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This is an entertaining collection of short stories that will hit home with any Parrothead for its connection to his music Each story is self contained, and yet many share characters and so they can also be enjoyed for drawing out the longer tale Many of the short stories revolve around the life and times of Heat Wave, Alabama, and Snake Bite Key, but there are other settings as well In general, it maintains undercurrents of island life and the carefree attitudes of people infected with wanderlust It is fun, with hints of the mysterious and unexplained, touches of the supernatural, and a lot of over the top characters that will lift your spirits and take you away from the everyday This is by far my favorite book by Buffet to date Towards the end he also shares 4 true stories from his life, and those were a blast to read as well Throughout the book it just felt natural, the stories flowed and the characters, however improbable, felt as if they belonged in the worlds in which they lived As a bonus, quotes from Buffet songs popped up in bunches, and would instantly put a song in your head Some might find that corny or distracting, but I found it irresistible.Short stories included in this book The Heat Wave Chronicles Take Another Road Off to See the Lizard Boomerang Love The Swamp Creature Let One In The Pascagoula Run I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever Margarita Madness You Can t Take It With You Are You Ready for Freddy Son of a Son of a Sailor Hooked in the Heart Life in the Food Chain A Gift for the Buccaneer Sometimes I feel like a Rudderless Child Tales from Margaritaville Fictional Facts and Factional Fictions is a collection of short stories by Jimmy Buffett.Stories read in random order, as part of the 2014 Deal Me In Short Story Reading Challenge bibliophilica.wordpress.com deal me i.Take Another RoadA sweet story of wanderlust and fulfilled dreams Tully Mars is an authentic Wyoming ranch cowboy, working cattle daily with his beloved trusty horse Mr Twain, named after Tully s hero, author Mark Twain When the ranch is sold to a phoney baloney developer, Tully packs his belongings and hits the road with Mr Twain, in search of the island paradise of his dreams Tully is so genuine a person that he inspires true friendships with the people he meets on his journey Tully is depressed by the commercialism of his hero s hometown Hannibal, Missouri and at Graceland, but he keeps going on his quest He eventually is rewarded beyond his dreams A heart warming tale I enjoyed and recommend.I Wish Lunch Could Last ForeverA pleasant, rambling tale of Isabella s life, from Saint Pierre on Martinique to sailing the Caribbean with Captain Will from Nantucket, to working in a doll shop in New Orleans, her love affair with Slade Patterson, their trip to Snake Bite Key, and finally her specialty restaurant in Paris Interesting and entertaining.WalkaboutAs an introduction to his short stories, Jimmy explains the aboriginal practice of walkabout, how he adopted it to satisfy his own wanderlust, and thereby had plenty of adventures to write about for this collection.The Swamp Creature Let One In Two good old boys in Louisiana with money than brains bet on golf A tale filled with drinking and local legends.Where is Margaritaville A short introduction to the collection of short stories about boats, wanderlust, and relationships, inspired by Jimmy s boyhood dreams and fleshed out with his real life experiences exploring the world Off to See the Lizard Two women who own and operate a diner in their hometown are enthusiastic obsessed supporters of the high school sports team.Boomerang LoveLong ago lovers return to their hometown to experience a hurricane together.The Pascagoula Run by Jimmy BuffettA boy dreads an obligatory visit with relatives, until his uncle Billy makes the journey fun. #Free E-pub ò Tales from Margaritaville È Best Known For His Outrageous Personality, His MCA Record Albums, And Years Of Sold Out Concerts, Jimmy Buffett Now Applies His Classic Southern Story Telling Ability In A Collection Of Bizarre And Hilarious Escapades Both Autobiographic And Imaginary This 1989 collection of fiction and autobiographical short stories by celebrity author and singer musician, Jimmy Buffett, are mainly vignette or slice of life type stories Set primarily in the Gulf Coast or the Caribbean they have a tropical ambience and colorful, but not very well developed, characters. I expected this to be a light but entertaining read It was actually kind of boring and a little repetitive a party breaks out after a sailing mishap or a storm and the main character drinks all night in an island bar with his newfound friends and beautiful women Luckily, I only paid 50 cents for my copy of this book at a library book sale. As a 30 year parrot head, of course I loved this book it s like getting the back story into some of Jimmy s song lyrics It s a rather random collection with the tie in for the first set The Heat Wave Chronicles being the mythical island Snake Bite Key off the coast of Alabama, and the over all tie in being the concept of Margaritaville As I ve known all along, Jimmy is a great story teller I enjoyed the blend of fiction and autobiographical incidents I wished for conclusive resolution in several of the stories, but I m sure this lack of closure is deliberate on Jimmy s part, as his philosophy tends to run to the idea that it s never really over The themes of wanderlust, realizing your dreams, self actualization ring true with me I have a couple of other Buffett novels waiting in my queue I m looking forward to seeing if how his writing evolves. A collection of short stories by one of my favorite singers, Jimmy Buffett For the most part the stories were enjoyable and pleasant but not great and I guess I expected laughs. Not exactly a book Id reccomend Reading TALES FROM MARGARITAVILLE is like being at a love fest for the CD recordings Songs You Know By Heart and Off to See the Lizard In the story Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes, we meet Tully who is leaving Wyoming with his horse Then there are the Heatwave Alabama tales Off to See the Lizard, Boomerang Love and then finally the Son of a Son of a Sailor story I read this book a long time ago but it hasn t left my collection When I run across the book while rearranging the bookshelves i.e hunting for another book , I sometimes stop and read a story again just for the fun of it I m not a parrot head, but I have been exposed to enough Buffett from sailing that I think its fun stuff, always great memories Kate, a friend at work, is a fully qualified parrothead having attended at least twelve concerts AND she s still in her early twenties Of course, she doesn t have her mother to blame for this It is all in one s upbringing, I guess Kate s opinion about this book enough already of the old stories Well, I liked them. If you are a fan of Buffett s, you ll enjoy this book for about all it gives you I found myself rolling my eyes whenever he pulled out a line or phrase from one of his books, and found some of the stories interesting than others They aren t consistent it s like he decided he needed a love story here, a sports story thereI liked that he repeated characters we would meet in one story and write about them, so you got to know people, but some of the stories were trite and almost like he wrote them without any editing I would have preferred if he didn t jump forward and then back and then forward again in time, but all in all I m not sorry I read it More than once, the I love you, but I have to live my own life plot was used, food is often mentioned and in great detail and of course the sea is always present almost as a character in and of itself.Just not sure I d recommend it to anyone but a true Parrothead.