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!READ DOWNLOAD ♜ Reigen - Zehn Dialogue ⚇ Arthur Schnitzler, Translated By Eric Bentley Full Length, ComedyCharactersMale,FemaleBy The Author Of The Classic Romantic Romp The Loves Of Anatol, Schnitzler S Popular Roundelay Of Love In Old Vienna Is Told In Ten Interwoven Scenes Two Characters Appear In Each And One Of These Moves Into The Next The Soldier Of The First Scene Leaves A Prostitute To Appear In The Next Scene With A Parlor Maid The Maid Then Departs To Be With Her Wealthy Employer He, In Turn, Receives His Mistress, A Certain Married Lady The Next Scene Is Reveals The Married Lady And Her Husband And Then The Husband Meets A Street Girl At A Private Cafe This Girl And Her Poet Lover, The Poet And The Actress, The Actress And The Count, And Finally The Count And The Prostitute Bring The Evening Full Circle Potentially very interesting, but a lot of the impact will really depend on the actors and actresses involved There s loads left to the imagination when it comes to character interaction, so it could be either a disaster or really good It s definitely easy to understand why this play caused such a scandal. very interesting if just for that It s just that I felt the text was rather plain, and that made itboring to read than it would be to watch.ETA On reread this made a lotsense to me, especially the relationships between the characters and the way they were treated according to the social hierachy Very interesting. Da sinopse Desde 1905 que circulavam rus em Viena sobre uma obra licenciosa que Arthur Schnitzler teria escrito Era A Ronda, que nenhum teatro se atreveu a encenar e come ou por ser divulgada em edi o de autor Foi preciso esperar por 1921, depois do colapso do Imp rio Austro H ngaro, para que a pe a pudesse ser representada em Viena, causando grande esc ndalo Percebo as comich es dos vienenses pois esta pe a uma pouca vergonha Dez casais, em dez di logos, que se encontram apenas pelo desejo e a sua satisfa o, sem essas chatices do amor Algumas das mulheres ainda pecam perguntando amas me , mas eles, depois de despachadinhos, v o andando ao encontro da pr xima senhora elas, sem dramas, aperaltam se e v o at ao quarto do cavalheiro que se segue Apesar de ser uma pe a atrevida, nada na linguagem expl cito tudo com muito respeitinho Diverti me muito a ler esta pe a e a seleccionar algumas imagens para colorir cada acto com uma ligeira indec ncia.I A GALD RIA E O SOLDADO Ernst Ludwig Kirchner II O SOLDADO E A CRIADAPatrick Procktor III A CRIADA E O JOVEM CAVALHEIROHenri de Toulouse Lautrec IV O JOVEM CAVALHEIRO E A JOVEM SENHORALucian Freud V A JOVEM SENHORA E O MARIDOFelix Vallotton VI O MARIDO E A DOCE DONZELAJan Steen VII A DOCE DONZELA E O POETATheodore Gericault VIII O POETA E A ACTRIZToyen IX A ACTRIZ E O CONDE Eric Fischl X O CONDE E A GALD RIAJack Vettriano 071216 now i want to again see the movie la ronde by max ophuls possibly because of him the director it is a very adult film, a mature, bittersweet meditation, a romance that is not a romance, a series of assignations revealing two sides of each of the ten characters as they hook up in fin de siecle, decadent, romantic vienna prostitute, soldier, housemaid, young gentleman, young woman, husband, sweet young thing, poet, actress, count each leading to the other then starting again the play is concise, engaging, comic, satiric excellent portrayal of entire society fast scenes of few pages each sketch clearly each character, each compromise, each deception, and maybe i am moved by thinking of how it might be updated for our 21st century world210419 recent litcrit read suggests perhaps i missed some modernist religious etc aspect of this story as denunciation of contemporaneous s that the linkage is not romance but in fact venereal disease Bin sehr gespannt auf diesen Reigen der L ste, ich werde mich sicher selbsterkennen, wie schon in anderen Werken von Schnitzler.Das Zeitalter Schnitzlers hat mich schon immer fasziniert Welche Menge ausserordentlicher K nstler, zu jener Zeit vorallem noch M nner, die meisten vollbarttragend, was sie aussehen l sst wie grobe Holzhacker, hat es hervorgebracht Zu Schnitzlers jahrgangsm ssig engeren Zeitgenossen geh rten Schnitzler 1862 1931 Freud 1856 1939Klimt 1862 1918Munch 1863 1944Cam Claudel 1864 1943 Vallotton 1865 1925Toul Lautrec 1864 1901Bonnard 1867 1947 Vallotton 1865 1925Schiele dann 23 Jahre sp ter Herm.Hesse 1877 1962R.M.Rilke 1875 1926Stefan Zweig 1881 1942und sicher noch viele mehr, die mir nicht so pr sent sind Welch ein Feuerwerk von Genialit t Fast m chte man sagen Nie kehrst du wieder goldne Zeit Vielleicht kennt ihr die letzte Wendung aus dem Studentenlied Oh wonnevolle Jugendzeit eines meiner Lieblingslieder aus der Studentenzeitmit Freuden ohne Ende Macht Lust auf Wien und auf Beischlaf. I think I have a new favorite play.I ve never seen a play this unique before La Ronde follows a free flowing narrative between multiple characters as they go out and have sex with their different partners It paints a very unique picture on sex, as if Schnitzler is saying that love is very untrustworthy That love is two sided and easy to change as time goes on And this infidelity isn t something that only streetwalkers and simple soldiers partake in, as the play introduces, but it carries on to the nobility, the wealthy, and the artists of the world It s a cynical approach, but it s so effortlessly and simply executed that the play is a truly seamless experience, flowing between one couple and another.Each couple is also incredibly fleshed out The fact that Schnitzler writes each character in two scenes, shows two sides to them they rehonest side or theirsecret side, but whether that side is truly honest or secret is blended into a faded grey for certain characters, like the Poet, who feigns pure romance between his partners.La Ronde is a truly unique and unforgettable play, and a definite must read if ever there was one And this is going high up as one of my favorite plays I ve read. . Arthur Schnitzler deemed his 1897 play La Ronde too raunchy and provocative for a public audience Understandable, seeing the year And only kept it for the eyes of friends when printed some three years later When it finally received its very first public viewing in Vienna some twenty years later it was shut down by the Austrian police and Schnitzler was prosecuted for obscenity There have been many productions of his play since, and in recent years even Nicole Kidman took to the stage in her birthday suit, leaving one critic to declare it pure theatrical viagra Unfortunately for me, I wasn t there, or any of the other productions had a chance to see it in London but turned down the offer At least I can say I read it.An example of the text, YOUNG WIFE But you re tearing everything YOUNG GENTLEMAN Don t you wear a corset YOUNG WIFE I never wear a corset Neither does Duse, inciden tally You can unbutton my boots The Young Gentleman unbuttons her boots, kisses her feet YOUNG WIFE slipping into the bed Oooh, I m cold.YOUNG GENTLEMAN It ll get warm.YOUNG WIFE laughing softly You think so YOUNG GENTLEMAN not liking this, to himself She shouldn t have said that He undresses in the dark YOUNG WIFE tenderly Come, come, come.YOUNG GENTLEMAN in a better mood at once At onceYOUNG WIFE It smells of violets here.YOUNG GENTLEMAN It s you yes close by heryou.YOUNG WIFE AlfredAlfred YOUNG GENTLEMAN Emma La Ronde is made up of ten interconnected scenes, each scene contains just two characters, which are, A Whore, a Soldier, A Parlour Maid, a Young Gentleman, a Young Wife, a Husband, a Miss, a Poet, an Actress, and a Count The moments featured are before or after a sexual encounter and By choosing characters across all levels of society, the play offers social commentary on how sexual contact transgresses through different individuals Besides being a literal symbolisation of the play s title, this roulette wheel offers an element of excitement to a piece that has lost some of its allure in this desensitised era, where sexual preferences and perversities are no longer the taboos they were at the turn of the twentieth century It certainly has lost the shock factor when you think of the world of today, and of the ten scenes only about four really stood out for me being excellent As far as I am concerned nothing beats the stage, reading a play just isn t the same as seeing it with your own eyes This was worth reading though, and reading plays is starting to grow on me This is the second piece of Schnitzler s work I have read and want to readI like him, just from this it s easy to see his talent as a dramatist. My reviewArthur Schnitzler s play La Ronde Reigen in German , written in 1897 but not performed until the winter of 1920 21, looks at a chain of ten sexual encounters While known by several names depending on the language of translation, the title, named after a circular dance, often goes by La Ronde since France was the one country Schnitzler allowed the play to be performed after the initial riots and complaints in Berlin and Vienna An English version, translated as Hands Around, can be found here no translator noted other than it was authorized In general each of the ten scenes focus on a pair of lovers, fades out for their sexual encounter, then returns for a post coital conversation Each character appears in consecutive scenes, except for the prostitute who starts and ends the play The scenes as listed using the linked translation s names are as follows 1 The Girl of the Streets Prostitute and the Soldier2 The Soldier and the Parlor Maid3 The Parlor Maid and the Young Man4 The Young Man and the Young Wife5 The Young Wife and the Husband6 The Husband and the Sweet Young Miss7 The Sweet Young Miss and the Poet8 The Poet and the Actress9 The Actress and the Count10 The Count and the Girl of the StreetsAs you would guess from such a topic and structure, Schnitzler was very open on sexuality despite the veiled language used at times The structure goes well beyond the alternating couples The one licit coupling appears at the center of the play between the wife and husband, but even that scene involves the exertion necessary in a marriage as opposed to the exertion needed for other things in addition to the baggage that is brought into a marriage In a sense, this is the most complicated pairing in the entire play.There are other devices used in the structure that adds to the play Generally there is a rise in class from scene to scene until we get to the count and a shift back to the lower class with the prostitute we have come full circle To complicate that pairing with her and the count, the sex happened the night before, or so she says the count can t remember Another part of the structure I found interesting was the transition between male dominance in the pairings early on that transitions to female dominance in the latter pairs Or maybe it would becorrect to say the female dominant sexual power is better disguised in the early pairings.The play is fun to read to see how each pairing unfolds It s clear both parties are willing participants early in each scene, the woman sometimes putting up the appearance of resistance for propriety s sake Her actions usually don t match her protestations, though The resistance ispronounced in the earlier scenes, less so in the latter ones There sto explore in the pairings, especially the similarity between scenes with the common character Often there is a hitch in the pairing, the funniest to me is the temporary impotence of the young man in Scene Four His discussion of Stendhal after the disappointment leads to a successful conclusion So to speak Highly recommended It would be easy to dismiss the play as simple fun that Schnitzler intended for his friends but the deceptions, andimportantly the self deceptions, lend themselves to deeper meaning The married couple provides the most philosophical pairing as the husband waxes eloquently on friendship, love and passion while the wife provides a wistful counterpoint, sardonic at times His simultaneous understanding and ignorance yields some of the funniest lines of the play The wife complicates things by bringing up past lovers while the husband does his best to evade the topic For all his bluster, the husband sums things up rather well Husband If we hadn t sometimes forgotten that we are in love with each other during the five years we have been married we might not be in love any longer.Young Wife That s beyond me.Husband The case is simply this We have had perhaps ten or twelve love affairs with each other in five years of marriage Doesn t it seems that way to you, too Young Wife I haven t counted them Husband If we had enjoyed the first one to the last drop, if I had from the very beginning surrendered without restraint to my passion for you, the same thing would have happened to us that has happened to millions of other lovers We would be tired of each other. Update I ve added some comments on the play in my post on Max Ophuls 1950 movie version of La Ronde.