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`Read Book õ Casting Norma Jeane Ç She Started Out With Less Than Any Girl I Ever Knew So Recalled Modeling Agent Emmeline Snively Of Her Client Norma Jeane Dougherty At The Age Of But She Worked The Hardest She Wanted To Learn She Wanted To BE SOMEBODY Than Anybody I Ever Saw Before In My Life And She Became Marilyn Monroe That Is, In The Eyes Of All But A Select Few Insiders Who Like Miss Snively Saw That The Greatest Sex Symbol Of All Time Was A Pure Fabrication An Exquisitely Crafted Act A Dazzling Illusion Who Disappeared As Soon As The Makeup Came Off At Night Through Those Insiders Eyes CASTING NORMA JEANE Now Recaptures The Late Summer Of As A Restless Model And Starlet Described As Pretty But Plain Steps Into A Role That Will Make Her The Most Photographed, Most Talked About, And Most Written About Woman Of The Th Century This is a concise accounting of Marilyn s beginnings It s an interesting part of the legend s life Unfortunately, it seemed like Marilyn became a bit player in her own life story when almost half of the short book s attention was shifted to a rather extensive retelling of her mother s life In these passages, Marilyn Norma Jean even isn t mentioned If anything, this made me want to go out and find a extensive biography. She started out with less than any girl I ever knew So recalled modeling agent Emmeline Snively of her client Norma Jeane Dougherty at the age of 19 But she worked the hardest She wanted to learn She wanted to BE SOMEBODY than anybody I ever saw before in my life And she became Marilyn Monroe That is, in the eyes of all but a select few insiders who like Miss Snively saw that the greatest sex symbol of all time was a pure fabrication An exquisitely crafted act A dazzling illusion who disappeared as soon as the makeup came off at night Through those insiders eyes CASTING NORMA JEANE now recaptures the late summer of 1946 as a restless model and starlet described as pretty but plain steps into a role that will make her the most photographed, most talked about, and most written about woman of the 20th century There have been many many many.books about Marilyn Monroe There has been almost none about Norma Jeane Dougherty until the recent publication of the unforgetable CASTING NORMA JEAN by James Glaig.Mr Glaig, unlike most Monroe biographers actually was therea friend of those who Norma Jean leaned on before Hollywood cast her as their own product The book is written in a very accessible manner, almost novel like in nature, as we are transported to the year 1946 and the birth of the making of an icon Most biographies of Marilyn Monroe focused on her well known troubles, marriages and Hollywood gossip Mr Glaeg s effort is so very successful because it focuses on the real Norma Jean..the real Marilyn One truly gets a close up perspective of Marilyn Monroe, her truly troubled childhood, those.unknown until now..who played such key parts in Norma Jean becoming Marilyn.This is a very affecting story, in that it is true We are told of the mental breakdown of Norma Jean s Mother Gladys, the powerful effect the words of her mother s best friend Grace..who told the motherless girl, now in her care that someday you will be a movie star had on Marilyn This is not a book for those who want name dropping..this is a book for those who truly want to know about the most famous actress of the 20th Century before she married a famed playwright and a baseball hero Berniece Miracle, Ben Lyon, Jim Dougherty and Aunt Grace may not have the same name cache of The Yankee Clipper Joe D., Arthur Miller, JFK, Sinatra and others who play so prominent a part in other biographies Yet these are the folks who made possible all those future biographies and thankfully we now get a chance to meet them in CASTING NORMA JEAN I have such a new perspective on Marilyn Monroe after reading this superb book She comes alive in these pages, thanks to Mr Glaeg s razor writing skills One truly thinks of Marilyn as Norma Jean her name change is explained and it is quite facinating in this book There is a closeness to Norma Jean that permeates the book and draws the reader in One feels as if one is almost a part of her protective circle as we watch her progress during this most important year of her life An amazing Hollywood story witten in a amazingly un Hollywood stylehonestly.A JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB MUST READRICK FRIEDMANFOUNDERTHE JAMES MASON COMMUNITY BOOK CLUB Since I was a little girl, I have always been a fan of Marilyn Monroe I find her to be majestic and fascinating In this book, I was introduced to Norma Jeane before she became an star, and to those closest to her The book reads like a novel and paints a very imaginable picture of that period of time and the location of Hollywood I have always imagined the sacrifices that it must have taken to achieve her level of status, it appears that there were many sacrifices throughout her entire life I found her upbringing to be despairing but yet, I can relate to how this contributed to her desires to be loved and admired I really enjoyed this book and the look into this period of time in Marilyn s Norma Jeane s life I was so very excited to receive this book for free through Goodreads First Reads program, I feel honored to give a review. This book focuses on 1946, the year when 20 year old Norma Jeane Dougherty became Marilyn Monroe The author met Sam and Enid Knebelcamp, part of her extended family, in 1958 The book is based on his recollections of this encounter and others connected to Marilyn, as well as his own research It reads like a novel, but unlike so many books about Monroe alas , it s true to fact Casting Norma Jeane illuminates that extraordinary period of transformation, and the many players involved, although the young woman at the centre remains somewhat elusive So no earth shattering revelations here I m afraid, but a nice read available in paperback and on Kindle.