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I am a dork and I am proud of it so I was very intrigued when I saw this book on goodreads last weekend I loved the characters, the little bit of humor the author snuck in and all the dorky video game and movie references I absolutely love when I pick up a book and it exceeds every expectation I had This is Jennifer Jame s first novel so I had no idea what to expect but she did a great job at balancing drama, humor and steam Abby has been burned by a man and I mean burned Who leaves their fiance at the church on their wedding day for their younger sister Umm, a big jerk that is who She is still a bit sad a year later but she also has some spunk and a little bit of a sarcastic nature She doesn t see herself as a catch and has quit doing her hair and wearing sexy outfits because, well, she doesn t really want anything to do with men Thank you to women and their jealousy and the iPhone that shattered this particular woman needed a man Tom is sexy, confident and a real go getter which he has to be since Abby really doesn t want to be gotten He doesn t back down and seems to know exactly what Abby needs I loved how he used stolen kisses and nice boy charm to bring her out of her shell.These two were truly meant for each other with their dork memorabilia decorated spare bedrooms and all Seriously, what kind of couple fights over who is the bigger dork I really thought this book was going to come off as silly but the chemistry was no laughing matter I wanted when it was done which is a sign of a great book This book would be perfect for a beach read or a lazy Sunday afternoon when you can t decide what kind of romance you want it has as great mixture of everything and was really well written Here is an example of the humor I enjoyedAnd for your information, I have a date tonight Abby Oh, really Who with Her tone said she didn t believe me.Mischief overtook me Ben, Jerry, and Riesling Yep, we re gonna have a crazy orgy And here is an example of Tom s sweet sugary sideEvery woman is a princess to someone Or she should be, anyway iOh, Tom, you always have the right things to say My one complaint That it wasn t longer.Jennifer has created a fun, spicy and deep story in 80 little pages Abby is deeply wounded, and Tom is just right to help her heal her pains and soften her scars What starts out as a begrudging date turns into a fun evening of horrible movies, video games and laughter between two die hard geeks battling it out to see who is truly the biggest nerd.The connection between the main characters is spot on, hot, and deeply personal I envy Jennifer s ability to get so deep into their psyche in so few words The resolution of the past, and the intrusion of the past, add just enough conflict to keep you intrigued With a man that has award winning patience seriously, give the guy a damn medal and a woman that is eager to try that patiencethe steam sizzled even before they hit the sheets Of course I haven t even touched on the nerd gasm that is folded into every page Touching on geekery from Princess Bride to Doctor Who to Star Wars, Jennifer hides little gems throughout the entire book even when you aren t expecting it.If you want a quick read, a fun romp, and some super sexy geek fun pick this piece up immediately I promise you won t be disappointed. I Iike so many things about this book, including but not limited to geek humor, a tall, dark sexy man who isn t overplayed, a cheating ex who gets his just desserts, a heroine who is likable and imperfect, and an ending that doesn t follow the typical fight and make up protocol, that it s hard to decide what I find MOST charming about it.The myriad of nerdy references in Love Kinection span nearly every facet of geekery you can imagine Dr Who, Star Wars, Joss Whedon, Battlestar Galactica, The Princess Bride, Jensen Ackles campy horror, DD, Xbox, Atari, and the list goes on You can t throw a stick at this story without hitting some sort of pop culture quip In fact, its almost too much In order to get ALL the references, you would need to be a nerdy supergeek, King of the Nubbies normal trendy geeks that are so much a part of the mobile generation I don t think I know anyone who has such an encyclopedic interest in all things scifi and cult classic that they d be able to catch every Easter egg and I m a proud, card carrying geek chic Even so, it s entertaining and incredibly, delightfully quotable seriously, I was highlighting quotes on every other page at least, some pages multiple quotes , a smart read for people not afraid to let their geek flag fly high and proud.Tom is one of those sexy men who is alpha but not controlling, muscled but not ripped, smart but not vain His character is smooth and instantly likeable Abby is a firecracker who has been badly betrayed and resultingly now embraces a low self image She s quirky and direct and isn t afraid to admit when she doesn t know something.Ms James s debut story is sassy, sweet, modern, and fun than a dinner table full of hobbit sized dwarves This is an author ready to burst onto the romantisphere keep your eye on this one, folks, cuz she s got the chops to be the next big bad in a good way grinSecond star to the right and straight on til morning, Ms James your journey has just begun and I can t wait to hitch a ride along with all the wacky, unique voices in your head Engage Like this review Rate it up on here 3 My favorite part about this book is probably the argument between Abby and Tom over who s the bigger nerd When JJ was writing this story, she put a FB call out to all her nerdy friends to give her a bunch of references While cool, I feared it might turn into reference soup and go a little overboard Oh how could I have had so little faith She s managed to pack all kinds of nerd candy in there with a flavor for every geek without it feeling like trying too hard It was a lot of fun, and oh so satisfying as a Joss Whedon geek myself The romance side is sweet, but incredibly sexy too Their chemistry is so strong, and the connection they develop so authentic, I found myself feeling like I was in the story with them Tom s got a lot of walls to break down in Abby before he s really got a shot, and he s just patient and tender enough to do it Abby, despite being hurt so badly by a cheating man and spiteful sister, catches on to the notion that she shouldn t fear Tom fast enough to be able to work out her issues before her inner bitch drives him away Better yet, she gets a chance to prove how far she s come, bonding them for sure.Compelling characters, witty banter, and sizzling sexual tension make Love Kinection a smash hit for anyone s hopeless romantic inner geek I had high expectations, and this book lived up to them all Go pick this one up for a sassy summer read Great novella, very original, loved that H is a nerd but still very sexy, loved the snappy dialog, and will read from this author again.CONTENT SCENES few hotGENRE TONE contemporary wittyLENGTH 90 pages LK is one of those books that just make you giggle I loved curling up on my couch and reading about Abby and Tom doing normal things but in a big way If you re looking for a fun, light, contemporary romance, Love Kinection is your next big read Loved it. A cute little Geek romp Fans of Buffy, Princess Bride, and Doctor Who will enjoy this romance that explores the dating habits of two geeks in love. This short romance novel was brimming with geeky pop culture references Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who just to name a few The first date between the main characters was Chinese food, a movie, and video games that lasted until 3 00AM It was very low key which I liked a lot I was on board until the rape joke made me jump ship There is a tickle fight referred to as bellybutton rape Eeeeuuugh Sometimes I can be pretty unforgiving One star. Novella 3.5 stars Sexy geek hero and heroine afraid of love Sweet, fun and cool Big Bang Theory meets hunky alpha romance hero If it had been a freebie I would have given it 4.5 stars `Download Book ↞ Love Kinection ↬ Love, Romance, Hearts, Flowers, Cupid RubbishAbby Fine Still Hasn T Gotten Over The Pain Of A Year Old Betrayal And Plans To Spend This Valentine S Day Drowning Her Sorrows With A M Nage Of Men Named Ben, Jerry, And Riesling Her Plans Are Diverted When She Drops And Breaks Her New IPhone And Gives In To A Momentary Hormone Surge, Agreeing To Let Office Hottie And Tech God Tom Walker Squirm His Way Into Her Condo To Fix It Tom Shows Up With His Xbox, Spicy Chinese Food, And A Habit Of Stealing Kisses Every Time She Lets Her Guard Down Can A Weekend Of Laughter, Video Games, And Movies Change Abby S Opinion Of Stupid Cupid