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{Read Pdf} í The Color of Fire · Someone Is Setting Fires In New York City It IsAnd, As A Colony Of Britain, America Is At War With Spain The People In New York City Are On A Heightened State Of Alert, Living In Fear Of Catholics Acting As Spanish Secret Agents Phoebe, An Enslaved Girl, Watches As The Town Erupts Into Mass Hysteria When The Whites In New York City Convince Themselves That The Black Slaves Are Planning An Uprising Her Best Friend, Cuffee, Is Implicated In The Plot, And The King S Men Promise To Let Him Go If He Names Names Several People Are Hanged And Many Are Burned At The Stake, But The Mob Won T Rest Until They Find A Mastermind Behind The Plan, Someone Catholic And White And There S Suspicion That Phoebe S Teacher Mr Ury Is A Priest This book was exciting, and suspenseful I love how brave Phoebe was even though she was so young It was such a beautiful little book to me because it shows everything I m afraid to take charge and be the bigger person To me this was sort of like a history book but it puts pieces of your own life in there If you re looking for a book about friendship and dependability in yourself than this book is the book you want to read In the beginning it was hard to get into but if you last all the way through the whole book when you re done with the book it will change you I give this book a good 3 out of five it was great but not exactly my type Based on historical facts slaves were burned at the stake in New York City in 1741 Unexplained fires around the city are blamed on slaves, and young Phoebe finds herself torn between giving poison to her friend, Cuffee so that he won t suffer as he burns a chilling story when American was still a colony of Britain and people feared slaves and Catholics for we were at war with Spain a Catholic country Ann Rinaldi does a great job of bringing this piece of history to life. I honesty did not like this book I was forced to read this book for school I thought this book would be better based on the summary on the back and the genre, which I usually find interesting I was very disappointed with the ending because the problem was not resolved the way I wanted it to be Overall the book was nothin special. This book is an eye opening account of Phoebe, a young black slave in New York City, during the time of the war with Spain I had no idea there was fear of a great Negro plot in New York at this time and that slavery was such a difficult issue in the north The mob mentality that existed at this time resulted in the tragic death ofinnocent people than perished in the Salem witch trials.