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Written December 16, 20134.4 Stars slightly too short but so lovely to read it burns almostI already read two closely related books about some friends, Catch a Ghost and Long Time Gone, and loved both It will be interesting to see what this rather short novel has to offer Free Falling offers me absolutely everything I am so pleased and kind of filled with these two cheeky, but very sweet, tough guys I want about Blue and Mick, now immediately If I catch you, bed for a night Okay Mick and Blue met each other already a year ago Blue couldn t resist Mick s attraction, but unfortunately it wasn t a good end to a possible love affair Blue has since avoided Mick who he sees as a traitor who tricked him Blue is a young, talented professional thief On a mission in Bogata, he sees Mick view spoiler a friend to Prophet who is also working for Extreme Escapes, LTD hide spoiler [[ Read ]] ☠ Free Falling ☞ Sometimes Falling In Love Is The Most Dangerous Thing Of AllBlue S A Thief Who Lives For Adrenaline And Danger When He Meets Mick, A Mercenary And A Hitter, He Feels An Immediate Attraction But Mick Reneges On A Bet They Ve Made, Leaving Blue Pissed And ConfusedWhen They Meet Again A Year Later, Blue S In Terrible Danger After Having Walked Into The Middle Of One Of Mick S Jobs Mick Saves Him, And Although The Two Men Have Fallen For One Another, They Have No Idea How To Handle That Kind Of Intimacy That S Been Forced On Them But When Mick Goes Missing On A Job, Blue S The One To Go After Him, Determined To Save The Man He Loves No Matter The Cost 5 Falling for Blue and Mick Stars All Blue s been through, he s been through alone.He doesn t know any other way.Fuck, but you gotta love the delicious and fierce men of Extreme Escapes, Ltd You ll be a fool not to won t one of your own And this bookYES, I totally LOVED it I don t think there ever was a boring moment to be read I was drawn in and captivated by every word From the characters, to the build up of their relationship And all the ups and downs, they experience This book is simply A fucking mazingNever again would he let someone takeadvantage of him like this Blue is a thief, who never gets caughtbut that changes when he draws the attention of Mick, a team member, working for EE, ltd The two clash and don t get along But that s all on the surface For Mick craves to control Blueand dominate him in bedfeeding the dark need Blue is seekingbut never before receivedThey d been circling each other for business and for the threat of pleasure for months now And Blue was finally caughtBut not all goes to plan A year later, Blue stumbles across Mick on the joband draws the attention of the men, Mick is currently trying to destroy Unfortunate circumstances force Mick to protect Bluedrawing their feelings and need for each other, to the surface But will Mick let himself fall and grow attached to another And will Blue survive the consequences of opening his heart and trusting Mick Danger, sorrow, need andlove , all merge together, as Mick and Blue fight for their survivalagainst the monster willing to destroy them The two must learn to trust, become vulnerableand give in to the other Breaking down the barriers and stubbornness, keeping others at bay He was afraid his voice would break, so instead, he hugged the man tightly Buried his face in Blue s hair until Blue hugged him back just as tightly, like he d never let go. SoI obviously, loved and devoured every word written in this book And that s all before Prophet, my babe, was mentioned He just added that little extra, that was neededYou never sleep, Mick said Beside the point I might ve been busy doing other things Like jacking off I have people who do that for me, Prophet sniffed Phil has to hire that out tooLet him love you I ll try A DEFINITE RECOMMENDATION FROM ME MATES XX ARC provided by the fabulous, S.E Jakes, for an honest review. Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all Sexual healing at it s finest The chemistry between these two characters is mind blowing, and the sex Hot, steamy, original and seriously manly Anyone looking for a rush of heat and adrenaline should definitely pick up a copy I ll definitely be picking up books from this author. A Hearts On Fire ReviewFOUR A HALF STARS Do you have a favorite roller coaster A ride that feels dangerous but no matter how high or low you get, no matter how rough it can be, you can t help but want to go on one time just for that feelingThat feeling is comparable to Free Falling.SE Jakes Free Falling is a story that packs punches and surprises all around We meet new characters, Mick, a mercenary with secrets and Blue, a thief with a couple hidden up his sleeve as well These two alpha men meet a year ago and had a missed opportunity for or was it a missed opportunity and not a plan The tension between Mick and Blue is delicious Mick s over protective and Blue s on the edge of dangerous The relationship and characters that this author creates were so good I enjoyed both men and couldn t choose a favorite okayit s Blue but just by a little I have a passion for thieves in romance, especially well faceted ones My concessions from making this a five star read They were minor Though Blue and Mick met a year prior, since this was not a novel, their love felt like insta love even if it was not the case And we didn t get a descriptive of Mick hair color eye color I like to know how to picture my main characters, it s a quirk of mine Jakes did a great job of giving heavy intrigue, thievery, sexy men, sexier sex with bdsm tones , suspense, hot action, dubious drugs even some tearjerker moments and made me want I m so happy this is a precursor for the upcoming Hell or Highwater series Prophet is a excellent, badass secondary character who will star in book 1 of the new series Mick and Blue They just worked together They complemented each other and once they both divulged their secrets to one another, it made them in sync for each other And if you like alpha male types in your M M romance, you re going to be happy.So if you are thinking about reading this story, should you take a chance Yes, you ll be in for a satisfying ride. Story 3.5 4 Stars Audiobook 2 2.5 Stars My reaction to this audiobook in exactly this order Boy, I m glad that I already knew the story, otherwise the audiobook would have spoiled it for me big time I was so looking forward to my reread , but when Dorian Bane began to speak I actually jerked He sounded as if he was pushing sixty No offense, but I was so not expecting that and it didn t fit the voices in my head, especially not Blue in his mid twenties At one point I laughed myself to tears because a drugged Blue reminded me of a mummy in a comedy trying to speak with bandages wrapped around its head and I couldn t get rid off this visual And Prophet with a British accent No Frigging Way.I ll leave it at my original rating for the story, though, since it was still as hot as I remember it to be. This was okliked itbig potential if it continues on into a seriesGreat, great characters in Blue and Mickand Prophet want to know about Prophet and the storyline about a thief, a couple of mercs and a new black market sex drugfor you ICoS readers, think Slide, but even intensewas super interesting Hopeful that SE Jakes will pick up with the momentum started and work this into a series My issue with this book alone, however, is that I didn t quite get the connection, the insta love, and the total devotion between the two MC s It was as if the author snapped her fingers and when turning the page, we had moved ahead a chapter Felt like I missed something Lots of holes in the way it was all written And once love came into the pictures, the MC s felt like 2 entirely new characters Stillan entertaining enough setup and I will give it an additional 1 2 star if I find out this is going to be a series March 4, 2017Yup, pretty sure this is read numero seis, and done so in prep for newwwwnesssss coming next month.Mick and Blue they have just as certain a place in and strong a grasp on my heart I smile, sigh, hurt, and feel all the giddy in spending time with them Even in this sixth read, I experienced new realizations Blue s vulnerability by way of a slice of insecurity is one of the things that makes him irresistible, especially when paired with his just as justified snarky confidence And Mick He s Mick and simply the best And the definition of perfect and destined for Blue.Also, this new pondering what if Mick and Cillian knew each other back in the day Both spooks ex spooks hmmmmmmmmmmmm that could put a new and interesting spin on many things.The phrase daylight again appears in this book Jussayin.Another unforgettable, irrepressible, forever loveable guy is introduced in this story, one that would change my life and many othe oh for fuck s sake, it s Proph DSo who do you work for And who s Prophet Mick cursed under his breath I told you your computer security had issues It didn t until you got here Then it s a good thing I did Yes, it is, Mick said seriously I work for Extreme Escapes, Ltd It s a private contracting firm I ve worked for them for five years Prophet works for EE too he s a friend Just a friend Yes Blue, just a friend He could give you a run for your money in the hard to deal with department Blue huffed Doubt it What did you do before EE Mick shot him a glance I worked for the CIA Blue looked up and stared at the ceiling You re goddamned impossible I know You re lucky I like impossible MOAR MICK N BLUE 3 15 14 I just finished re reading this, for at least the fifth time, which will probably lead to a re read of CAG, LTG and DD, as well.Having read those three since first reading this, and then going back, there are so many things included, even if just one or two word phrases, that become touchstones in the later stories gray eyes, bruised wrists, daylight again , climbing, unbroken promises, connections and love If you don t want to read a bluntly straightforward review, then don t read this one Don t say I didn t warn you I still love this book, still love Blue and Mick, still love Prophet and his scene stealing ways Having read Catch a Ghost now, it s even enjoyable to see Prophet here, being Prophet You don t have to read one of these to enjoy the other, but why not Some of the dialogue is definitely shaded perfect world but who cares when it s this much fun and this hot.Some may not care care for the insta hotness, it bothers the crap out of me too, often than not Having said that, lemme splain something to you with these two, for me, the electrified sexual current is loudly humming Every now and then, when you first meet a person, all you want to do is fuck the shit out of them right then and there You try to keep a calm outward appearance but, as in my case, my little warning lol clit starts doing jazzercise like it s 1977 This story is like a delish appetizer for what has and what will be coming from SE, and include increased polish and focus I m willing to state that this may partly just be a case of me, the reader, connecting with this author Though, I may have to dismiss such a theory given my reaction is so very complete.This review didn t last long, just like me.Now go read CAG I read this after reading and reviewing S.E Jakes Catch a Ghost My 4 star review for Catch a Ghost is here I suppose I should have read this first, but I do that sort of thing often Anyway, this was enjoyable, but a little rushed, choppy maybe Somehow though, that made it a very quick read and satisfied my need to know where the M C, Prophet, in Catch a Ghost comes from.This story is about Blue and Mick and how they come together Trust me, they come together very well There is a bit of action here, a bit of relationship building, but it s the sexy sex scenes that really reveal the story I didn t get too worried about them, but I had a surprising emotional connection to Blue s sister that I didn t expect.Anyway, this isn t a full review, just some thoughts because I m going to read the whole Men of Honor series so that I don t miss a thing My hormonal state is demanding rough, tough, gritty right now and it looks like S.E Jakes can deliver that for me Thank goodness Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog 4.5 Really enjoyed this It was sexy, fast paced and Mick and Blue are HOT together The book sort of slots into the Men Of Honour, and the new Hell High Water series as it also features Prophet and the EE company Mick and Blue meet on the job and there s instant lust attraction but then Mick lets Blue down badly by welching on a bet, leaving Blue feeling humiliated but still deep down, attracted to this charismatic guy Then twelve months later he meets Mick again when he unintentionally gets involved in an op where Mick has gone undercover, to try to get an experimental and dangerous sex drug off the streets To cut a long story short, Mick rescues Blue when he gets affected by the drug and they hole up together in a safe house.sparks fly because both are keeping secrets, the lust factor is high and the two of them sizzle There s great ST and chemistry and some edge of the seat action as the tables turn when Blue, with the help of Prophet has to go in towards the end and rescue Mick It s all packed into a fairly short novella which could have felt rushed but I never felt it did I suppose there s also a case of insta love but between two sexy beasts like this, who cares Lol.So looking forward to reading Prophets story now and if its as hot as this then bring it on