players unfolds Every time she is faced with an important meeting, she sends love ahead of time to the person As a result, she worked closely with Rep Al Gore, Jr to accomplish the nuclear test ban The U S conducted its last nuclear test on September 213, 1992.Cottom s writing is engaging and credible She shows us how she was able to change things and does not spare the details of the challenges involved not only in bringing about change of worldwide significance, but also by listening to and trusting her inner voice Her descriptions of her travels to Iceland, Russia, Kazakhstan and across the U.S and the people she met along the way made me feel as if I was accompanying her My favorite part of the book is where she weaves in key historical events with her reflections on personal struggles and challenges.This fascinating story gave me a great appreciation for the courage and persistence it takes to effect positive change in our world It amazes me how much one woman with a passion for a cause and a strong spiritual connection can and did accomplish.