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@Read Epub ë Money Leaves Clues ò The Best Seller Money Leaves Clues Delivers Secrets Of Wealth That The Rich And Powerful Use To Build Their Financial Empires Instead Of Quick Fixes Or Ineffective Theories, Rhodes Provides A Clear Roadmap To Your Own Money Management And Personal Wealth Creation Based On His Own No Nonsense Success And The Financial Health Enjoyed By The Wealthy Rhodes Exposes The Simple Truth Of Money With Examples That Anyone Can Understand And He Builds A Clear Picture Of The Real American Dream Highly Unconventional But Candid And Precise, This Book Is Required Reading For Anyone Who Has Any Money Problems And Finally Wants To Seize The Freedom And Personal Power Enjoyed By The Rich I did like this book because it gives some simple ideas about how to get money, or at least to set our minds in the idea of getting money to live a better life I wanted to read this book because I need a way to make money for my family and living, in fact reading the book, it helped me to set my mind on ways to get incomes.I also find out interesting the approach about tha we work for companies and we are no than employees during some time, and also I like the idea that the author tells us to become enterpreneurs, so that is what I am triying to find out, what kind of small business can I do in my community.I hope you also will find this book helpful.My favorites quotes Debt forces you to work So, your decision to go into debt is a decision to make future payments to other people It makes others rich Coment on this phrase For the moment my desire to make money is not because of debts, rather because at the moment in my country we are going through a fiscal reform and our salaries are the same, some this has make me think on that I need to get in track and make incomes Besides, I want to have a better life, since I have noticed I have eclectic taste and most of the things I like are expensive that what I can afford So let s see find out who I will do in the future of making money If you fill your mind and heart with ideas, tools and systemns related to success and building I wealth, you can t help but get successful I recomend every one who has mind for this, to become an entrepreneur and get liberate it self from a low payment job What I mean is that your job is tied to one company in this scenario is where we must be smart, and recognize that we work for a company or and organization, so only if where we work we get very well pay, we will feel good the rest of the time, but otherwise , we will need to be enterpreneurs and work and give all our effort to a business that it is ours and it wil make us rich not to other be an entrepreneur That s the secret of the rich I am certain that the secret for me to get money or be wealthy is by becoming and enterpreneur, so I am going to set my mind in this stage og thinking, I will become and enterpreneur and have a better life.