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3.5 . This series and especially its compelling protagonist are really beginning to grow on me The stories are engaging, though not the real draw for me when reading these No, the star of the show is the detective, Sean Duffy and the setting of the book, which McKinty illustrates so perfectly, it is almost like another character in itself Looking forward to reading in this series Find reviews and bookish fun at Read Kindle ⚖ I hear the sirens in the street ♝ Sean Duffy Knows There S No Such Thing As A Perfect Crime But A Torso In A Suitcase Is Pretty CloseStill, One Tiny Clue Is All It Takes, And There It Is A Tattoo So Duffy, Fully Fit And Back At Work After The Severe Trauma Of His Last Case, Is Ready To Follow The Trail Of Blood However Faint That Always, Always Connects A Body To Its KillerA Legendarily Stubborn Man, Duffy Becomes Obsessed With This Mystery As A Distraction From The Ruins Of His Love Life, And To Push Down The Seed Of Self Doubt That He Seems To Have Traded For His Youthful ArroganceSo From Country Lanes To City Streets, Duffy Works Every Angle And Wherever He Goes, He Smells A Rat Adrian McKinty and Sean Duffy strike againFollowing up the cold cold ground A suitcase A torsoAnd an investigation all over IrelandThe writing is page turning and the reader looks at the world of a Catholic policeman in a Protestant station His interactions and how he goes to solve the crimes and get what he wants Somehow I feel that Ken Bruen could have invented Sean Duffy and have him as a sidekick to Jack Taylor, who is an amazing character Off to book 3 in this trilogy that got 6 books haha As with the first book I loved the setting of Belfast in the 1980 s and the atmosphere created by the troubles in Ireland The main character, detective Sean Duffy is also a character I am drawn to for his flaws than his successes However, the story just felt all over the place and the ending felt a little like The Cold Cold Ground deja vu But as I was assured that this one is not the best in the series, I will be trying book 3 at some point this year.If you like Irish crime fiction you may also like this series. This my second Adrian McKinty book and the guy definitely has a way with words and an ear for dialogue.One of the joys of reading is discovering insights, social commentary or sometimes comments on the human condition that hum in your mind, and linger with you long after the main plot of the book is forgotten This is one of those books that stays with you after having finished it.The usual debate between realism and naturalism is quite obvious here, but realism is at its center I don t understand someone, who wants to read a book that s too real That would be life, and we read, in part, as an escape from the mundane What makes a writer like McKinty special is his ability to place realistic characters people we feel like we know into extraordinary situations and see how they react and are affected by them One of the best thing about I Hear Sirens in the Street is its depth It rises above the dualities to show the greater complicity, and to show that the psychopaths on one side are pretty much like the psychopaths on the other side.I like comfort reads too, but the best noir being written now will have us look into the abyss and the book will then become a mirror as the abyss looks back.If I wanted to read formulaic plots, I d go to the supermarket, drugstore or airport bookshelves or alas to the library s best seller section. 3.5 sDetective Sean Duffy wasn t thrilled at the discovery of a headless body in a suitcase, especially after he and his offsider had been shot at by the clueless security guard But it was the beginning of a perplexing investigation in the Irish back streets, which were filled with IRA who had no hesitation in pulling the trigger The partial tattoo was the first clue there were others, but they were a problem to follow up on Recovering from his previous case his girlfriend quietly leaving town Duffy was into the booze and cigarettes, his confidence at an all time low Could he and his not so good team of officers discover the killer s identity before bodies turned up Or was he in trouble once again I Hear the Sirens in the Street is the 2nd in the Detective Sean Duffy series by Aussie author Adrian McKinty, and is set in Belfast and the parish of Islandmagee, Northern Island in the 1980s at the time of the Troubles And boy, is there trouble Duffy seems to be the typical boozy, morose cop who eventually gets the job done, but not without dramas along the way Plenty of twists, lots of seemingly irrelevant information, and plenty of violence I Hear the Sirens in the Street is worth recommending. McKinty , 3 4 ,. I enjoyed reading this book and give it 4 stars for a fast moving plot, and intricate twists in who killed who However, I give it 3 stars for an unrealistic character trait, i.e Sean Duffy s regular use of marijuana and hashish I am retired law enforcement and this is strictly prohibited by all police agencies My agency instituted random drug screening in the mid 80s Violators were given a choice resign or be prosecuted A few were allowed to retire All US police agencies now do random drug tests.Overall 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4.Plot It is book 2 in a trilogy about Sean Duffy, a Catholic police officer in Northen Ireland s RUC Duffy is called to the scene of a suspicious incident and finds a dead body There is just a torso no head, arms, or legs But they manage to identify him as an American tourist The book is set in 1982 I read it in a 24 hr period. , 5 , 3 ,4 3 ,.