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( Read Epub ) ⚶ Zak Corbin: Master of Machines ⚢ All Young Zak Corbin Wants Is A Robot In A Time When Nearly Everyone Has One But There Is Great Fear Of The Corbin Name Doctor Elias Corbin Was Regarded As A Famous Builder Of Robots Until He Unleashed An Attack On A Military Factory Branded A Madman And A Traitor, Zak S Uncle Was Sentenced To Spend The Rest Of His Days On Penitentiary Island When Fifteen Year Old Zak Tries To Build A Robot Of His Own, Mostly To Get The Attention Of Pretty Sopho Lisabeth Ryan, It Leads To An Adventure Of Gigantic Proportions Zak Builds One Of His Uncle S Banned Robots, Which He Dubs Pogo, And He Quickly Discovers The Machine Goes Far Beyond What Ordinary Robots Can Do But When Zak Wishes He Could Set His Uncle Free, Pogo Breaks Doctor Corbin Out Of Prison, Leading To A Confrontation With A Secret Weapon A Terrifying Giant War Machine Set In A Retro Futuristic Era, Zak Corbin Master Of Machines Is A Tale Of Family Loyalty, Pursuing The Things You Love, And Being Careful About What You Wish For Around A Robot A Breakthrough Novel Contest Semi Finalist A brilliant adventure for kids and adults alike. It was an entertaining read myy children and I love the adventure and comedy throughout the story line. I finished Zak Corbin, Master of Machines this morning This afternoon, I was tasked with taking several boxes of donations to Goodwill that my wife and I put together Inside was a toaster oven, an old VCR, and a metal floor lamp The first thought that came to my mind was what is my wife thinking We could build a perfectly good robot with this stuff I really enjoyed this novel by Tony Russo From the very beginning of the book I sensed that I was in the very capable hands of a master of the science fiction genre The book is fast paced, full of great action, and interesting characters There are many great themes in the book for young readers, such as the importance of human life, following your dreams despite the obstacles, the importance of family loyalty, and discovering love based on mutual respect for a person s talents and abilities This is a great way to get younger readers interested in the science fiction genre I put the book on my son s shelf Just don t be surprised if metal things start going missing around the house when your kids start reading this book. I love finding new books that my kids will love, and sometimes you have to sift through quite a few before you find one that really captures your child s interests This was one of those books that my eight year old daughter just loved and my twelve year old son as well It left me with a little bit of a wait to get my hands on it It was great to think that she was sleeping one night only to find her flashlight on, covers over her head, and too busy reading to notice that I had walked in But, I agree with my kids this book has a lot of different aspects that separate it from some I loved how the story begins in futuristic 1940 with a misunderstood mad scientist, Doctor Corbin, to fifteen years later with his nephew, Zak Corbin wanting to discover everything he can about this uncle who is in prison for the robots he created Zak s fascination with robots and his uncle s past bring him to create a banned robot, and Zak doesn t quite realize what he is getting himself into I received Zak Corbiin Master of Machines as part of the Goodreads First Reads program.