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Kept me engrossed start to finish Have to say though, I think the main character had gadgets than James Bond Brilliant Another new author to add to my ever expanding list I finished this book in a matter of hours I couldn t put it down, I just had to know what came next I m not a big fan of mystery thrillers, but I enjoyed this one So much so I had write a review on it The Killing House is filled with unforgettable characters and lots of twists. Malcolm Fletcher is a sort of anti hero He is ruthless in his ways, seems to feel little remorse But he works all out to help the underdog and punish those he deems guilty.It will be interesting to see how his character develops, if he becomes a true vigilante. Loved this book I have read all the Darby McCormick set so far and I recall the lead in this book Malcolm Fletcher being in the first of that set, I think I thought then that we needed to see Darby work with him again but then we heard no of him till this book.It was fast paced and very twisty and you never saw a lot of it coming I had to laugh at one of the character s surnames Clouzot All I could think of was Peter Sellers and Inspector Clousseau Malcolm Fletcher is a very resourceful guy and plenty of times I was shocked silly at how he managed to get himself of predicaments My only gripes were a few repeated phrases such as rooting around and him using a monocular There was some question marks dumped in when he mentioned temperatures and I m guessing it s a formatting thing don t you just love e books sometimes Let s hope this will be a series now and it would be nice to see him and Darby work together again too. The Killing House Chris Mooney This book by Chris Mooney is the first in a new series The main character is a freelance investigator by the name of Malcolm Fletcher Now here s the twist in this tale Fletcher is an ex FBI profiler wanted for the killing of 3 FBI agents dispatched to kill him by the FBI s director He works, clandestinely, for a high profile private investigator, who specializes in recovering disappeared children their parents Being on the FBI s most wanted list, Fletcher always has one eye over his shoulder It seems that every character in this narrative is scarred either physically or psychologically, often both it s a real freak show The action is non stop the body count prodigious I was given this book by a friend quite by coincidence, i have the first in Moony s other series, so no doubt i will get round to reading that, in due course I recommend this novel by Chris Mooney whole heartedly I give it 4 out of 5 stars look forward to the next offering in this new series. I am so surprised by all of the positive reviews for this book I found it slow paced and very dry to read Once I was about halfway through the book I started skim reading and it truly didn t seem to make a difference in how the plot furthered meaning there was way too many insignificant details, descriptions, dialogue and scenes overall and did not hold my attention I am one of those people that have to finish a book once it s started, but I had such a hard time with this one I just found it way too over the top and I had a hard time truly connecting with any of the characters This book was definitely not what I expected. If I could, I would give it far stars I am a Chris Mooney fan, and I did wait with bated breath for this to be released.I didn t realise I wouldn t be able to put it down until it was finished.Absolutely brilliant book This is the first time I read for Chris Mooney and I m in love The Killing House is a very gripping story and there is no dull moment at all The moment you start reading, you ll find it difficult to put down The events and the characters are very interesting and I m glad our hero, Malcolm Fletcher, will have other cases to solve He is such a well written character and I find him extremely likable.This is a highly recommended novel if you re into thrillers but hate the fillers The story progress isn t slow and there is nothing I would have skipped. ^Read Book ↳ The Killing House (Malcolm Fletcher, #1) ⇗ Rule Don T ScreamFour Years Ago, Theresa Herrera S Ten Year Old Son Rico Was Abducted The Police Found Little Evidence And The Case Went Cold Theresa S Husband Has Told Her To Move On, But She Won T Give Up HopeRule Don T Call The PoliceToday A Mysterious Woman Invaded Theresa S Home And Told Her That Rico Is Alive Theresa Talks On The Phone To A Young Man Who Is, Without Question, Her SonRule Don T Run Don T FightThe Woman Promises To Reunite Theresa With Rico Only If She Will Follow The Rules But It Is The Last Rule That Fills Theresa With HorrorRule Kill Your Husband And Your Son Will LiveMalcolm Fletcher A Former FBI Profiler And Now The Nation S Most Wanted Fugitive Arrives In Colorado To Help Theresa And Her Husband Find Their Son But His Arrival Coincides With A Dangerous And Shocking Twist In The CaseBarely Surviving His First Encounter With A Suspect, Fletcher Embarks On His Own Secret Investigation, With The Police Just Behind Him Every Step Of The Way