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[Read Ebook] ⚾ Comparative Indo-European Linguistics õ The Book Gives A Comprehensive Introduction To Comparative Indo European Linguistics, The First To Appear In English It Starts With A Presentation Of The Languages Of The Family From English And The Other Germanic Languages, The Celtic And Slavic Languages, Latin, Greek And Sanskrit Through Armenian And Albanian And A Discussion Of The Culture And Origin Of The Indo Europeans, The Speakers Of The Indo European Proto Language, Who Are Considered To Have Lived In What Is Today The UkraineThe Book Gives An Introduction Into The Nature Of Language Change And The Methods Of Reconstruction Of Older Language Stages, With Many Examples From The Indo European Languages A Full Description Is Given Of The Sound Changes, Which Makes It Possible To Follow The Origin Of The Different Indo European Languages Step By Step This Is Followed By A Discussion Of The Development Of All The Morphological Categories Of Proto Indo EuropeanThe Book Presents The Latest In Scholarly Insights, Like The Laryngeal And Glottalic Theory, The Accentuation, The Ablaut Patterns, And These Are Systematically Integrated Into The TreatmentWhile The Book Presents A Large Amount Of Material And Discusses Many Principles And The Relevant Terminology, It Is Written In A Very Readable And Lucid Style Use Of The Book Is Facilitated By An Appendix On Phonetics, A Glossary, Full Indexes, And An Extensive Bibliography The Book Can Be Used As A First Introduction To The Field, And At The Same Time Brings The Reader To The Current Moment Of Research Despite making examples of Sanskrit, the book isconcerned about the european languages The lack of data on the Iranian languages is obviously ab abasticle in the way of finding the relationship between these languages By the way, the introduction is great.