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@DOWNLOAD EPUB ⛏ War Surgery 1914-18 ⚞ This Book Is An Analysis Of Surgical Practice During The Great War Focusing Closely On The Human Aspects Of The Surgery Of Warfare And How Developments In The Understanding Of Injuries Sustained In Warfare OccurredThe First World War Resulted In Appalling Wounds That Quickly Became Grossly Infected The Medical Profession Had To Rapidly Modify Its Clinical Practice To Deal With The Major Problems Presented By Overwhelming Sepsis Besides Risk Of Infection, There Were Many Other Issues To Be Addressed Including Casualty Evacuation, Anesthesia, The Use Of X Rays And How To Deal With Disfiguring Wounds Plastic Surgery In Its InfancyThe Core Of The Book Lies In Essays Covering A Wide Variety Of Topics, Including The Evacuation Of Casualties Anesthesia, Shock And Resuscitation Pathology X Rays Orthopedic Wounds Abdominal Wounds Chest Wounds Wounds Of The Skull And Brain The Development Of Plastic Surgery All Material Is Supported By An Extensive Number Of Figures, Tables And ImagesThis Book Is Firmly Aimed At All Those With A Passion For The History Of This Period While It Will Be Of Interest To Those In Medical Spheres The Editors Have Ensured That The Essays Are Accessible And Of Interest To A Non Medical ReadershipWar Surgery Contributes Greatly To Our Understanding Of The Surgery Of Warfare Surgeons Working In Casualty Clearing Stations During The Years Laid The Foundations For Modern War Surgery As Practiced Today In Afghanistan And Elsewhere What an absolutely phantastic book This walks you through every procedure, military and surgical, a wounded soldier went through It discusses, at important depth but never above the heads of laypeople, all the relevant procedures, operations, consequences, chances and decisions.An absolutely invaluable resource recommended for everyone who wants to know what happened on the medical end of the Great War A superb book which really outlines the challenges facing the Royal Army Medical Corps 1914 1918 The detail is just at the right level for the lay reader to understand We owe a lot to these doctors who pushed the discipline forward and pioneered many of the life saving techniques with which we are familiar today.