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!FREE EBOOK ♍ The Whispering Road ♄ Amazing EPub, The Whispering Road By Livi Michael This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Whispering Road, Essay By Livi Michael Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You Excellent book Loved the characters and plot Great for learning about workhouse, Victorian times and just for general reading at the end of day to children Explores different issues such as family, friendship, loneliness, belonging. O.o THIS BOOK IS SO SAD AND DARK But also gripping and spooky and full of historical detail and an intriguing, barely there fantasy edge I read it in two days, which is the highest praise I can give tbh because I m normally the slowest sobs in direction of Goodreads Challenge being 4 books behind schedule Anyway Good stuff I m still thinking about the ending Also, I thought this was MG but if anything, it s upper, uuuuupper MG The darkness levels are easily in YA to adult territory, and there were sections I skimmed because the descriptions of diseases, street fighting, and wounds were so freakin sad and gritty.Lastly, I remember reviewing Livi Michael s follow up book Faerie Heart for a magazine ages ago and being a big fan I still remember that book fondly and would highly recommend it I really need to read of this author s work. Set in 19th Century England, Joe and Annie have been sent to work on a farm When they left the workhouse they thought they were lucky, but this is much worse worked to the bone and violently beaten they know they need to escape The pair make a run for it and decide to head towards Manchester, to see if they can find their mum, she always promised to come back and now is the time to reunite.Along the way they meet a host of characters, some nice and others only want to use them, the pair must learn who to trust and how to survive.Joe is a cheeky chap, not completely sure of his age but somewhere around 12 14 He likes to tell stories and has a way with words, he is close to his sister but finds her very hard work Annie has always been strange and is some sort of Medium, able to see Ghosts Very strange, and doesn t speak much but very dependant on Joe.I liked the two main children, they had a good bond and I really felt for them Annie was very odd, but I just wanted to hug her, her upbringing had been so tough And the sad thing is, these things really did happen, children were sold as cheap workers, slave like and beaten or worked to death.There is lots of mystery and a hint of magic in the story but it is namely a historical fiction, the scene is set well and I could clearly picture everything, I really did walk down that road with Annie and Joe.Joe ends up leaving Annie and gets involved with a street gang, the characters there are great, so diverse, a real jumble but all very real I loved little Queenie, so tough and brave holding it together, the whole group was so diverse There were moments in this book where I laughed out loud and others where I had tears in my eyes For the most part I was hooked into the story and really enjoyed it However, there is the chunk of the book where Joe is taken in by a wealthy man, this part of teh book takes on a rather political angle, discussing the affects of poverty on people and what the best ways to stop the poor from spreading would be This was OK for a little while as it offered an insight of how the other half lived in that time, but for me it went on a bit too long and really slowed the book down I found myself losing focus and scanning the paragraphs a little bit, when Joe finally left there I breathed a sigh of relief.But that was only a small issue and I actually really did like this book The language and setting of the time was right down and the characters captured my heart I m glad I decided to keep hold of this book to read. I m rather torn between giving this 3 stars or 4 I really liked the ending and the historical basis was interesting, but most of the book was really long and slow, and I didn t much care for the main character However, like the story, I liked him towards the end, which I think you re supposed to, but it was still annoying during the beginning and middle. This book had a great influence on me because now I know how tough things could get for me in the future It s a great book about an adventurous boy named Joe, but he also has many other names. I was really surprised by this book I really loved it The theme of freedom was strong It was interesting to see how no matter how hard the main character wanted freedom and without responsibilities, he was never truly free I really suggest this book I ve never really read a book like this before and was surprised that I enjoyed it so much There is a lot of plot to keep you entertained and it touches upon many issues and subjects The only problem I would say is that it gets a bit slow in some places but I don t mind. This is a gem of a book Dickinson like, it deals with abject poverty, work houses for the poor and children whose parents cannot afford to keep them and resort to dropping them off at work houses.Realistically written without over dramatization, we travel the streets of England during the 1830 s when poor were deemed unworthy, stupid, and people to be abused.Two children, a young boy and his younger sister run away from an abusive situation at a working house Traveling through the woods they eventually arrive in Manchester, a dirty industrial town.Longing to find their mother, they met a host of characters, some good most bad.Highly recommended The Whispering Road tells a story that s familiar to any fan of literature Indeed, having read numerous novels, novellas, novelettes, short stories and poetry, one would be quite comfortable with the symbolism behind roads and the thematic elements thereby expressed The Whispering Road stays on this path pun intended , keeping in line with the ever ole cliches concerning the travels through life figuratively and literally in this case There are the comings of strangers and the goings of friends, the trials and errors of everyday, the who, the what, the where The journey through life couldn t be better expressed than on a voyage to an unknown destination But in the end the destination doesn t always reflect the travels does it Sometimes, the destination is merely destiny.I do believe that this was one of the major thematic elements, whether or not it was designed by the author as such Being a fan of fiction, and having many titles credited to such fandom, one will undoubtedly see the ending coming a mile away again, pun intended There are enough clues and foreshadowing elements throughout the book, but where and when the end becomes apparent is most likely during the second half of the novel or rather, the destination of Manchester, England It was here that the novel took a drastic turn from what it originally set out to be What was once an interesting albeit redundant fantastical journey with supernatural elements suddenly turned into a historical drama esque story centered around orphans again redundant , whereby the end of the novel everything comes together nicely and neatly under the simple guidance of fate This is perhaps my harshest criticism of the book it s almost as Livi Michael wished to write two novels, but instead crammed it all together into one The story starts out with all of these supernatural elements which really gear you up for a good ole fashioned fantastical ride there s ghosts, a dog woman, circus folk how exciting Then all of that comes to screeching halt when suddenly the story takes on this political tone based on the streets in the up and coming industrial city of Manchester, England The story now concerns itself with orphans, who suddenly begin to emerge as major characters whereas the preceding chapters only dealt with the emergence of minor characters and the plot suddenly focuses on the tyranny of the rich and the oppression of the poor And this is the big clue this is where the end is within sights To begin a novel with a fun, fantastical journey only to suddenly abandon it for a destination of everyday monotony Seriously, what roads are left to travel down And in the end everything ties together nicely and neatly if a little forcefully.Yet there s to a book other than the journey the plot, the climax, the theme There are of course the words, the language Overall I found this book to be an easy read and it kept my attention thoroughly The language was simple, yet interesting, and whimsical with a touch of lingual I found myself immersed in the way the book was written, rather than what it was about But I wouldn t dare say the story was poorly told or boring only misleading Then again, some roads are.