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!Free Epub ♬ Fates Needle (Ulfrik Ormssons Saga #1) ⚖ No Land No Father No Brother No Son When His Father Is Murdered And His Brother Betrays Him To Steal His Birthright As Jarl Of Grenner, Ulfrik Ormsson Finds Himself Adrift On A Sea Of Vengeance And Corruption Aided Only By A Beautiful Slave, A Smiling Warrior, And A Group Of Blood Lusting Berserkers, He Must Wrest Back His Homelands By Force And Face The Most Difficult Decision Of All To Even The Scales Of Justice And Honor Worth reading, but.The book moves fairly quickly and a smooth storyline that is easy to follow Not burden by a dearth of characters Ulfriik is fairly well developed Reads like a TV series My only complaint is the slight depiction of rape I believe this could have been handled better and left to the readers understanding, not so spelled out I do look forward to reading the second book as it is still a solid historical fiction on the Vikings. I had been looking for a viking tale for a short while, and was undecided about which to get This book came out at just the right time and I am so glad it did.Well written, exciting, and with characters that I grew to care for Even the villain of the story would at times elicit sympathy and then hatred and back again.I don t give details about books in reviews because I don t like reading them in reviews, but here is one Great Battles On land and sea.The author did his homework as well In the author s note he talks about the real historical backdrop to this fictional story This adds another level of enjoyment for me as I LOVE to learn things.I m going to hold my breath until a sequel is written So get cracking before I pass out. I was pleasantly surprised to find this authors series of books about the not always so lucky Ulfrick I have read every book in this saga, though just started the last one..and it is well done that as I finish one book, I can easily start right into the next book seamlessly If you are into the times of the Northman, and the conquest of the Franks, of warriors and honor..you might want to add these books to your reading list There is of course many battle scenes so if that offends you, these wont work but I was very pleased to have found this author My only complaint and why the rest of this series rated one less star is due to whomever was used to proofread I admit, I am a stickler for having the storyflow just come to a halt when I run into typos and unfortunately Jerry Autieri needs a diligent proofreader..not sure if this is the fault of , or but it does detract somewhat from the flow of the storyline Other than that this is an excellent first book in a series that has kept me reading for weeks now. Entertaining yarn.Reminded me a bit of the Last Kingdom I liked it a lot and was ready to get back to the story on consecutive reading nights Very enjoyable, I look forward to the 2nd book. This was different than my normal read, i needed a change up and this was a pleasant surprise Good story line and learn about our history especially during war time It was a good read, flowed nicely Well Done The story keeps getting better. Great bookI really enjoyed this book Great story and I am looking forward to reading the rest of this awesome series In the 10th century, A.D., Harald won the battle at Hafrsfjord which led to a unified Norway with Harald being its first king Through both fictitious and real characters the author writes about life before the definitive battle I gave the book four stars because the mechanics of good writing were fine, the author was not verbose, and his descriptions of the people, theirs actions and their lands were excellent The outcome was predictable, but I want to read the next book of the series to find out what historical event Ulfrik wanders into next This book was hyped as being much like Bernard Cornwell s books on a similar subject The hype was correct a rarity The book gained one of those stars for that very reason At the outset the word apology was used in dialogue, and the red flag was raised because apology originated in the 15th century What word should have been used Probably a word so hard to say that I would have apologized to the author and begged him to please and thank you use any word he pleased After brother Grim did something horrendous to Ulfrik, all Ulfrik wanted was an apology from Grim An apology was not a fit punishment That bit of action showed me that Ulfrik was both compassionate and weak In the end, Grim did lose his life, but Ulfrik lost his land and his standing among other land owners.Thank you, Mr Autieri, for a good read. Decent, so farClarafies characters in this debut in the serial, not a lot of background,, good enough I ll try book ii, then update.