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It s a poor book but worth thy while flipping through it, just to knowabout what had happened then the early 90s. A good account of the 2 biggest scams of Indian stock market But could have been written better It has a load of information but a bit incoherent. Will help you gain some perspective on powerplays and how things actually work on Dalal Street Worth a read A good review with behind the scenes of the biggest scams that changed the face of the Indian Stock market Must read An interesting book It is just not a story of Harshad Mehta The way the multi national banks got away with anything and everything, the lethargy of the Govt machineries which escalated the magnitude of the crisis, the inert role of RBI and the scant respect they got from the various agencies involved who found ways to side step the RBI rules and RBI in turn turned the other way for many urgent issues, the agenda based approach of various committees and investigating agencies and the decent burial of committee reports and manymake a pathetic scenario I suppose these are true. Good books on Indian stock market are rare and muchscarce are books reveling the shady business of financial firms The book is surely not targeted at amateurs Reader needs to have a thorough understanding of how markets and banks works also its various instrument I like everything about the book expect the way it explained financial transactions It made already complicated web of transactionscomplicated by use of literature Writers could easily have explained them via diagrams It not only would have made things easier for readers but also reduced the volume of the book The last paragraph of the book summaries it all. As a novice to markets and banking ,I was drawn in to the world of astronomical amount of money changing hands on the basis of faith I had to see a few youtube videos and a film Gafla on youtube to really understand the book It provides readers with a very revealing insight in to the world of RBI , SBI and other high ranking officials and bureaucrats Kudos to the media who broke the story then and made all the difference Read to Enjoy the magic of thinking big and almost making it The scam good read To knowabout what happened and where it all started andShowed the regulatory stains and how poor middle class people was fooled out by making Crores of money out of their money On the flip side , time line of the events sometimes would land you in chaos An excellent front row account of one of the biggest cycle of rise and fall in the Indian markets A must read ^Book ⇕ The Scam ↴ Scam Accueil La Scam, Socit Civile Des Auteurs Multimedia, Rassemble Des Ralisateurs, Des Auteurs D Entretiens Et De Commentaires, Des Crivains, Traducteurs, Journalistes, Vidastes, Photographes Et Dessinateurs The ScamIMDb Title The ScamWant To Share IMDb S Rating On Your Own Site Use The HTML Below The Scam AsianWikiThe Scam Film Wikipedia A Bigger Scam, However, Unfolds Within The Ring Of Scam Artists Outsider Hyun Soo Becomes The Ultimate Insider As He Becomes The Pawn In A Tangled Web Of Backstabbing Intrigue Outsider Hyun Soo Becomes The Ultimate Insider As He Becomes The Pawn In A Tangled Web Of Backstabbing Intrigue TAWOG The Scam Video Dailymotion Halloween Episode Of Gumball That For Some Reason Premiered In May In France The Scam Of The Century David Icke YouTube Our Youtube Sponsor Renegade To Have David S Dot Connector Videocast Sent To You In Full Every Week, Click Here