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Sally likes to play soccer, but Sally does not like to lose When things don t go well, she yells and bosses other children, and before long Sally finds herself all alone and friendless Mr Taylor, one of her teachers, tries to instill the importance of Being a Good Sport by sharing 8 simple principles 1 Being polite to teammates and opposite team 2 Cool down when upset 3 Don t show off or hog the ball 4 Don t argue with a teacher, teammate, opponent or referee 5 Know the rules of the game 6 Be fair to everyone 7 Never cheat 8 Try your best and have funThis a very important book for children under the ages of 8 or 9 It provides parents, coaches etc with an excellent tool to teach youngsters the importance of being a good sport and, how to be both a good winner and a good loser The illustrations are well done and fun to look at, and very well done Great talking points for parents and child HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.A few important quotes Remember to tell yourself, I ve won if I ve had fun Sore winners and bad losers win nothing and can lose friends. Hilariously good. Having read the professional reviews by librarians, I was outraged and thought I must inter library loan this book to see what it is all about I am happy to report the book is better than the review The story has a great lesson about being a good sport and not some sappy story about feeling good if you lose or a winner hater type of book Winning is everything I have never seen people jump up and down happy to have lost the lottery or lost the part in a school play etc The organized sports always get a bad rap Glad to see this book stresses being a good sport. Well, we definitely have a couple sally sore losers in our big family at times I thought this was a great teaching book about being a good sport and what it means when you re not. A great book to read to children who have a hard time losing it can help them see the effects of good and bad behavior through someone else s eyes. Great story about being a good winner that isn t too preachy .DOWNLOAD ♓ Sally Sore Loser ⚖ Sally Loves To Be First At Everything She Is First In Line At School She Is First Out The Door At Recess She Is First At Dinner Finishing Her Mac N Cheese Unfortunately, Sally Dislikes Losing And This Can Lead To Hot Tempers And Hurt Feelings She Even Gets The Nickname Sally Sore Loser From Her Classmates At School With The Help Of Her Teacher And Her Mom, Sally Learns The Rules For Being A Good Winner And A Good Loser, And That The Most Important Thing Is Having Fun Kind of didactic, but it is also one of those books that parents ask for when they want to teach their child about life s little lessons.