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Focused on the Irish uprising during the period The characters are surprisingly well thought out and sympathetic Both sides had good and bad folk and Bond describes all in an effective way. Started slow, then picked up quickly at the end Fun read. This is the fifth in Alaric Bond s Fighting Sails series of novels based on the British Royal Navy during the Napoleonic period.This book is based on the Irish Revolution of 1798 and the French attempt to land troops to assist the Irish revolutionaries to take Ireland from the British As usual, Bond s descriptions of naval battles and life at sea are extremely well written and full of realism Lt Tom King features in this book, which places him aboard HMS Scylla, a fifth rate frigate commanded by Sir Richard Banks, who also commanded HMS Pandora in previous books Other characters, including the Irishman Crowley, Midshipman Barrow and Boatswain s Mate Johnston all play a role in this exciting and thrilling book.As is the case with Bond s other books, not all characters come through alive Tragedy and horror accompany heroism and victory in this book as was true of real life in naval battles of the time. This is the fifth book in Alaric Bond s Fighting Sail series, all of which I reviewed on my old blog.The story, like all of Bond s novels in this series, has a unique flavor and setting compared to so many others in this genre The backdrop of The Patriot s Fate is the Irish uprising of 1798, with the climactic action taking place during the Battle of Tory Island Being someone who is interested in Irish history, considering my own heritage, I particularly looked forward to this volume in the series.As usual in Bond s stories, we meet new characters and embrace familiar, old ones He cleverly places one of his Irish characters upon the French ship Hoche, so the reader experiences action from both the Irish and the British sides throughout the narrative.Also like Bond s other books, The Patriot s Fate moves smoothly along at a pleasant pace, and the final battle plays out over the last quarter of the story, keeping readers who prefer a good sea battle happy and satisfied I read the e book version of the novel, and if I have one complaint, it is in the number of typos throughout the text While I have certainly read e books withsuch errors, running into them always jars me out of the story, and thus annoys me. ( Download Book ) ☪ The Patriots Fate (Fighting Sail, #5) ♬ In His New Novel, The Patriot S Fate, Alaric Bond Joins The Ranks Of Well Known Age Of Sail Authors CS Forester And Patrick O Brian In His Skillful Combining Of Historical Fact With Compelling Fiction To Produce Another Gripping Novel In His Fighting Sail SeriesIt IsAnd Ireland Rises Up Against Years Of Repression And Injustice Rebels, Supported By A Mighty French Invasion Fleet, Prepare To Claim Their Land But Find Themselves Countered By A Powerful British Battle Squadron Two Friends And Former Allies, Separated By Chance And Circumstance, Witness Developments From Opposing Sides While Storms, Political Intrigue And Personal Dynamics Abound In The Patriot S Fate Bond Maintains A Relentless Pace That Climaxes In Thrilling Naval Action And Noble Sacrifice