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I read this book over and over I bought a signed hardback original printing of the book And it is one of my treasures. I read this book because Brad Torgerson kept saying on Facebook that it was the best military novel ever written I don t know about best, but on the other hand I sure can t think of anything I ve ever read that was better.This book combined all the technical know how of Tom Clancy with the personal viewpoint of the best World War II and Vietnam War memoirs I ve read like What It is Like to Go to War or With the Old Breed At Peleliu and Okinawa with a really, really engaging perspective on the enemy soldiers who feature prominently as sympathetic antagonists and I really just can t say enough how engrossing I found this book It was the most realistic feeling war book I ve ever read Not necessarily in the moment to moment accounts of combat, but stepping back from there and taking the war as a larger whole The politics behind the American and North Vietnamese strategies, the lives and interests of ordinary civilians, the politics of journalists, collaborators, and criminals it has the most amazing cross section of characters you can possibly imagine and yet never once felt stretched thin or padded All of it is woven together tightly, seamlessly in an engrossing, tragic, exciting, and did I mention tragic account of the Tet Offensive and the Battle of Hu Don t flame me if it s not the right battle I listened to this book on Audible months ago and I m going from memory Since it s an audiobook, I can t open it and flip through to get the name if the city right, either Anyway if you like war novels at all, read this book. #EBOOK ⚢ A Reckoning for Kings ⛅ Their Side The Attack, Their Long Awaited General Offensive, Will Begin During The Traditionally Peaceful Celebration Of The Vietnamese New Year The Year Of The Monkey Their Leader Is General Vo Le Duan, A Soldier Who Knows His Patriotic Duty, But Knows Also He Will Never See, In This Messy, Endless War, The Glory He Dreams Of Our Side Bloodied And Ready, All They Need Now Is An Enemy Not One That Murders From The Ditch, Or From The Darkness Of Night, But An Enemy In The Open One Of The Men Who Much Lead The Ranks Is Major Dennis Shannon, Who Discovers Vital Information That Could Nail The Enemy But No One On His Side Is Listening Within The Span Of Four Short Months, During The Lightning Quick, Bloody Campaign Known As The Tet Offensive, Two Vastly Different Cultures And Two Bitterly Opposing Armies The Generals, The Guerrillas, The Grunts Will Clash In An Epoch Shattering Encounter That Will Alter The Course Of The War And Change The Shape Of The World Forever I m stunned This book is the best Vietnam war novel I ve ever read and gets an immediate place on my favourites list Why Because it uses the right elements of all war fiction and is somehow able to keep a story alive, create rich characters by the handful and correctly address the atmosphere at all times It has the staccato feel of The Things They Carried by Tim O Brien, the change in perspectives displayed so nicely in the double feature Letters from Iwo Jima and Flags of our Fathers , the brotherhood and camaraderie from Band of Brothers , the reluctance and stupidity from Hearts in Atlantis and the utter hopeless, maddening desperation of Apocalypse Now and Jarhead 400 pages of awfulness, wry smiles and life changing moments a book that is as much about characters confronting themselves as confronting the enemy 5 Stars Brilliant. Read this book back when I was serving, so I remember it with some bias A good book that showed both sides of the Vietnam war Great reading for a history of Vietnam war pretty well done This is the best book I ve read so far, of the books Bunch and Cole did together It s also I believe the first novel the writing duo published, and radically different that any of the sci fi fantasy books that will follow, in that it s a follows a unit of characters through the Tet Offensive in Viet Nam. A narrow double sided view of the Tet Offensive, from the perspective of the commanders and their soldiers from the North and South in the Song Nhanh Province near Saigon during 1967 1968 A very well documented Historical Fiction with many details of, why and how, that you don t normally find in other stories. I first read A Reckoning for Kings in 1987 when I was in the Army R.O.T.C program at Boise State University.At that time I was a young cadet fascinated by all things having to do with the Army I remember thinking that the book captured the feel and the rhythms of Army life Whether that be the peacetime Army or the wartime Army Also during that time there were still many Vietnam vets in the service and I gave this book to one of the cadre members a master sergeant to read The sergeant had served two tours over there When he finished reading it he told me that the authors had done a better job of capturing the war in all it s nuances, then many of the other Vietnam novels he had read There were no weird musings on the nature of man and no bizarre drug induced fantasies plot tropes that so many other Vietnam War authors were using in the seventies and early eighties A Reckoning for Kings is a straight forward story without any literary pretensions I have found that often those things which seemed so impressive to me at the age of nineteen eighteen, twenty etc are diminished at the age of forty three Well this novel hasn t lost anything It s still wonderfully detailed, suspenseful, humorous and intelligent One could do far worse this summer then reading this book If this sounds at all interesting to you get a copy and read it.SECOND TIME AROUNDIt s still holding up That nineteen year old kid that read this book in 1987 is long gone, but the book has aged well I find myself looking at the characters and their situations differently, but it s still a very solid book Well written and readable. This book was written by two authors, one being a service person, the other, not Although, you can sometimes pick up on the variation in writing style, because of the two people contributing to this book, there is an incredible amount of detail which adds to the authenticity of the story.Now as to the story itself, two major scenes stick in my mind Firstly when blind pig rips the molten hot turret of the tank and has no concern for his searing, burning hands Then later, how he found gold loot, rightfully so, since he fought so hard The next scene was when Duan was in the cave, the battle lost, bombshells illuminating the night sky, and how the buddha head smiled at him, mocking all his efforts hithertoI would defintelt recommend this to any person considering serving because it shows the cold, brutal reality of combat, while also giving a vistage of the heartfelt commerraderrie of men fighting these wars.