Free Book ♛ SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends ⚖

Antoher must for Blackbird fans Truly enjoyable and very very good I love the works of colonel Graham about the Blackbird From those books transpires that he really had the time of his life flying the SR 71 Highly recommended Free Book ☩ SR-71 Blackbird: Stories, Tales and Legends ☨ Feel The Mach Power Generated By Lockheed S Incredibly Fast SR Blackbird Former SR Pilot, Instructor And Wing Commander, Richard Graham, Presents The Most Intriguing SR Stories Ever Told This Once Highly Classified Program Is Fully Revealed Through The Words Of Pilots, Commanders, Mechanics, And Instructors Involved In The Blackbird S Creation And Flight Testing From Grueling Reconnaissance Missions To The Persian Gulf Conflict, This Insightful Book Tells Stories Of Bravery And Daring Determination Rich Graham is a friend of mine so I had the good fortune to read an autogrpahed copy If you re a pilot or if you are familiar with aircraft and the flight environment you will break out into a sweat when you read some of the stories in here This book will make you want to thank a veteran for keeping America and the western world free during the cold war. Great stories from great men Settles or does it some of the myths about this mysterious plane. I ve read a few books on the amazing SR 71 Blackbird, but this one was unique in that it primarily concentrated on anecdotes and experiences of the crews Each chapter consisted of an introduction to a particular Habu SR 71 crewman , detailing their aviation history, what they did both before and after serving with the SR 71, and any special awards or things about them The remainder of the chapter was stories as told by that pilot, RSO, or in one case crew chief.Reading these stories helped me to imagine what it must have been like to have been involved in the Program as it was called It must have been simply amazing It s a tribute to the design of this airplane and the crews that flew it and maintained it A very interesting read. A very informative look into the Habu, from a wide selection of men who flew it Each chapter is introduced by Rich Graham, before entering into the account of a crewmember from the SR 71 fleet, covering all aspects of the operation of this incredible machine.Well worth reading, a must for the shelf of anyone with an interest in aviation on the edge of performance.