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Power PlayAll I can coherently say at this moment in time is holy hell that was hot I have read quite a few naughty short stories lately and Power Play might be my favorite one First before I even mention how awesome Natalie is let s talk about the hockey players Yes, count them two hockey players, two Hockey is my second favorite sport and the way Emily Cale describes these two guys, well it s possible I want to jump on them myself.Too much information Yeah, I d apologize, but I m not really all that sorry Power Play was the perfect combination of sweet and sexy and Natalie was the perfect leading lady I love how we get a chance to see her really open up and accept her own desires At first we can see how nervous she is, but once the clothes started coming off it was like she was a different person.Ian and Todd are awesome They should be real and friends of mine, haha Kidding Maybe They were really great characters I liked how even though they were all for the sex it was than that for them in the end just like it was for her.Plus I mentioned the part where the three of them together were hot right, because they totally were Definitely check out this book if you get a chance It s short, but filled with fluffy goodness. M nage Heaven awaits Natalie when she goes through her set up with Madam Eve With two strong sexy Hockey players, who could resist all those hardening muscles The authors writing is smooth and the sexual scenes are entertaining keeping my lustful interest awakened I thought the story line was good but wanted to know into the back grounds of each character so I could get a better feel for their commitment to further their relationship just from a one night stand I look forward to reading of this author s work for her writing style gave me hope for a taste of juicy erotic reads. THIS REVIEW IS INTENDED FOR AN ADULT AUDIENCE DUE TO SEXUAL CONTENT Power Play is a short Novella but boy oh boy it is packed with hot passion and sex I am in love with this 1Night Stand Series In this novella we get Natalie s story Natalie is a Lawyer and she loves her job She is not getting any younger and her mother keeps pointing that out to her But Natalie has some fantasies she would like to fulfill before she marries and has children So when she talks to TJ her best friend who she convinced to call the 1Night Stand agency to have one night full of passion but TJ got so much Natalie decides she will call them and set up her fantasy night so she can get it out of her system Lord knows she has never been fulfilled by her boyfriends or her hook ups so she is willing to do this fantasy with a one night stand.Ian and Todd are Hockey players and best friends that want a menage They like to share and feed off of each other They are looking for that one girl who will please them and in turn they will please her and take good care of her So when they go to the hotel to meet Natalie they are taken aback by her forwardness in what she wants Together the three of them will venture out of their comfort zones and try to make things work The things they do to each other is crazy and lord it is every women fantasy.Who would not want two men to please them and to give them what they secretly want Come along for the greatest ride of a lifetime Natalie Fritz decided to try Madame Eve s 1 Night Stand service, since her best friend ended up having the best evening of her life She wants her ultimate fantasy, two men who will treasure her body for just one night Hockey players Ian and Todd like to share women, but approaching a woman about what they want to do doesn t always go as planned, not to mention their notoriety needs to maintain some discretion Seeing Natalie they both feel like they have been giving a gift, but will one night be enough.Quick read, thought this was highly enjoyable I thought the chemistry was great between the three, Natalie is a bit apprehensive when she realizes who they are, but Todd and Ian put her at ease A fun quickie when in need for a little break from life. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ♁ Power Play (1Night Stand #132) (1Night Stand #132) (Hat Trick Trilogy, #2) ♖ Natalie Fritz Didn T Need A Night Of Sexual Adventure As Payment For Setting Her Friend Up, But She Wouldn T Turn It Down Either Determined To Make Sure She Gets Exactly What She Wants, She Makes A Call To Madame Eve And Requests Not One, But Two Dates For The Evening What She Doesn T Expect Is For Those Men To Be Players On Her Friend S Hockey Team Ian And Todd Find That Sharing Women Provides All Parties With Pleasure Finding Someone Who Buys Into Their Theory Is A Little Harder So They Turn To Madame Eve S Night Stand Service To Find Them A Partner When They Meet Natalie, They Discover A Gorgeous Woman Who Turns Them On Physically And Intellectually Everyone Knows That Relationships Are Meant To Be Between Two People, But What Happens When It Takes Three To Make The Night Worthwhile Can They Take A Leap Of Faith Or Will Their Time Be Limited To One Night Can a one night stand with two hunky hockey players satisfy one woman s deepest fantasy Attorney Natalie Fritz has been set up on a date by her best friend TJ, using Madam Eve s 1 Night Stand dating service This is TJ s payback for Natalie signing her up with the same service, which had turned out well for her Natalie figures since the service was successful for TJ, she would give it a shot too, but changes the date request from one man to two men to fulfill a long held fantasy.Professional hockey players and teammates Ian Zelenewich and Todd Korbel like to engage in threesomes where they can team up to pleasure a lady, while also enjoy watching the other in the act TJ s boyfriend Scott had told them about Madam Eve s services, so they signed up to give it a try, but they want to keep their identities a secret so it doesn t hurt their reputations or their hockey team, The Montreal Magic.When Natalie, Ian and Todd meet up at a Montreal hotel, all of their requirements for an ideal date are met and a sizzling chemistry is in the air Can a one night stand fulfill Natalie s fantasy and will it be enough, or can two hot hockey players convince her to go into overtime and play some Power Play is a sassy little erotic novella that is a quick enjoyable read Written in the third person narrative, author Emily Cale weaves a passionately sexy tale about a one night stand between a threesome one woman two men that will leave the reader wanting I really enjoyed the author s style of writing, she gradually builds the story from Natalie s awkward meeting with the guys in the hotel room, to Ian and Todd easing Natalie s hesitation and inhibitions enough to enjoy a night which would include an intensely steamy threesome With three fun characters quirky dialogue and enticingly exciting sexual interactions Power Play is one heck of a juicy and sensual story that will satisfy your imagination Power Play is the second book in the Hat Trick Trilogy, but can be read as a stand alone story.Disclaimer I received a copy of this book from the author publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by FMB Blog Tours.http jerseygirlbookreviews.blogspot I must admit that I find myself mildly addicted to the 1NightStand series One never knows exactly what one might be getting much like the characters in this series who are all drawn together by the still elusive matchmaker Madame Eve Unlike the passionate encounters that these characters find themselves in all hits for them I ve come across some stories that fell into the miss category Luckily, Power Play by Emile Cale dodges that category with ease.Natalie s friend TJ wants nothing than to thank her for setting her up with the love of her life And what better way to repay the favor than by setting Natalie up with someone from the 1Night Stand dating service When that someone turns out to be two gorgeous hockey players Natalie s tempted to turn them away After all, hockey players are so large and rough and.hmmm, maybe she might want to let them into talk of course.Emily Cale could not have come up with two perfect men for this situation They were so flippin hot Todd was the quiet one, Mr Romance, that voice of reason that somehow persuaded Emily to do things she had no intentions of initially doing And Ian Now that thang right there made me want to tattoo my name all over him with my tongue I m so real with it He started off real quiet like, laid back and thenBAM He s Mr Straight to the Point, Baby Mr I Can Show You Better Than I Can Tell You I HEART Ian Todd could get it too but Ian would be my main course Yuuuum The sex scenes were very raw and sensual and they were done just right Yes, there are wrong ways to do love scenes and Kristin and I have spent hours on the phone laughing and bitching about the particulars of certain love scenes I actually called her after reading Power Play to tell her it was a darn good book from the front cover to under the covers and all the way to HFN ending I call dibbs on this naughty fantasy brought to life but you re than welcome to pick up a copy and share in the shenanigans Hands off Ian, though he s mine. Reviewed by LoriReview originally posted at Romancing the BookBook provided by the publisher for reviewThis short read was really enjoyable It was entertaining and it was fast reading The only complaint I would have would be that it ended too quickly I like the fact that the story ended ambiguously, it means that the reader gets to decide how the story will continue.The three protagonists Natalie, Todd and Ian all want to be with each other but fear how people will react to their non traditional relationship Todd and Ian are professional hockey players and they don t want what they do in their private lives to potentially harm their professional careers Natalie wants her private life to remain private and she doesn t want her love life to be public fodder for others to judge her Todd and Ian complete each other non sexually They understand each other and feed off of each other in the bedroom so that everyone is mutually satisfied I liked them both because they have that ying yang vibe going on between them One of them is dominant then the other and one is sensitive then the other.Natalie comes off kind of bitchy, but she isn t, she s just cautious She thinks she knows all about hockey players and what they want She s in for a surprise with Todd and Ian I love that Natalie is looking for what most women want A loving relationship, someone who understands them, and trust, so that you can be yourself Todd and Ian are searching for the same thing, they just have to convince Natalie OHH the possibilities of what could happen I find it really funny that people think that it s ok to meddle into other people s private lives and make comments about subjects that are of no concern to them This happens a lot in reality and I like the fact that the author puts this into her work of fiction We as a society tend to judge others and deem because we don t like something that everyone should follow suit I wish we all could be a little tolerant of each other and different views and lifestyles. An 18 erotic novella that contains elements of m nage MFM.This is my second encounter with a book that was created for Decadent Publishing s 1Night Stand series and utilizes the services of Madame Eve a clever background for novellas that are meant to serve as a fantasy fulfillment for just one night As an erotic novella, this book works on all fronts Character development is not in the foreground, although having two male characters and using he makes for a bit of a confusing read The characters are not experiencing great development or personal growth in a short story, but the appearance of Ian and Todd as two rather cocksure hockey jocks contrasted nicely with the self assured and determined Natalie Even when she has her moments of hesitation, they quickly move in to allay her fears and nervousness and all fulfill their fantasies in one night of steamy pleasure The writer has constructed a story that is part fantasy satisfaction and part realistically described action all set within the parameters set by Madame Eve s agency The end leaves us all breathless and waiting to see if this one night will, in fact, be enough I received an eBook copy from author for honest review for Full Moon Bites tour I was not compensated for this review, and all conclusions are my own responsibility. This book is considered an erotica which means it is not for anyone under 18 It s only 37 pages long so it is a very fast read I would say this is something you would want to read to just put you in the mood for other pleasures It is extremely well written and very hard to put down Natalie is a lawyer who has accepted this blind date set up for her by her friend TJ in response to Natalie having done the same thing for TJ It worked out so well for TJ that she wanted to give Natalie a chance to experience the same bliss that she had felt What TJ didn t know was that this night of fantasy was going to truly be something Natalie fantasized and had previously though was impossible Natalie wanted to be with two men instead of one, so she had to change the date after TJ set it up and without her knowledge in order to fulfill her fantasy You see, Natalie really expected this to be a one night stand and would never feel compelled to see the men again What she didn t expect was that the duo she faced would be able to give her pleasure than she had ever experienced They were so good that she had no desire for this to ever end I am not going to spoil the ending for you, but I will say I thoroughly enjoyed this story even though I have no such fantasy as Natalie did.Read reviews at Identity Discovery Blog.