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My review of A Needful Heart has to be taken within the context of I m not entirely sure how I came to read it A Needful Heart is a sweet, slightly angsty conventional, contemporary romance which is not a genre I generally care for As best as I can remember, somewhere along the line I got confused and thought I saw ANH on one of the Ex Con hero lists I was wrong and then I got it on sale and it made it s way to my to be read list and here we are So I m sure I d give it stars if it was a genre I was even remotely interested in.Our hero, Matt Calvin, 32 year old carpenter and child abuse survivor is scarred from his past He s not a virgin but he s never had an actual relationship with talking and feelings involved with a woman, either He believes he s flawed and unlovable and he s terrified that all the abuse he s suffered and seen combined with the intense anger that he feels makes him a liability He s afraid he s capable of losing his temper and becoming violent himself despite that he s never had a violent or abusive tendency to date But he s a big guy, and he glowers a lot and looks intimidating and people generally tend to give him wide berth he also has one seemingly tasteful tattoo so I don t know why it even gets mentioned, like it s some sort of thug stamp It s not even on his neck.Even though he knows he s not relationship material, that doesn t stop Matt from developing a massive crush on RN Gina Carruthers, or from deciding that he s finally going to try to talk to her after 4 years of surreptitiously ogling her from the waiting room when he takes his friend in for his monthly appointment at the clinic where Gina works Matt finally places himself directly in Gina s line of sight but unfortunately Gina is a little klutzy and her nose is buried in a chart and she plows right into him, swan dives back and breaks her wrist.Once Gina actually sees Matt, she SEES Matt a really nice, really hot, sweet, gentle and troubled guy Gina ia a great heroine she s strong, independent, stable and reasonably self assured She s attracted to Matt and she likes him and she makes the moves because she realizes hell would freeze over if she waited for him Then there s plenty of sexy times and I mean plenty.I mean these 2 have the energy of bunnies I wish I felt the chemistry although even not feeling it, I will say the sex scenes seemed to be FYI moderately explicit well done But just when Matt is realizing he may finally have his heart s desire and is figuring out how to wrap his head around that the angst starts It s not all the long or drawn out but circumstances arise which cause Matt to confront his past and really think about the kind of man he is There s a very nice, sweet HEA. Wowwhat a sweet book I do love a gentle giant and love to see him get a HEA.I felt so sorry for Matt and the life he grew up in I hated that he felt himself unworthy to be loved My heart was breaking for him Gina was awesome She was so strong and was just what Matt neededlove I was happy to see Gabe also got a happy ending and a new family Loved the epiloguethough, I would like to see them a few years down the road.I have enjoyed everything I ve read by this author so far I will definitely be reading. @READ DOWNLOAD ß A Needful Heart ⚪ Matt Calvin Has Watched Gina Sway Up And Down The Doctor S Office Hallway Once A Month For Four Long Years It S Time To Do Something About This Fascination He Has With Her He Knows He S Not Relationship Material, But He Doesn T Expect It To Get That Far He Just Wants To Talk To Her, And Put Himself Out Of His Misery Once And For All Things Never Go As Planned, Though, And When Fantasy Crashes And Burns Into Reality, Gina Pays The PriceGina Doesn T Blame Matt For Her Injury, But She Is Appreciative When He Steps Into Her Crazy Life To Help Out Proximity Fires The Sudden Attraction Between Them And Gina Can T Believe She S Overlooked The Sexy Carpenter For This Long Tattooed And Intimidating, He S Not The Type She S Normally Drawn To, But Something About Him Tugs At Her Heartstrings When A Dire Situation Develops And They Have To Save A Little Boy, Matt Loses Control Of His Tightly Held Emotions Though His Heart Aches, Matt Walks Away, Both For Gina S Safety And His Own Sanity It S Up To Gina To Convince Him Love Can Heal Any Heartache 3.5 StarsThis book made me cry like a babyIt also made me seriously want to give Matt a hug He was such a sweet hero, but I will admit that the whole Eeyore thing got to be a bit much sometimes He was also a TAD bit stalkerish Which normally doesn t bother me, but four years of stalking seems a TAD bit troublesome In any case, I liked Gina, and the plot flowed nicely and kept me interested I loved that there was no OW drama, and he wasn t a man whore The book needed an epilogue The author does have a short five months later one on her website, but I would have liked one that went farther into the future, with kids, and Gabe etc.Still overall an enjoyable read I ll be sure to check out other books by this author. May Contain Spoilers 4.25 stars I love this hero He was such an amazing loving man in his own way Sure he had his insecurities moments and I wanted to shout to him stop it your perfect just the way you are but he was great The herione was great with him She made sure he knew he was good enough and all she wanted and needed I did think that this needed it was to short to really get into his past i wanted to know of his story I also wanted on gabe Now we do get an epilogue but I wanted an epilogue to that epilogue lol over all I enjoyed this Safety hero wasn t with anyone for five years he has been watching the herione but never thought he was good enough he said that no other woman could compare Awe he wasn t a manwhore and wasn t really experience he did seek out women for physical release but that s it never been on a date awe never been in a relationship he only kissed two women before and those weren t even great kisses he never given oral and i think maybe never received it if he did not much at all Now the herione we don t get much on when she last had sex just that its been a while.but some quotes i didnt care for like when she was giving hero a bj it was said she loved giving head yeah don t need to know that also things like she loved sex and she was with different men and they would pleasure her now all that is ok but it was said too many times for my liking also since hero wasn t too experience I would of like her to be the same but glad she wasn t a virgin although in this case it wouldn t have bothered me if she was lol this is just my personal opinion and I still very much like her There is some child abuse mentioned in here it was really sad what hero went through with his stupid evil ass dad also the next door neighbor kid gabe is being abused I absolutely loved this book Matt was so tortured by his past it almost kept him from finding the happiness he deserved with Gina My only complaint was the abrupt ending I soooo needed an amazing epilogue for this beautiful tortured hero With an epilogue it would have been a 5 star read for me. There were many times I wanted to DNFand I should ve What a waste of time this book was I guess this book is okay if you don t mind the fact that the H, Matt, is a fucking stalker and has been stalking and watching the h, Gina, for four fucking years I, on the other hand, don t condone that shit I don t care how it s dressed up or downplayed, Matt is creepy as fuck A stalker isn t cute He knew exactly where she lived within a week of first seeing her YES, SEEING HER, not talking to her or befriending hersimply SEEING HER What the fuck Oh, and that s not all He also found out where she worked and manipulated it so that George, his pseudo parental figure, would be taken to the clinic she worked at Yes, fucking seriously You know, I get having a crush on someone, but any adult and Matt is 28 when he first sees her knows watching someone intensley for four years is fucking creepy And Gina is even aware of the fact that he watches her She notes that she s felt him watching her over the yearsA LOT This shit seriously sounds like stuff out of a thriller novel movie in which the main character relays feeling chills or prickles on their neck, the feeling that someone is constantly watching them This shit ain t cute This creepy stalker Matt even goes all Edward Cullen at one point and watches her while she sleeps The thing I disliked the most was that the author just had Gina brush it all away The fact he knows where she lives No problem Thanks for driving me homeThe fact that he s been watching her Oh, but he s so attractive and big and gorgeousThe fact that he knew where she worked Awwwhy didn t you talk to me soonerAnd the fact that he s been watching stalking her for four fucking yearsI think running into you was the best thing that s happened to me in a long timeAnd, yes, that is LEGIT her response when she finds out he s been stalking her and watching her for four years She s just super okay with it Some might excuse it and say that that was after she got to know him and allbut what about their first meeting She breaks her wrist and then passes out while he s driving her home When she wakes up, she doesn t even trip up on the fact that he knows where she livesand she wasn t the one to tell him Instead, she s worried that he had to carry her into the house and she weighs too much That wasn t all, though After Matt brings her into her house, he goes ahead and makes himself comfortable, wandering around while she sleeps and cooking in her kitchen Yeah, doing that for someone is nice and allbut coming from a friend, not your creepy stalker of four years who s a total stranger to you And the author doesn t even acknowledge the fact that she should be freaked out having him in her house, being a single woman alone in her house with a man who s much, much bigger than her And let s not forget that she s already injured and nursing a broken wrist Oh, and coming off pain pills that made her woozy and vulnerable There s absolutely NO reaction from her over any of this and it s ridiculous She s seriously so TSTL.And this four year obsession of his We re told he didn t speak to her during that time for whatever reasonand now they re suddenly chatting like it s nothing The author didn t even attempt to make him have a hard time speaking to her stuttering, etc It was all tell and no show becuase the author just constantly tells us he had a difficult time.And the conflict of this novel also ties into this four year obsession of his During the novel, he allowed himself to admit that there was nothing he wanted than to mean something to Gina Carruthers And when it comes time and she says I Love You He turns her away and freaks out and breaks up with her What the fuck So stupid The author built the entire novel around the fact that he loves read is obsessed with her And then at the end He just shoves it all away Absolutely ridiculous He bitches and moans through the novel how this the relationship between them means nothing to her, unlike how he feels about it Yeah, they had had fun together, but it didn t mean she wanted him to stay Justwhat I thought the entire love story was ridiculous It was complete and utter instalove Within days of first talking, they re already in bed A couple of days after that She says I Love You It was literally a week between the time they first talk and to when she says I Love You No joke Their entire relationship, from talking to break up, literally lasts a weekand then she feels like her life is falling apart around her when he breaks up with her A one week relationship.There s also this one part that had me rolling my eyes to the max because it s something only a privileged person could say.Matt was still kneeling in front of the toolbox, looking at the tools inside I m probably not the kind of guy they expect to date their daughter Gina scooted down two steps, so that she could lean in to catch his eyes Why do you say that Their lives, and yours, sound pretty pristine Ordinary She snorted Oh, please Believe me we re not as ordinary as you think My brother s in the FBI, my older sister lives in Croatia right now with her military husband, and my mother likes to skydive Little sis is a brainiac and already has scholarships to college Dad likes to take off gambling a couple weekends a year We all have our quirks I think you may be surprised how well you fit in Sorry, but your family s little quirks are incomparable to Matt s issues And since when are like 90% of those things even quirks or weird things So her brother s an FBI agent and her sister s smart Oh, wowhow quirky Gina forgot to mention the fact that her family is loving her parents loving one another and not being afraid to show it , she has a good relationship with her siblings, she s rich her dad bought her sixteen y o sister a car and smart honour roll and spelling bee medals and privileged photos and souvenirs from annual family trips while she was also going through cancer treatments I thought it was really annoying how she brushed aside what he said about himself Sorry, but her quirky and loving, privileged, nuclear family isn t the same thing as Matt s single parent, abusive, alcoholic household.Anyway, this book also served as a reminder of why I don t generally read erotica C word and p word galore I ended up skimming the second half because of the many sex scenes that filled it. Review originally found at The Indie Bookshelf Oh my goodness I do believe my Kindle is smoking More likely, it is just J.M Madden s scorching writing Phew A Needful Heart was a hot, yet endearing read Matt is described as a BIG, strong, tattooed man I couldn t help but think how yummy he would be, yet intimidating at the same time Then, you add in the fact that he is a tortured soul and that was it I melted into a puddle on the floor What women wouldn t want him in her arms to uh hug and to uh console Gina comes across as a gentle, nice, and easy going woman She is somewhat new to the area and she hasn t heard anything about Matt, his father, and their rocky past However, Matt knows about Gina It only took one look from afar at a fair and he was hooked He then spent the next four years seeing her at the doctor s office and trying to muster up the courage to speak to her The circumstance in which Matt finally gets his chance to speak to Gina is not ideal and is actually downright unpleasant, but it starts something neither one of them expected Matt is in disbelief that Gina is so open to spending time with him Gina finds out that Matt is far from the intimidating and almost scary man she avoided getting to know She is grateful for his help and she surprises herself at just how fast she falls for him Gina may not know about Matt s past, but she does know about Gabe, the small boy who lives next door with his abusive guardian Gina goes out of her way to look out for Gabe and to keep him safe the best she can This is something that intrigues Matt and, I believe, makes her even attractive to him He eventually finds himself emotionally invested in the boy as well The attraction between Gina and Matt grows and grows until it s combustible The heat between these two is so intense I was trying to pry my eyes away from my Kindle to catch my breath, but couldn t do it because it was just too good Yet, their connection was than just physical It was endearing and even though it had only been a short time, they were obviously made for each other and needed each other There is plenty of angst and plenty of issues, insecurities, and hardships to overcome before we can have a HEA, but what a ride it was getting there I enjoyed this book very much and it s one of those stories I found myself thinking about long after I finished I have only one complaint about this book I wanted I would have loved to get of Gina and Matt and to read about how things progressed Is it a sign of a great book when it leaves you salivating for Well friends, I would have to say yes. Finally got around to reading this one I like shy heroes who are still all alpha I really liked the heroine and so adored her care and nurturing for Mat and the little boy I don t like pushing away by hero so I had a rough time for a bit but all in all it was a pretty safe gasp with exception read for me safety hero celibate for 4 yrs because he s pining and crushing on heroine No reference to her sex life like I don t think she was celibate Safety readers always have to have confirmation on hero but heroine is treated in a hypocritical way I m really closer to equal so since no confirmation unless I missed it that would make this safe with exception Overall rating 4.5 stars based on what s achievable in a novella lengthCheating view spoiler No hide spoiler