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[Read Book] ♁ Of War and Law ⚔ Modern War Is Law Pursued By Other Means Once A Bit Player In Military Conflict, Law Now Shapes The Institutional, Logistical, And Physical Landscape Of War At The Same Time, Law Has Become A Political And Ethical Vocabulary For Marking Legitimate Power And Justifiable Death As A Result, The Battlespace Is As Legally Regulated As The Rest Of Modern Life In Of War And Law, David Kennedy Examines This Important Development, Retelling The History Of Modern War And Statecraft As A Tale Of The Changing Role Of Law And The Dramatic Growth Of Law S Power Not Only A Restraint And An Ethical Yardstick, Law Can Also Be A Weapon A Strategic Partner, A Force Multiplier, And An Excuse For Terrifying Violence Kennedy Focuses On What Can Go Wrong When Humanitarian And Military Planners Speak The Same Legal Language Wrong For Humanitarianism, And Wrong For Warfare He Argues That Law Has Beaten Ploughshares Into Swords While Encouraging The Bureaucratization Of Strategy And Leadership A Culture Of Rules Has Eroded The Experience Of Personal Decision Making And Responsibility Among Soldiers And Statesmen Alike Kennedy Urges Those Inside And Outside The Military Who Wish To Reduce The Ferocity Of Battle To Understand The New Roles And The Limits Of Law Only Then Will We Be Able To Revitalize Our Responsibility For War Good, but the thesis is overly generalizing One of those books where the thesis gets in the way of what is obviously an excellent historical understanding of the subject The historical dialectic that he presents, with each successive generation of legal scholars coming as an antithesis to the previous and the final period as synthesis removes all the subtleties of legal analysis and the different trends within.Still absolutely interesting and enlightening on the topic. Better than I expected it to be, gives a good overview of the role international law and domestic enforcement relate to the use of force in international affairs.