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Un libro sobre una banda de rock que no es muy al uso, la historia de Parker y Jake est ntimamente ligada al ascenso de su banda de rock, pero no nos vamos a encontrar con drogas, angst y un interminable n mero de escenas de sexo, al contrario Quitando que la m sica tiene su protagonismo, el resto es una historia de amor normal , con unos protagonistas normales , con mucho slow burn, y toda llena de detalles Quiz s he encontrado algunos problemas con la forma de escribir de la autora, pero no le ha quitado encanto.Dulce y adorable. 2 stars DNF at 40 %.But only when it comes to books My attention span is not that bad It s safe to say that I don t get what the fuss is all about Maybe I ve read a different book Honestly, I can t even muster up enough energy to review American Love Songs All I will say is that this story and its characters bored me to tears I will always compare every rock band book to How to Kill a Rock Star and so far no other rock band story could measure up to that awesome book.Sorry #READ EPUB ⚢ American Love Songs ê Jake Brenner Ha Troppa Voglia Di Divertirsi Per Potersi Innamorare O Cos Sostiene Del Resto, Troppo Impegnato Con La Sua Band, Gli Wayward Sons, Per Cercare Una Storia D A La Sua Reticenza Non Ha Niente A Che Fare Con La Sua Imbarazzante Cotta Per Chris, Cantante Della Band E Suo Miglior Amico Da Tempo Ma Questo Era Prima Che Il Misterioso Girovago Parker McAvoy Diventasse Il Nuovo Chitarrista Del Gruppo Jake Pu Solo Negare La Sua Attrazione Per Il Goffo, Dolce Parker, Il Pi A Lungo Possibile Prima Che Il Desiderio Di Fare Qualcosa A Riguardo Diventi Impossibile Da Ignorare Il Problema Che Parker Sa Tutto Dei Modi Da Dongiovanni Di Jake E Oh, S , Non Gay O Questo Quello Che Pensa Jake, Fino A Quando Una Serie Di Eventi Permette Una Nuova, Incoraggiante Possibilit Riuscir A Convincere Parker A Superare Il Suo Passato Movimentato E A Dargli Una Possibilit O Questa Canzone D A Svanir Prima Ancora Di Cominciare This one just hit the spot for me I loved the narrator, despite his cluelessness and initially slutty ways The other characters were great too There was no deep angst, just the story of some realistically young guys figuring out what they wanted and how to get it, in the demanding environment of launching an up and coming rock band ETA On a reread, this is still a nice easy read with sweetness that s not saccharine, a misunderstanding that makes me want to hug the clueless MC instead of smack him, and a couple of moments with enough emotion to cause a little heartache Still 5 stars I liked the depiction of the band in this one They seemed genuine and believable and imperfect The narrator s voice 3rd person with some 1st person blog posts has a light touch of self deprecating humor I enjoyed And there are just a couple of sex scenes, which are both hot and very sweet This is a great comfort reread choice and I m glad I picked it up after the angsty book I just finished. So you know that book you have sitting in ye old TBR pile and you keep meaning to get to it and then you finally remember Oh I should read it , then you do and then you feel like WTF I have been sleeping on this That s this book, okay This is my brain Exploding with love for this book I m not a newbie to M M nor rock star M M but this author did an excellent job building Parker and Jake s work and personal relationship I have yet to read a M M romance I have with a few M F romances but I m not letting them steal this book s shine written like this one so cool with blogs, texts, magazine articlesgenius, truly Jake, who we follow from when he first met his best friends and future band mates till present time, is one hilarious narrator The book follows The Wayward Sons, Jake and his best friend s alt rock band who I kind of wish were real cause I would buy their album like yesterday looking for a lead guitarist The group finds this in Parker And might I add how Parker is introduced is hilarious.Listen, this book is not one huge M M smut fest, so if you are looking for hot man man action starting on page 2 first paragraph one, this book isn t for you though there are some truly sexy moments in the last quarter of this book This book has substance and is truly rich with thought I felt like I knew Jake and characterization yumminess Even if a character did something that you might not like, you could clearly understand why they reacted that way I m not spoiling this book for a minute After reading American Love Songs , I want to kiss Parker, flash Chris, do yoga with Jimmy and hug Jake Can you tell I heart this book I don t hate a single character The ending was great Also the way the book is set up like a musical score Excellent Kudos to you, Ms Chase for the way you presented this story So if you like ROMANCE that happens to contain M M and humor, come read this book and cheer on the Wayward Sons along with me. I Loved This Book. I must have overlooked this book about fifty times when sifting through my TBR pile Mentally discarding it with a flippant wave of the hand thinking pfft silly rock star book why did I even buy this I know it s not my thing, not any So don t ask me why I decided to read it I just did.Now here s the part where I say I could have smacked myself repeatedly with a rubber hose for not reading it up ages ago Gah when will I learn to stop being so darn picky.American Love Songs is just so lovable and easy there s no angst, no major dramas, no overworked plot It s just adorable, wholesome, feel good comfort reading Jake s narration is a fun absorbing account of his life on the road, the bands success, their rise to fame, his significant intriguing relationship with Parker, his flings, his failure to see what s right in front of him, and most importantly and finally eventually his love for Parker I adored Jake he s such a natural down to earth character, so uncomplicated, so painfully oblivious and so perfectly imperfect Ms Kane balanced him quite nicely I think Jake and Parker are not portrayed as stereotypical rock stars and I liked that a lot The author leaves that role for the other two band members to fill bringing their own charm and flair to the story, even some the girls where okay But just like Jake I loved Parker He was my focus and my favourite.It s not often I fall in love with a guy who blushes like a pretty Victorian virgin But I couldn t resist Parkers vulnerabilities, secrecies, intelligence, unbelievable talent, awkwardness, and awesome tattoo I m shallow okay All that he is results in me doodling little pink hearts with our initials all over my arm, my desk, my company invoices everything Yes, I ve become a teenager once and it s just awesome.Just a heads up before I love and leave you There s a few cheesy eye roll moments, some editing hiccups, and a major squee moment involving Elton John None of this was enough to relieve my achy grin though Oh, and don t worry if the story starts to feel like a YA cousin due to the off page sex Trust me, it s not and it s really worth the wait, oh me oh my is it ever view spoiler Can I just whisper shower scene hot hide spoiler Info The story uses 3rd person POV but the main narrator is Jake, and the story comes from his side Plus points This is not a story about romance but of a journey of the band from the small band who did cover songs to popular band and most notably of that Jake Brenner I always enjoy reading about that sort of thing maybe because I love entertainment movies, music, you name it and this type of story is pretty much epic, you know Such an interesting concept of using blog and post scripts as part of the whole story Jake keeps a blog about Wayward Sons and I can imagine following the blog because it s funny, quirky, and not faking it, you know Great additional characters, apart from the band member We have Jake and Parker s sister, the tour manager, and recording studio manager Minus Points There isn t enough romance between Jake and Parker First kiss doesn t come until almost half of the book and even so, they re not really be anywhere near becoming lovers until the very end WARNING love making happens in the last pages, so don t hold your breath While I enjoy the journey, I miss the romance too Since the story is taking from Jake s side, I do not know much about what the other characters are thinking outside the interaction with Jake In fact, even by the end of the book, Parker is still a bit mysterious to me Oh, and he doesn t feel like he s older than Jake somehow even if it is stated that he s 4 years older I cannot connect deeply with the characters I don t know why There is something missing even if I like reading about them. Charming, and occasionally very, very sweet.While I found it to be a little hampered by a couple of unfortunate executive decisions your narrator can t be both omniscient and unreliable, for example empirical evidence suggests most who don t spend all day thinking about how to tell amazing stories won t even notice.Mostly this turns out to be a nicely drawn romance with much to recommend it.Parker is adorable, even when he s irritating, and I found myself only infrequently wanting to throttle Jake for his pathological inability to grasp what is plainly obvious to all and sundry.Definitely a fun read.Zero ululations, I m afraid but a great many smiles. 3.5 Stars sigh me likey a lotAwwwwwwwww Yup, it s one of those So sweet So freaking adorable I don t usually love romance books about musicians I think I have a hard time trusting that they d be good in relationships with all the other opportunities surrounding them But, it s hard not to find yourself rooting for Wayward SonsI can t get Kansas out of my head I m a classic rock nerdand especially for Jake and Parker First, I HEART PARKER He s such a doll Ridiculously gifted, shy yet witty and sarcastic and funny, inexperienced, but knows what he wants I adore him Second, I HEART JAKE Confident and outgoing gets along with everyone and finds himself protective of sweet Parker Third, I HEART PARKER AND JAKE Ugh So CUTE these two Friends to boyfriends to lovers Their progression was slow but satisfying I want to group hug them I found all the secondary characters insignificant and I had little investment in their storylines Also, it took a LONG time to get to where we all wanted it to go though the writing made it fun and entertaining along the way Good times