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This is the 8th book in the series, and it s by far that worst It plain on sucked, big time.The male lead is Cosmo Richter, a SEAL on a month long leave who offers his services to Troubleshooters Inc so he won t get bored The female lead is Jane Mercedes Chadwick, a film producer who is getting death threats because of her true story about a gay WW2 hero TS Troubleshooters is hired by Jane s studio to provide security for her and to also figure out who is sending the threats So Cosmo, along with Nash, Tess, Deck, Murph, and Dave all from book 7 become her bodyguard security team.Also in this book is Jules Cassidy, a gay FBI agent who has been in almost all the other SEAL 16 books He s sent out by the FBI to help investigate the threats While he s there, he runs into his former live in lover, who broke Jules heart Jules also meets Jane s brother, Robin, and finds himself hopelessly attracted to him, though Robin claims to be straight.There are about 5 billion problems with this book The biggest, in my opinion, being that like half the main characters were utterly unlikable I couldn t stand Jane She was manipulative, selfish, inconsiderate, sleazy, and just damn annoying Her brother is a total prick, uses woman and is just an asshole Adamn, Jules ex lover, is pretty much a male slut completely out for himself Patty, Jane s assistant, was such a total twit How anyone could be as stupid as her is beyon me Then there s Cosmo I didn t dislike his character in the book, but Brockmann did him a serious disservice In the previous books, she d built him up to be this really mysterious character who you are just dying to know about, a real serious guy with, maybe with dark secrets But in Hot Target, he pretty much doesn t fit that role at all He just didn t fit what she d built him up to be.The storyline waseh It had its good points and bad points.Brockmann may also have gone a bit overboard with the homosexual angle of the story What was supposed to be a secondary plot almost entirely took over the story It was a bit unexpected Maybe I would have found interest in it if I d even remotely liked Adam and Robin.The books was just very superficial It jumped around too much, mistreated characters, had characters acting in ways that made no sense, and just didn t capture my attention in the least I had a really hard time finishing it The only redeeming quality of the book was Jules, who is such a fabulous character His emotions in Hot Target were wonderfully portrayed That alone was all I liked about the story. Y le doy 5 porque no le puedo poner m s.Esta serie ya me gustaba mucho pero con este libro se supera Como en toda los libros de la serie est la relaci n de la pareja protagonista, Cosmo y Jane, y una secundaria y es en sta donde el libro me ha deslumbrado, con un Jules desatado era un personaje secundario en libros anteriores que parec a interesante y no cuento m s porque no quiero espoilear pero todo lo que le pasa a Jules es mucho m s interesante que lo que le ocurre a los te ricos protagonistas que tienen un historia atrayente, con un Cosmo que no es como parec a en libros anteriores lo malo es que su historia no acaba en este libro.Le doy un 10 a Suzanne Brockmann por ser valiente y contarnos esta historia en una serie sobre SEALs y salirse de todos los clich s del g nero. @Epub ⛅ Hot Target ⚢ Bestselling Author Suzanne Brockmann Knows Exactly What Makes Hearts Race And Pulses Pound Peril And Passion No One Succeeds Brilliantly At Blending These Exhilarating Elements In Breathtaking Novels Of Men And Women Forced To Grapple With The Deepest Emotions And The Highest Risks And There S No Better Proof Than Hot Target Like Most Men Of Action, Navy SEAL Chief Cosmo Richter Never Learned How To Take A Vacation So When He Finds Himself Facing A Month S Leave, He Offers His Services To Troubleshooters Incorporated Founded By A Former SEAL, The Private Sector Security Firm Is A Major Player In The Ongoing War Against Terrorism, Known For Carrying Out Covert Missions Too Volatile For Official US Military Action But The First Case Richter Takes On Is Anything But Under The RadarHigh Profile Maverick Movie Producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick Hasn T Quite Completed Her Newest Film, But She S Already Courting Controversy The World War II Epic Frankly Portrays The Homosexuality Of A Real Life Hero And The Storm Of Advance Media Buzz Surrounding It Has Drawn The Fury Of Extremist Groups But Despite A Relentless Campaign Of Angry E Mails, Phone Calls, And Smear Tactics, Chadwick Won T Be Pressured Into Abandoning The Project Then The Harassment Turns To Death ThreatsWhile The FBI Appears On The Scene, Nervous Hollywood Associates Call In Troubleshooters, And Now Chadwick Has An Army Of Round The Clock Bodyguards, Whether She Likes It Or Not And She Definitely Doesn T But Her Stubbornness Doesn T Make FBI Agent Jules Cassidy S Job Any Easier The Fiercely Independent Filmmaker Presents Yet Another Emotional Obstacle That Cassidy Doesn T Need He S Already In The Midst Of A Personal Tug Of War With His Ex Lover, While Fighting A Growing Attraction To Chadwick S BrotherDetermined To Succeed And Survive On Her Own Terms, Chadwick Will Face Off With Enemies And Allies Alike But She Doesn T Count On The Bond She Forms With The Quiet, Capable Cosmo Richter Yet Even As Their Feelings Bring Them Closer, The Noose Of Deadly Terror All Around Them Draws Tighter And When All Hell Erupts, Desire And Desperate Choices Will Collide On A Killing Ground That May Trap Them Both In The Crossfire From The Hardcover Edition I LOVED Cosmo Richter He s the strong, silent type and extremely loyal His relationship with Jane Chadwick is off the charts steamy Loved everything about this story Also loved the secondary storyline involving Jules and the introduction of the enigmatic Robin Chadwick and Adam We see a vulnerable Jules, which just made him appear complex Can t wait to see how these relationships continue. Me ha encantado Es sabido que me encantan este tipo de libros de fuerzas especiales y este es de lo mejorcito que he le do, el mejor A parte del romance entre los protas, la acci n y la intriga, todo el libro toca un tema llevado con mucha sensibilidad y cari o extremo Los protagonistas Jane y Cosmo me han encantado pero est Jules que es lo m s adorable, sincero y sensible Me ha enamorado absolutamente Para mi la Brockmanse ha salido con Jules.Jules, te quedas conmigo Gracias Elsa por otra de tus maravillosas recomendaciones. 4.5 Stars Another outstanding book in the Troubleshooters series Navy Seal Chief Cosmos Richter is a man of few words, but when he speaks, everyone listens His reputation legend proceeds him It s said many men fear him A giant of a man, Cosmos is strong, protective, gorgeous and real a safe harbor in stormy seas He meets Jane Chadwick, movie producer, when he hires on with the Troubleshooters as one of her bodyguards after her life is threatened Cosmos Jane appear to be total opposites her public appearance screams bimbo and yet the windows fog up when they re in the same room I loved watching these two characters dance around one another, both battling the emotional eruption that threatens to tear down their emotional walls Great, steamy story Butas always, there are multiple plot lines playing out in Hot Target, and I have to say that FBI agent Jules Cassidy waltzed in and came close to stealing the show in this one I fell in love with him A love triangle plays out between Jules, Robin Jane s brother an actor , and Adam Jules cheating ex fiance lover Some of the most emotional, heart touching scenes occur between these three characters I can not wait to read Jules story it has to be a good one Hot Target is a sizzling, intense, emotional blockbuster with Brockmann s signature multiple story lines playing out on the screen Grap the popcorn, drink, tissues before getting comfortable with this one you ll need them A Page Burner A Must Read Una novela extra a Me ha gustado, s Pero no ha sido lo que me esperaba y no tengo muy claro que entre dentro de la rom ntica pues el romance no es lo que mueve la trama.La autora lo dedica a su hijo y se nota Digamos que hay tres temas importantes y ninguno de los tres me ha convencido porque todo resulta muy light Creo que la autora ha intentando abarcar demasiado y no ha tenido extensi n para desarrollar demasiado ninguno de las tres tem ticas.Punto 1 el romance Me ha gustado pero ya est Un personaje Cos, muy desaprovechado que se pasa toda la novela diciendo frases geniales, de esas que pero su relaci n con la protagonista es un odio amor demasiado apresurado que concluye demasiado r pido y te deja Pues vale Su historia empieza genial y me ha gustado, pero a la mitad del libro ya est y claro te deja un poco chafadaPunto 2 El suspense Est bien, La novela tiene un buen ritmo y te mantiene atento todo el rato, pero si algo odio es que al final me aparezca un personaje de la nada y te deje con cara de idiota Pues eso, que las escenas de acci n son geniales La ambientaci n, ese rodaje, genial, esa puesta en escena muy bien Pero me da mucha rabia cuando el lector act a como mero espectador y la autora no le da pistas para que pueda interactuar.Lo mejor Robin, un personaje controvertido que no se hace de querer, lo siento Lo entiendo y creo que la autora plasma muy bien sus choques internos, sus grandes problemas y en general va explicando ese mal comportamiento y deja muy claros sus motivos No s , me da la sensaci n de que lo deja todo preparado para escribir su historia, no s si en forma de relato corto.En general es una novela que me ha gustado, engancha y se lee muy bien, la recomiendo si os gustan las novela de acci n policiacas aderezadas con una historia de amor Pero tengo claro que ese romance no es el motor que mueve la trama, por lo tanto, no creo que estemos ante una novela que se pueda encuadrar dentro de la rom ntica. Looking for something to occupy his time while on leave from the Navy SEALs, Cosmo Richter takes a job with Troubleshooters, Inc They have been hired by a Hollywood Studio to protect movie producer Jane Mercedes Chadwick She has received death threats from extremist groups who object to a real life World War II hero being portrayed as gay As Cosmo and the other Troubleshooters, as well as FBI Agent Jules Cassidy, try to find who is behind the threats, their investigation turns deadly Suzanne Brockmann is certainly on a roll with this series It s been one 5 Star book after another for me This one is no exception I liked how Jane and Cosmo went from not liking each other, to friends, and eventually to lovers Cosmos back story was very interesting I thought he and Jane were a good match But my favorite storyline in this book was Jules Cassidy dealing with his ex lover, Adam It s taken a couple of years for Jules to get over him Now Adam has won a role in Jane s movie It seems like everywhere Jules turns, he runs into Adam To make matters worse, Jules is attracted to Jane s brother, actor Robin Chadwick But Robin is in denial about his sexuality The Jules Adam Robin triangle kept me glued to the book My rating 5 Stars. 4 stars Romantic SuspenseTwo main reasons to read this book 1 Navy SEAL Cosmo Richter He s strong, tender, protective, intelligent, caring, brave, emotionally honest, fierce, sweet, and just flat out too yummy for words 2 FBI Agent Jules Cassidy The openly gay agent one of the best characters in the series has been a trusted, devoted, fearless, and loyal teammate and confidant to SEAL Team 16 and Troubleshooters, Inc and is looking for his own well deserved moment in the sunlight and HEA I can t wait to read his story in All Through the Night A Troubleshooter Christmas.I cracked up when Jane asked Cosmo how SEALs distinguish between a mission goatf ck and a clusterf ck Like, is there really a difference and how can they tell That part was just too funny I also loved Brockmann s touching, heartfelt opening book dedication to her gay son, whom she notes as an inspiration for her work. Romancethat know s no Bounds Hot Target 5 Stars Easy There were three beautiful romances, all rolled into this one book.The Romances Cosmo and Jane Cosmo pulling out his card to Jules was sweetly hilarious Jack Shelton and Harold Hal an old strong love And, the start of Jules and Robin, one of the best LGBTQ romances ever.And, my God, what a treat they ALL were.This is the best book in the series IMO I have read most of the books in this series many times The story s inside this book were beautifully written The chemistry s was sweet, but all were adorable even within the black out scenes The only ongoing romance that did not close in this book, was Jules and Robin They are start and conclude in the following books The Defiant Hero.Hot Target Force of Nature All Through the Night It, Out of Control holds my favorite MF couple They are awesome, and their story was a fantastic 5 stars from me I loved it This was a sweet and now all time favorite read..sigh I misses these characters already.