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Johnnie Moore, author, speaker and Vice President of Liberty University, the alma mater of this reviewer, has entered the recent deluge of books on the market recently on describing Jesus in everyday life terms with his book Dirty Jesus Written in a style very reminiscent of books such as Not a Fan by Kyle Idleman, Moore takes a slightly less academic and or theological approach in his work instead choosing to portray Jesus as the God who was not afraid to mix it up or to associate with the common man Moore spends a great deal of time using a variety of word pictures and descriptions to make a point that quite honestly could have been made in a single chapter, namely God demonstrated His grace toward us by sending Jesus to live the life of a human and to be the sacrifice for our sins.By using phrases such as Jesus didn t float down to planet earth like a deflating balloon He dropped down like an atom bomb, and his very presence was a provocation, Moore depicts Jesus as your blue collar type itinerant preacher who had dirty fingernails, spent a great deal of time outside the major metropolitan areas and who was not afraid, when needed, to be a revolutionary To a large degree this description is very apt and is worthy of consideration Jesus certainly was born to very humble beginnings, grew up in a small town that would likely be considered as that place on the wrong side of the tracks in modern parlance, and he spenttime around the outcast and common folk than he did with the upper crust of first century Jewish society To describe Jesus as the dirty God, certainly contains no sense of disrespect for Jesus nor for what he did in his thirty some odd years on earth.With that said, Moore seemed to overlook other aspects of the way Jesus interacted with people while on earth as well as some important elements of Christ s overall mission Perhaps in his effort to portray Jesus through a variety of word pictures and phrases as the champion of the common man and the giver of grace, his word choices and approach to the overall subject of grace seems to be a bit too simplistic and seems to avoid the deeper theological nuances of grace in favor of a seeker sensitive friendly approach to the topic That does not mean this book has no theological value or that Moore fails to address the topic of grace with any degree of purpose or facticity What it does mean is in comparison to other books available on the subject of grace, this book would not be my first recommendation I would point someone to Philip Yancey s What s So Amazing About Grace as a starting point for someone wanting an accessible yet theological approach to the subject of grace and how Christ demonstrated grace Moore s effort is valiant yet it left this reader wanting a bitthan clever phrases and stories.So in the end, Dirty God is worth the read yet comes up a tad short With that said, I would recommend it but it would not be the first book on the subject of grace I would have on my recommended reading list It is just one of those books that you get the sense of the entirety of the book after reading the first chapter To that end, it left me wantingand being disappointed to some degree I did not receiveonce I got to the end. Want to be Christian, Read this book.Already a Christian, Read this book.In any case, buckle up and get ready to impact your community through Work and Love DOWNLOAD E-PUB ☪ Dirty God ♓ In Dirty God Jesus In The Trenches, Johnnie Moore Draws On Both Scripture And His Extensive Experience With Other Cultures And Religions To Show How The God Of The Bible Is Unique In His Willingness To Be Near Us In All Of Our Messiness Moore Outlines The Central Importance Of The Doctrine Of Grace While Introducing Readers To A Humble And Human Jesus Who Reaches Out To Us At Our Worst And Pulls Us Up To Our BestGrace, Moore Argues, Is Something That Is Both Gotten And Given, And The Two Part Structure Of The Book Allows Readers To Explore Both Of These Dynamics By Offering Hope Rather Than Condemnation And Showing The Practical Applications Of Grace In Today S World, Dirty God Will Appeal To Both The Committed Christian And The Spiritual Seeker Looking For A Authentic Faith Challenging And Engaging, Dirty God Is Sure To Establish Johnnie Moore As An Emerging Voice For Millennial And Gen X Evangelicals For Years To Come Convicting, powerful and moving It s time for us me To do something To be the Church To be Grace To be the hands and feet of Jesus This book really motivates you to do that. This is a book that calls us to action as Christians. I This is the first I ve read of Pastor Johnnie Moore s writings, it definitely won t be the last The writing is brilliant The message is a powerful, one from God s heart to ours I m not sure I expected the book to be on grace, and it was muchthan that, because it draws you to Jesus where you find yourself receiving grace, understanding where you stand before Him, and then you find grace poured outgrace just happens when you meet Jesus We get preached TOO much to these days that faith is by grace alone and not works, and the fact that we WILL BE JUDGED by our works 2 Corinthians 5 10, Matthew 16 27 gets tossed out the proverbial windowdon t quite agree We can look no further than Jesus parable of The Sheep and the Goats We cannot let our faith be deceived, and Pastor Johnnie Moore wants to help us find freedom in Grace The most compelling part of the message is that it s not something you acquire, it s something God givesand grace just happens When you TRULY understand what Christ has done for you, grace pours out, you don t have to continually work to receive it Jesus is grace, if you have Him, He s all you need to live the life He s called you to.Through this message we find that sometimes our worship can get in the way of walking out our faith It s vital that we understand that Christ lives IN us as believers If that is so, wouldn t the world be a completely different place Through Dirty God, you ll be convicted, compelled, and comforted in knowing that you don t need to take this journey of life and faith alone, Jesus is with you each step of the way in fact, He wants to lead and guide you as you take the journey with Him And it s apparent that Pastor Johnnie Moore spends an enormous amount of time at the throne of Gracehe s qualified AND called.I ve read some reviews criticizing Pastor Moore s new generation language And FYI, I m 40, so I m old I truly feel as though it s undue and unjustified criticism The communication through the book was powerful, to say the least We must all admit that communication is changingand it is VITAL that we are able to communicate to newer generations that don t speak the same language as was spoken 50 to 100 to 1000 years ago And we are no less holy because we don t use thee and thouholiness isn t based on our technique, but on our ability to allow Jesus to live in and through us To not adapt to the new generations would becostly than we could all imagine And quite frankly, Jesus didn t communicate in his teachings in ways that the Pharisees understood In Matthew 13 10 13, we find the Disciples questioning, and almost criticizing, why Jesus is speaking in a way that the Pharisees can t understand, and Jesus explains His ways So, it seems evident that different communication is needed for different people Pastor Moore understands the critical factor involved in raising up the next generations and he speaks in a way that they HEAR AND UNDERSTAND Truly the Spirit is at work in and through him.This book is for EVERY Christian If you re a NEW Christian, this book needs to be one of the first you read If you re a matured Christian, you need this book to renew your Spirit As a note, I have notified the publisher that there are some problems with the Kindle ebook version There are sentences, maybe even paragraphs that are missing, stopping mid sentence etc Particularly in the first half of the ebook Although it does not take away from the message, I was discouraged that I didn t get to read what may have been written Disclosure of Material Connection I received this book free from the publisher through the book review bloggers program I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 255 Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising. Good words on receiving grace and a passionate call for bestowing that grace to others. I m imagining a generation of Christians whoa re kind and benevolent, generous and gracious, who strengthens others by simply coming into contact with tbem, and who turn the suffering world into a gentler, kinder place Wonderful read about the Grace of God and extending that Grace to those around us even if they seem undeserving as Jesus extended that Grace to us. Love this author Poignant personal stories from his life.