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If this 1945 novel were published today it would be marketed as YA Two fifteen year old boys, one solidly middle class, athletic, and good looking Spud , the other lower middle class, half orphaned, small, skinny, and ridiculously unathletic Lymie , become best friends on the north side of Chicago in the 1920s We re given vignettes of their daily lives at school, in sports activities, in their respective apartments with their families, such as they are Lymie lives with his heavy drinking salesman father and they take all their meals at the local cheap restaurant, where his father ogles the female customers and tries to look down the waitress s uniform Spud s family has been forced to move from a large, comfortable house in Wisconsin to Chicago, and he sleeps in a closet like porch in the apartment, but his family is whole and his mother serves big, nourishing meals every night When she sees how skinny Lymie is, she deduces he is missing a mother, takes him under her wing, and insists he come over for dinner whenever possible Biographical note William Maxwell s mother died when he was ten in the 1918 flu epidemic The novel then skips ahead several years as the boys enroll at the University of Illinois Their social lives continue apace Spud boxes and is invited to join a fraternity and falls in love with a girl, while Lymie gets good grades, is ignored by the fraternities, and expands his crush on Spud I felt that literary claustrophobia brought on by too much youth and too much 1920s Boys giving girls pins, boys calling each other fella, fraternity initiations, sorority dances, ghastly young love Maxwell indicates this is a coming of age story with his title The Folded Leaf, taken from The Lotos Eaters by Alfred Tennyson The folded leaf is the form of the new leaf as it first emerges on the branch Lo in the middle of the wood, The folded leaf is woo d from out the bud With winds upon the branch, and there Grows green and broad, and takes no care, Sun steep d at noon, and in the moon Nightly dew fed and turning yellow Falls, and floats adown the air Lo sweeten d with the summer light, The full juiced apple, waxing over mellow, Drops in a silent autumn night. Ratings 1 to 5 Writing 5Story 5Characters 5Emotional impact 4Overall rating 4.75 @Download Pdf ⚷ The Folded Leaf æ Best EPub, The Folded Leaf Author William Maxwell This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Folded Leaf, Essay By William Maxwell Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You The Folded Leaf was written in 1945 Maxwell said it was his favorite novel for personal reasons the whole of my youth is in it Set in the 1920s in Chicago, the story centered on the unlikely friendship between two adolescent males Lymie Peters and Spud Latham It depicted a true to life picture of life on an American university campus that came with horrific initiation parties, the facetious pomposity of being a member of a Fraternity or Sorority, drills of lectures, and after class cafe chats.I had a soft spot for Lymie who could not play a game to save his life Lymie was also socially awkward and painfully thin He was always the last to be chosen in any kind of team sport But Lymie s academic star was shining Spud, by contrast, had the body of a Greek god He was athletic, confident, and socially aloof Lymie was drawn to Spud when the latter saved him from drowning The friendship developed in heartwarming ways but became strained when Sally Forbes became a mutual love interest The novel, however, is no shallow coming of age story I was surprised at the philosophical reflections that emerged at various points in the narrative some of which, I felt, were out of place For example, this interlude But to live in the world at all is to be committed to some kind of a journey appeared somewhat dislocated in the narrative There was a chapter wholly devoted to the desert which did flow better from the story line The desert is the natural dwelling place not only of Arabs and Indians but also of people who can t speak when they want to and of those others who, like Lymie Peters, have nothing to say, people who have stopped justifying and explaining, stopped trying to account for themselves or their actions, stopped hoping that someone will come along and love them, and so make sense out of their lives Heartbreaking but real for some of us To me, the most disturbing reflection was on truth The truth is nothing like as simple or as straightforward a thing as Lymie believed it to be It masquerades in inversions and paradoxes, is easier to get at in a lie than in an honest statement If pursued, the truth withdraws, puts on one false face after another, and finally goes underground, where it can only be got at in the complex, agonizing absurdity of dreams I could not help but wonder if even a strong friendship could confront the truth and not be irrevocably jeopardized Truth comes at a cost.The Folded Leaf is not a book for everyone Maxwell said, While I was working on it, in my mind s eye I kept seeing the manuscript burning in the fireplace I was sure nobody would be interested in it Well, I was I was glad I read it. Amazing book Beautifully written Maxwell describes the Latham apartment in paragraph after paragraph, which might turn boring in the hands of a lesser writer But the description was lovely in and of itself, and also let me see who these people were, without Maxwell having to directly state it Complicated, real characters and believable dialogue I will remember these people for a long time. I came to this with some reservations a gay novel written in the 40 s about a relationship in 1920 s Chicago ran the risk of being irrelevant, coy, and too tragic for a post gay rights reader I was pleasantly surprised Maxwell writes simply with a slightly wry tone It s obvious this was written in a time when the love that could not be named couldn t be written about in a novel It s equally obvious that Maxwell didn t want to write one of those books wading in queer subtext so he wrote about silence The homosexuality is never mentioned, but there is never any doubt about what s going on The Silences become cruel gaps which breed violence and despair and its precisely those silences that keep this book fresh and meaningful today.All the things unsaid between the characters the fathers and sons, the girl friends the mothers and the deadly consequences that grow in these gaps are still us today This is a study of human nature, not just a queer love affair in a time it wasn t allowed The attempted suicide at the end and the passages on recovery could have been written today Maxwell certainly knew his stuff This novel, written in 1945, explores in sensitive and subtle details the love of two boys as they become young men, and is probably as direct a novel that could be written on that subject at the time, maybe even now I am not generally a fan of the pained adolescence novel, having had several of them forced on me in junior high and high school Maxwell s gorgeous, patient prose, by contrast, achieves the admirable task of placing the reader in the minds and milieus of these young men, without forgetting that there is an entire world of frustrated and failing adults around them Indeed, in addition to the story of the boys, Maxwell also shows us the almost charming ignorance of the privileged, the isolated social realm of the university and those who subsist on its margins, and the pained self awareness of men who have failed at their task of raising their sons But it is the story of Lymie and Spud one a nearly helpless physical specimen, the other full of misdirected anger that is the core of this extraordinary, heartbreaking novel. fiction doesn t get much better some unexpected turning points, a great campus novel, and a very gentle, soft yet simmering tone 4 and 1 2 starsThis novel is both extraordinary and ordinary extraordinary in its prose, and its insights into the mind and behavior of two ordinary boys, their families, other friends and even teachers and university administrators It has a lot to say about the impact of the early death of a mother and of a distant father on a boy, even during a time when that distance must ve been viewed as ordinary.The outline of the plot is ordinary, the intense friendship between two opposites inevitably tested when they are at college together but the writing, especially those passages when the narratorial voice steps out of his storytelling at the perfect times to explore the wide spaces that come between even the closest of human beings, and what we must do to traverse those spaces, so we can expand beyond ourselves, so we can live, is extraordinary. One can see the coming perfection of Time Will Darken It 1948 all over William Maxwell s 1945 novel I first read this 15 20 years ago, and liked it enough to later read Time and love it But a 2010 revisit to The Folded Leaf revealed qualities I seemed not to have fully appreciated earlier Perhaps I wasn t completely ready for its simplicity and beauty then maybe I m wiser.But, wisdom Maxwell was one of the wisest, purest, sparest writers around, weaving his simple, ordinary plots with, seemingly, magic spells that made you look at life in a unique way The Folded Leaf tells the lovely and at times heartbreaking story of an unusual friendship, a love story, if you will, between male friends with no labels attached Lymie Peters is an unathletic, thin, smart geek, I suppose, though I m not sure that word existed in 1920s Illinois Lymie isn t picked on he s liked as a sort of quiet appendage to other groups of boys Spud Latham is everything Lymie wishes he were athletic and broodingly charismatic, popular Spud, just moved to the small Illinois town, gets in fights as a way to prove something to himself Maxwell follows the boys friendship for about four years, from high school into college Viewed from a distance, it might seem as if Lymie is always underfoot he s constantly at Spud s side to lace up his boxing gloves, hand him a towel the two are physically close, even spooning in the cold upper floor of their college residence When walking outdoors, Lymie puts his hand in Spud s coat pocket and their fingers intertwine It is the way their friendship works, and it certainly is love in its simplest state Though one could glean hints that Lymie s love might be unthinking homosexuality or that he might be bisexual, that s a pretty modern look at the relationship and the truth here doesn t really matter I think it s better to leave it be As Maxwell writes The truth is nothing as simple or as straightforward a thing as Lymie believed it to be It masquerades in inversions and paradoxes, is easier to get at in a lie than in an honest statement If pursued, the truth withdraws, puts on one false face after another, and finally goes underground, where it can only be got at in the complex, agonizing absurdity of dreams In college, Lymie, Spud and Spud s girlfriend, Sally Forbes, are inseparable Sally easily accepts Lymie not as a third wheel but as a true friend, a natural component of their three way partnership Spud joins a fraternity and no longer lives with Lymie, and cracks, never spoken about but sensed, start to form between Spud and Lymie Spud, a man of action than a thinker, better able to pound a Golden Gloves opponent into submission than understand what s really bothering him, becomes jealous of Lymie s relationship with Sally Lymie, who really has done nothing wrong, is devastated by Spud s reaction.This is a subtle, simple, sharply told story that doesn t reveal all its secrets It s Maxwell s second best novel, which makes it very good indeed.