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#FREE PDF Ð Pyramids of Tucume: The Quest for Peru's Forgotten City Ö Thor Heyerdahl, Explorer, Anthropologist And Adventurer, Is Well Known For His Daring Expedition Around The Globe Almost Half A Century Ago He Risked His Life Sailing From Peru To Polynesia On A Balsa Raft, The Story Immortalized In His Book The Kon Tiki ExpeditionSince Then Similar Voyages Have Taken Him Across The Atlantic And Indian Oceans, And The Most Remote Corners Of The World, In A Lifelong Quest For Knowledge, Adventure And Excitement I have never been to Peru, but it s on my bucket list This book offers yet another reason to want to go there someday I ve read about theRainforest, the Andes Mountains, the spectacled bear, the Nazca Lines, Cuzco, Lima, Macchu Picchu, etc etc., but until learning of this book, I was unaware of the depth of Peru s ancient history While most people would be able to identify the Inca as an ancient Peruvian civilization, few would know anything about the Chim who preceded them in northern Peru or the ancient Lambayeque people who preceded the Chim.In this book, adventurer Thor Heyerdahl and archaeologists Daniel Sandweiss and Alfredo Narv ez tell the story of the lost city of T cume based on their excavations there Sandweiss and Narv ez offer scientific reports on their archaeological finds in the chapters they wrote, while Heyerdahl s chapters give background knowledge as well as fascinating stories about what life was like during the five digging seasons they spent among the modern day Tucumanos, while they were doing their field work Heyerdahl s chapters are definitely easier to read than those of the other authors, which tend to bedry and scientific in their style While the change in style is obvious, all three authors provide important information that help to form acomplete picture of this ancient site Plus, there are beautiful photos some in color and scientific drawings throughout the book to augment the text.Finally, while these archaeologists and their many workers spent five digging seasons at T cume in the late 1980 s and early 1990 s, they freely admit that their work has merely scratched the surface of this incredible site It left me curious if any other scientists have continued the work that these men started and what wonders they might have since found there This was a fascinating read.