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Oh, Anna Godbersen I ve got such a literary crush on you The cynic inside me always anticipates being disappointed, but it never is Every one of these books has impressed me They might be a guilty pleasure, but they are stunning, beautiful, well written and well thought out creations that make it impossible to feel guilty over loving And love it I did In fact, I miss it already This was a beautiful read Godbersen is a master of language and moments She has a way of spinning words together in such a way that you fall into this sort of dreamlike trance where the real world gets hazy and you find yourself right there with all these characters in the gilded world of the Roaring 20s And I loved every minute.The thing about Godbersen is she knows how to give unpredictable twists without them feeling unnatural There were things towards the end where I was like, Oh, yeah, duh I totally saw that coming But I didn t In fact, I think I was annoyed that, as the writer in me followed along, I didn t think of it playing out that way So it wasn t predictable, justbelievable Oh, and beautiful So very pretty.The thing is, quite honestly, if she was a bad writer, I would hate these books like I hate this copycat Because, let s face it, this is melodramatic melodrama There is kissing, boozing, cheating, murder And it s kind of jolting to remember that all this juicy drama happened in one summer You re lazily flouncing along when someone suddenly says I m 18 or It s the end of one summer And then you realize, oh yeah, all this crazy, crazy stuff happened to people barely adults in three short months For a realist like me, that s a fact that s hard to stomach I mean, 18 year olds shouldn t be married, shouldn t be screwing around with married men, shouldn t be deciding who they ll soar off into the sunset with But, quite luckily, Godbersen isn t a bad writer Au contraire She is definitely one of the most talented YA writers I ve ever read, andfor all the frilly silliness, I love everything she writes Especially this.After a sumptuous debut with The Luxe, she has found her footing and finalized her voice This was the perfect combination of witty melodrama and soft moments of sins and sinners with heart and honesty of sweet kisses and steamy mistakes of final decisions and second chances More importantly, this was the perfect final installment of bitter and sweet Yes, someone dies Someone s married Someone s famous And the epilogue could be one of my favorites ever Somehow, Godbersen makes this tragic, gilded tale a dreamy one And then you find yourself lethargic and thoughtful, still sitting, still holding the book open, just staring into space and thinking about it, gauging your feelings until you wish there was just one page.At least that s what I did And then I started over and read all my favorite bits again Because that s what Godbersen does she makes me forget reality to slip into a world I never want to leave and never really can It might sound melodramatic, but it s a dreamy place the pages of any Godbersen novel This series is one of my favorites, and this book is the best of them So read it but start from the beginning It s a very good place to start Read at my blog www.by its cover.blogspot.com SPOILERS This one stumps me Letty is still the most annoying and naive of the bunch She really was my least favorite How many times can that girl possibly fall for the wrong man She is such a dunce Also, not impressed with how she just ran out and left Good Egg like that Wtf Who runs away to Chicago with some dude and never even thinks once about their loyal greyhound Letty Is Annoying.Astrid Astrid was alright I didn t buy into how she fell in love with Victor and so easily gave up money and a lavish lifestyle Lavish and spoiled and materialistic IS Astrid But no, a lowly FED turns her heart around So they run away to Paris , and to get by, Victor is a pickpocket and she cleans laundry Lmfao Yeah sure Awesome This brings me to Cordelia Cordelia was my favorite in the beginning Up until the second book and she changed her affections from Thom to Max I was never a Max fan and I just couldn t bring myself to understand why she was I just feel like Anna Godbersen changed Cordelia s character a lot through the course of the books and I didn t much care for who she was at the end of this book Also, the cheap ending of Cordelia dying or disappearing Into the Ocean with Max as he attempts to fly to Paris from New York Didn t even shed a tear I was hoping she would come to her senses and go back to Thom I was sadly disappointed.So what did I think instantly upon conclusion of this book What happened to Good Egg that she ended up with Cordelia s poor Ohio husband Really I can t even Miss Godbersen did this to me with the Luxe series She totally blows me away with the first book in the series, then by the second and third , I m left feeling bummed and like wtf just happened Disappointing. Bullet Review FANTASTIC ending Conclusion had me all misty eyed Cheesy as hell but it s exactly what the doctor ordered.Full review Much has changed since Cordelia and Letty high tailed it out of Union for the lights and glitter of New York City Cordelia is running her own speakeasy, managing the bootlegging business with her brother, Charlie Astrid has married Charlie and left behind her carefree life of a single girl Meanwhile, Letty is ready for stardom and has come under the wing of Valentine O Dell and his wife, two of the biggest names in the movie biz.But all that is going to change, because life in the bootlegging business is never easy Cordelia continues to be torn between stiff pilot, Max Darby, and bootlegger rival, Thom Hale Astrid is beginning to see that Charlie isn t all that he s cracked up to be And poor dear sweet Letty begins to see what happens behind the scenes.This is the final book in the Bright Young Things trilogy, and it was a whirlwind of trashy goodness This will never be a Man Booker Prize or anything, but it is FUN And sometimes, at the end of the day, you just want to be entertained by a trio of girls gallivanting through 20 s New York, dodging bullets and chasing beaus.My previous reviews pretty much are on point for this one as well Big things change in this book relationships change, characters grow, the world evolves It s all done very well, very realistically as realistically as you want in a book like this, I should say I love how the author avoids making any one person really bad There are shades of grey I love how the topic of race is discussed while I hate romantic triangles, I actually loved how all these girls had than one interest, kissed and enjoyed it than one boy.But really made this book great was that epilogue Without getting TOO awful spoilery, it perfectly ties in to the first book, in a way that was sweet and yet bitter at the same time I d be lying if I said I had no tears in my eyes when I finished it You find out who dies, who is married, and who is famous and you may be a bit surprised to see who it is Godbersen did a fantastic job with this series I definitely recommend for 20 s enthusiasts.Dialogue Sexual Situations Violence Language is mild.No explicit sex scenes, though there is at least one allusion Also, characters dally with adultery.There is a bit of violence people get shot, and one person does die. For most of this book, I went back and forth with my feelings I couldn t believe this was the finale, because it just felt like another installment and the Luxe had been four books, so I just expected it to be the same here It also didn t feel as exciting or compelling as the other two, until the end I have to say, the end got rid of all of my bad feelings and the book was just as magical, probably , than the others Anna Godbersen is an amazing writer One of my all time favorites Her descriptions are enchanting, and you really felt like you were at these fabulous events having the time of your life with your best friends She s a great at descriptions, and especially good at tragedy view spoiler The epilogue I don t know how to talk about it without crying It was such a spectacular ending, and totally out of the blue Cordelia and Max s fate was heartbreaking, but I wouldn t change it She and Max had an epic romance that wouldn t really have fit in an everyday setting, do you know what I mean As much as they were in love, I can t imagine them walking to the store together and picking up the kids from school The fact that John came back in the epilogue totally broke my heart even though, just stabbed a few needles in because I d totally forgotten about him Almost like Cordelia had And although Thom wasn t who I wanted Cordelia to end up, his love for her was so honest it made me just as upset as everything else did hide spoiler I DON T THINK I EVER CRIED SO HARD AT THE ENDING OF A BOOK BEFORE 5 WONDERFULLY TERRIBLY AMAZING STARS Okay, so I absolutely adored The Luxe quartetso I was very excited to read The Bright Young Things trilogy Although I feel overall I enjoyed The Luxe , I liked the final installment of Bright Young Things than I did of the last book of The Luxe which is Splendor SO, in this novel, so much happens Letty is taken in by Valentine O Dell and Sophia Ray which obviously means a lot is going to happen to her career wise Astrid and Charlie are married now, so obviously there will be some sappy romance but some lover s quarrel And Cordelia and Max s relationship progresses.The character s made some of their final biggest mistakes in this novel, and finally find out who they are and what they want Astrid s biggest problem is her marriage with Charlie, for the most part Bootlegging is a dirty business, and we get into it a lot with this book Astrid, being Charlie s wife, personally experiences some pretty horrible things, and seeing her husband performing these horrible things through his job is hard to watch Along with that, Astrid s feelings for Charlie may not reign eternal YOU GET A TASTE AT A LOVE TRIANGLEYAY So Cordelia s life is pretty good She owns a speakeasy, and she and Max Darby are in an official relationship Max s race becomes a big issue in the novel, so it was very exciting to experience all of they went through as an interracial couple Cordelia and Max s relationship and struggles were my favorite part of the whole novel And finally let s talk about our own little Letty Larkspur Letty, although I love her, is probably my least favorite character Possibly because of her extreme naivet , but I mean it s understandable She s the most innocent of the three best friends, and she makes some pretty blind mistakes.Living with Valentine and Sophia lead to some obvious drama, but to some obvious benefits as well Letty has an increased chance of fame, and mentors to help her learn the ropes of everything I don t know about you guys, but I m a big supporter of Letty and Grady s relationship Since it TRAGICALLY ended in the last novel, we do get of thembut Letty actually gains another love interestYou ll just have to READ THIS TERRIFIC NOVEL to learn of this mystery love interest, and the romantic GradyThe Lucky Ones endlessly consists of sweet kisses, a kick ass bootlegging scene, planes, alcohol, and everything else you could possibly want By far, the best part of this book for me, was the epilogue I m not going to say why, but one of the reasons why I sincerely ADORE Anna Godbersen s books is because of her amazing tendency to end the books without a happily ever after for all the characters.I was perfectly content with the ending, even though some weren t It was one of those endings you still think of for weeks after you finished the book I 110% recommend this novel I can t wait till this book comes out I just finished beatiful days and it was really good Ahh the one bad thing I hate about starting a new series is that just came out is that I have to wait for the other books to come out |READ DOWNLOAD ♉ The Lucky Ones ♳ Best EPub, The Lucky Ones Author Anna Godbersen This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book The Lucky Ones, Essay By Anna Godbersen Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You WHY DO THEY KEEP CHANGING THE DATE UGH SOOOOOO GOOOD I HATE THAT IT S OVER No Bright Young Things I was glued to this book as much as I could be with my busy life right now I read it pretty quickly and didnt want to put it down I dont want to give anything away If you haven t read this trilogy Give it a try I think you will be pleasantly suprised. Anna Godbersen is one of my favorite authors of all time, so I will faithfully devour anything she puts out Anna continues to immerse us in her beautiful writing and transport us back to the 1920s with her imagery The plot and characters are just as strong as they were in the beginning of the series, but there is a note of caution that was absent from the earlier novels now that the girls have all lived through some very horrific tragedies One of the things I love about Anna s characters is that they are always relatively independent given the worlds they live in They are brave and unafraid to take risks Cordelia, Letty, Astrid, Billy are all quite daring given that they lived in the 1920s In Astrid s case, however, I think her risk taking behavior was largely due to her youthful naivety and belief that nothing truly bad would become of her actions Unfortunately for her, she had to learn the hard way that actions do have consequences that no one can escape Unlike Astrid, Letty Cordelia were both lucky and truly brave It took a lot of courage to leave their small town and travel to such a big city They were still naive I don t think they quite grasped how difficult it would be to become successful in NYC, but it certainty takes guts to leave everything you ve ever known behind and start all over With a lot of determination and a bit of luck, they were able to make their dreams come true and I loved watching them strive to achieve their goal.From the prologue of Bright Young Things, we know that one of the girls will be famous, one of the girls will be married, and one will be dead At the beginning of the story, however, two are quite famous and two are married This makes it really difficult to figure out who will die, as each girl tends to be placed in bad situations and all three are exposed to the seedy bootlegging world that existed during prohibition The outcome of each girl s fate was a bit surprising, as was how it happened I have to say I was expecting a bit of a dramatic outcome, but it was lovely and sad at the same time Anna Godbersen continues to deliver beautiful riveting stories with The Lucky Ones She has a unique ability to sweep you up in her novels and endear her characters to you I so enjoyed reading The Lucky Ones and I have to say that the wait for Anna s next novel will be excruciating as always. I really like Godbersen s stories Her writing is very vivid, although I do think the way the characters speak is modernized a bit, but really thats ok So, as promised one is famous, one married and one dead Or is she I say no, but Anyways, I expected what would happen to each girl from the midway of the first book, in respect to which of the three options would befall Cordellia and Astrid I kinda went back and forth on which would die and which marry I did not expect all the twists and turns, however That epilogue too man talk about waking from a dream.