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Die Geschichte der Ra und im folgenden der Ra II ist definitiv interessant,nur leider ist der Schreibstil nicht so,dass man das Buch gerne liest.Allerdings habe ich mit diesem Buch viel ber Schifffahrt und Gemeinschaftssinn gelernt. Tur Heyerdal n m qs dl rinin ard nca geydiyi bir s yah ti daha Ra 2 g misinin oldu unu bilmirdim Son b l m b t nl kl ona h sr edilib nan lmaz zmkarl q n mun sidir ox g z l bir m s l y d yinir burda, Heyerdal qeyd edir ki, g r aliml rd n soru saz, siz ox sayl qaynaqla, kitabla, riyazi hesablamalarla ist diyiniz fikri t kzib v ya t sdiq ed rl r Amma s but n g mi d z ldib okeana xsaz x st dey rl r Dig r kitablar n da oxuyaca mdan min m rhl rd bu s rinin dig rl rind n daha elmi al nd n oxudum N v ti kitabda m qayis ed rik [Read E-pub] ⚆ Ra ☧ Ra Tells Of Heyerdahl S Voyage From N Africa To S America In A Papyrus Boat Modelled On Those Depicted In Egyptian Wall Paintings A Violent Storm Ended The St Expedition But Within A Year The Seven Men Had Embarked On Their Nd Journey In Ra IIOne Riddle, Two Answers No Solution Why A Reed Boat To The Indians In The Cactus ForestWith Bedouin Buduma In The Heart Of AfricaAmong Black Monks At The Source Of The Nile In The World Of The Pyramid Builders Out In The Atlantic Down The African Coast To Cape JubyIn The Clutches Of The Sea Into American Waters RA II, By Papyrus Boat From Africa To AmericaPostscript This books captures all of the emotional sense of failure attached to Ra I which I remember reading about in the newspapers when it first happened It throws in a brief overview of the successful Ra II expedition Having spent time on these reed boats in Lake Titicaca, I can attest to the fact that although they float, they are so low to the ground it must of taken king size balls to sail the Atlantic in a reed boat, especially the second time. I first read this book when in high school nearly 40 years ago, and was surprised this time by some of the scenes I remembered in vivid detail This time the book was even interesting because I followed Heyerdahl s travels on Wikimapia and could zoom in on satellite photos of the topography he was describing including Lake Titicaca, Lake Chad, the Gulf of California, Ethiopia, and Morocco.It was interesting to read again the evidence the author presented regarding a possible influence of Mediterranean or North African science and culture on the ancient empires of Central and South America This time, however, I had instant access to online resources to check out his assertions I was disappointed, however, to learn that nothing seems to have been discovered since 1970 to either support or dispell Heyerdahl s theories They are still dismissed by most scientists as pseudoarcheology At least this time I had Wikipedia to provide photographs of the evidence the author described, and there are some truly amazing Olmec artificats that need explaining.The 1969 and 1970 Ra expeditions brought the author in intimate and prolonged contact with people of varied cultures, including a Soviet shipmate during the height of the Cold War Heyerdahl s commentary on them and the geopolitics of that time made me realize that he has a rather casual Scandinavian way of looking south from the top of Europe that I find refreshing. 1969 12 , 5000 , II ,. I think that the first Ra expedition was a failure it wasn t, of course like all scientific experiments, even a failure yields information, sometimes, as in this case, information vital to later success colored the tone of this book Kon Tiki and Fatu Hiva were both written by an admittedly younger, optimistic Heyerdahl this one wasn t Still, it s good adventure, and as fascinating as the other two I ve said it before, and I ll say it again DIscovery, NatGeo, History and all the other such channels owe a huge debt to Heyerdahl and his idea of putting anthropological theories to the test. . during the last two days, I crossed the Atlantic twice in a boat made of papyrus reeds I had already read Thor Heyerdahl s first work, the one which made him famous, regarding his Kon Tiki voyage from Peru to Polynesia However, I don t remember being effected by that book as I was by this one Whether that is due to the slightly difference subject matter treated, the change in the author s style, or likely a change in my own attitude, I do not know While the book is, like Kon Tiki, primarily about sailing an ancient boat across a huge, angry ocean, it starts with about 100 pages of Thor traveling all around the world learning about reed boats and finding the things he needs to build one.I guess right now I just want to be an adventurer like him Perhaps an academic career is one of the only ways to see some parts of the world Antarctica and all those remote tribes that still live closely and harmoniously with the Earth aren t places you go as a tourist Maybe I ll need to find some scientific pathway that will get me to the poles, and do Anthropology fieldwork in college The Peace Corps sounds kind of attractive, except that it s part of the US Government Something similar, anyway There was a Peace Corps dude in the book who just drove around the Sahara alone in a jeep drilling wells in Arab towns to keep them from going to war against their repressive Christian post colonial government in Chad.I thought The Ra Expeditions would be a scientific and a bit drier change of pace from Phantastes, to keep from using up all my magical fun books right away, but I was wrong at least at the beginning, it is practically the same book in a lot of ways, except that it takes place in the real world That of course only makes it fantastical, though I recommend this to you if you like Anthropology and adventures Not necessarily something you need to rip yourself away from Important College Work or Important Highschool Work for, though. The first part of the book describes Heyerdahl s research into reed boats in various parts of the world Northern Africa, the Mediterranean, South America Then there is the preparation for, and building of Ra A quick crew selection, and the journey commences, from Safi, in Morocco The Journey of Ra is a leaning exercise, and falls only a few hundred miles short of achieving the goal of reaching the Americas Barbados to be exact An interlude during the book, presented as a conversation amongst the crew outlines the coincidences between the isolated cultures of the world as they evolved in isolation some, Heyerdahl s suggests migration and dispersion, but really only highlights the possibility, and again the coincidence.There is also some highlighting of pollution as an issue, particularly oil in the sea, but also plastics etc.A new boat Ra II, a repeat voyage, this time arriving successful in Barbados.Taking place in 1969 and 1970, this is an entertaining read, Heyerdahl s voyages precede others who recreate with accuracy of vessel historical sea voyages, Tim Severin and the likes.