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KINDLE ¿ Gooney Bird and the Room Mother ò Gooney Bird Greene Likes To Be Right Smack In The Middle Of Everything That S Why She Wants To Have The Lead Role Of Squanto In Her Class Thanksgiving Pageant But That Role Will Go To Whoever Finds Someone To Be The Room Mother All The Parents Are So Busy, No One Can Bring Cupcakes To The Play Gooney Bird Greene To The Rescue She Finds A Room Mother Alright, But Promises Not To Tell Who It Is Until The Day Of The Play Now The Kids Are Really Busy Getting Ready For The Show But Will The Mystery Room Mother Really Show Up I am a big fan of Gooney Bird and this second book in the series did not disappoint As the class prepares for their Thanksgiving pageant they anxiously await the reveal of their new room mother Gooney Bird s advanced vocabulary spurs her classmates onto learning new words as well and the reader gets to be along for the ride Included in this volume are words like cajole, fiasco, indefatigable and The ending is heartwarming and worth the wait. OMG So nice and lovely..I got tears at the end of the book I loved it so so so much.What is so funny and embarrassing that I had to use google translate for some words. In Mrs Pidgeon s second grade class, the Thanksgiving pageant will be coming up shortly The class does not have a room mother Each student has a reason for why their mother is unable to help out The principal is becoming very impatient Gooney Bird Greene comes to the rescue as she is once again right smack in the middle of everything It s a mystery as to who the room mother will be, but Gooney Bird is on the search and has an idea Will the room mother arrive in time for the Thanksgiving day pageant She sure does, and it s Mrs Pigeon s mother Tears are shed, and the students are excited and Gooney Bird once again makes the classroom of students smile.This book was great I had read Gooney Bird Greene before but I never had the opportunity to read this one I think that when I read Gooney Bird to my students, I will read this book afterwards My students always love listening to Gooney Bird Greene I think there is another Gooney Bird book and I would be interested in reading that one as well. My girls really enjoy Gooney Bird Greene because she s so entertaining I enjoy her because she teaches English skills In this one, she teaches the importance of learning how to use a dictionary and Mrs Pigeon s class learns some new vocabulary words I loved the surprise ending