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See my review of Amanda for my general impressions of this series I am now officially questioning the sense and worth of my 12 year old self This is not the first time I have done so, actually As much as I loved the Sunfires as a kid, it turns out that I had never even read several of the best volumes in the series, such as this one Margaret held my attention so well that I actually read it in about four hours, give or take some very unwelcome interruptions Margaret Evans leaves Chicago at the tender age of 15 to become a teacher in a one room schoolhouse in a small Nebraska town in 1886 Although our girl is a plucky orphan like so many Sunfire heroines, she actually has a recognizable passion for education and a desire to make a difference.In Clarktown, Margaret boards with the Wilsons Mr Wilson being head of the school board , who are basically that sour looking couple from American Gothic They re strict, unsmiling, rude, and they don t feed Margaret all that well, either Her travails only multiply when school starts and she s faced with a group of students who are variably troublesome, apathetic, unruly, scared, ignorant or otherwise opposed to education Robert Clark, an 18 year old farmer, begins to attend class with his younger brother in order to learn how to read Margaret s convinced he s only there to scrutinize her, and although she tries to ignore him, she finds that she can t quite manage Margaret also makes the acquaintance of handsome Gerald Moore, schoolteacher from the neighboring town, and Mary Whitaker, a sweet young widow.The first conflict facing Margaret is earning the respect of her students, and that she doesn t make it happen overnight, and makesthan one mistake along the way, is both welcome and surprising Margaret herself is complex and imperfect, and very believable as an idealistic woman of her time.This book offers a greater glimpse into the social customs and views of the historical era than many other Sunfires As she wins over the students, Margaret also slowly becomes less of an outsider andof a member of the community Religious differences are broached especially at a dance where half the town s citizens sit out for the entire evening , and differing attitudes regarding education and women s roles are discussed by the characters in detail Several chapters are taken up with the regular evening gatherings of Margaret, Mary, Robert, and Gerald, and though this drags just slightly, I enjoyed the extra layers these scenes gave to the characters Many peripheral Sunfire characters and even a lot of heroines are one trick ponies, but this group is actually fleshed out Thus, Gerald s traditional views on women make him seem to be simply a product of his time, rather than a controlling jerk, as the losing suitors are generally portrayed Yes, Margaret densely assumes that both men are courting Mary and it turns out that they re not both courting Margaret, a refreshing change but she is okay with that, deep down She likes Robert, she s jealous of Mary a little, but she s always got something else in her plans to console her And she actually doesn t let her interest in Robert stand in the way of going to college for the summer Despite the fact that the final chapter is very dramatic and sweepingly romantic it s not been rivaled in this series so far I was a little sad to see Margaret agree to marry Robert Not because he s a bad guy, but because Margaret would likely have to give up her beloved teaching job married women weren t allowed to teach Miner neatly sidesteps this conflict by ending the book before we know if she ll lose the job or not, which avoids either a downer in the last chapter or a historically inaccurate conceit However, I m legitimately worried that Margaret might get itchy feet as a farmer s wife in Nebraska Hmm It s not enough to reduce my rating Did I mention the ending is really romantic Verdict A well drawn portrait of a time and place, with interesting, engaging characters This is one of the shorter Sunfires that actually feels like a complete story Also, in a series of Heathers and Sabrinas and other flowery names that didn t quite fit the historical era, what a relief to see a good ol Margaret I really enjoyed the writing in this book I also really enjoyed Margaret s character, she is strong and feminist for her time and I liked it The character Mary, on the other hand, drives me absolutely crazy I can understand a widow wanting to get married so she would have someone to help take care of her and her children, but she is such a wimp and it gets really annoying Not that I don t get annoyed at Margaret being blind to the fact that a certain man was in love with her, but I can t get too mad because we can all be blind to that I love how invested Margaret is in her work as a teacher, I was able to really connect with her character that way and like to think if I lived back then that I would be a teacher like her. Another really enjoyable Sunfire romance, with a strong heroine Gerald was pretty lame as a rival love interest, and Robert could have hadinteraction with Margaret in the first half of the book, but all in all, it was good fun Full recap Margaret yearns for adventure In 1886, that means teaching school on the Nebraska prairie.But fifteen years, a privileged upbringing in Chicago, and a stubborn streak don t stretch far when you re up against a Nebraska blizzard Or an entire classroom of students who claim to be named John Or a head of the school board who derides Margaret s every effort to win the hearts of her students.Or Robert Clark 18 years old, illiterate, and enrolled in Margaret s classroom.Something she s quite certain he has done just to make her life that muchimpossible I read Margaret for the first time in the sixth grade And have read it about fifteen times since One of around thirty novels in the YA historical fiction series entitled Sunfire all of which are stand alone books , Margaret stands out as an absolutely fantastic read It s lightning quick chock full of realistic frontier drama The characters leap to life, and the relationships have a vibrant, authentic feel Margaret, herself, has a genuine desire to be a great teacher, and the problems she faces ring true within any era. Reading the old Sunfires this summer This is not one I read as a kid Historically and setting wise, this was interesting The characters will a bit hard to take at times Margaret was strong, but ignoring students did not sit well with me no matter what you think of their motives, probably the educator in me rearing her head Her love interests said some irritating things at times, too. I enjoyed that she was only 16 years old and yet decided to travel away from all that she has ever known in order to teach a school She had difficultys along the way including the loss of several students She had many thoughts regarding the 2 men that came into her life and decided what was best for her I think that based on the fact that she was so young, even though back then she was considered an adult, that she was very brave and very conscious of what she wanted and how to achieve that goal. |Download Pdf ⚕ Margaret (Sunfire, #27) ⚔ Her New Life As A Prairie Schoolteacher Means Hardship And Love Teaching In A One Room Prairie Schoolhouse In Nebraska InMeans Than Giving Lessons ToVery Different Students ForYear Old Margaret, Who Has Left Chicago To Start A New Life, It Also Means Learning To Survive Savage Blizzards, A Deadly Plague, And Awful Loneliness Then She Meets Gerald, The Handsome Young Easterner Who Is Teaching In A Nearby Town And She Finds Herself Drawn And To Brooding, Handsome Robert, TheYear Old Farmer S Son Who Is Her Worst Pupil This was okay, but it was basically a simpler version of Waxing Nostalgic 4 This book is about Margaret who travels to the wilds of Nebraska to be a one room school teacher She is independent and strong willed, brave, and determined She finds love in an unlikely place and learns to love the people she serves. The one star is for it being a book That s the best I can say for this story, It s a book.