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!Download Book ♩ Engage (DISARM, #5) ♡ The Past Has A Way Of Catching UpA Long Time Has Passed Since Elsie S Heart Was Broken, Since The Person Who Always Shielded Her From Pain Broke Her Heart Just When She Begins To Rebuild, Henry Returns And Upends Everything All Over Again ENGAGE Is The Fifth And Second To Last Installment Of The DISARM Series 3.5 stars Life s in an uproar while Henry tries to deal with his identity crisis And whether Elsie likes it or not she s got to learn to cope without her BFF, her lover and someone whose been the most important man in her life for the first time since she s been a teenager Then just when Elsie s dried her tears and decided to take a chance and move on with her lifeheeee s backwith a vengeance to mess with her life once again In theory, Elsie should be telling Henry to hit the road and don t let the door hit you in the ass on the way outbut they re soul mates and meant to be, the ultimate loves of each others livesso it s not all cut and dried, black and white and certainly not an easy decision for Elsie to just kick Henry to the curb.And then Henry pulls out the rock that damned star shaped sentimental rock Henry s getting a second chance and he better not screw it up this time. The story is told through Elsie s POV The thing I loved most about this installment is how much both Elsie and Henry s character have grown emotionally June Gray really has outdone herself with this one For a novelette, this really reads and feels like a full length novel It s smooth, engaging and the heat has been cranked up to sizzle He surged to his feet and took me captive with his mouth as his hands cradled my face I reached behind him and pulled him closer to me, rocking my hips into his Do you believe me now he asked, pressing his hard length into my stomach Before I could answer he flipped me around so that my back was pressed to his bare chest His hand snaked up to my neck and forced my head to the side, his mouth devouring mine again I will want you always, he rasped, pressing kisses down my neck.How good is that sigh Henry Love, love, love this series 2 1 2 stars rounded down to 2 stars because I actually rooted for the other guy Sean, Elsie s new boyfriend and wanted Henry to go far, far away and never come back About turn Henry I couldn t wait to get my hands on Engage today and it didn t disappoint The author wrote the time jump well and I liked how we got to see Elsie try to get her life back on track but Henry was never far from her thoughts Looking forward to reading Capture and seeing how June Gray completes this mini series.5 stars Disarm The Complete Novel by June GrayMy rating 3 of 5 starsOverall 2.5 3 starsDisarm was originally written into six parts, so I will break out my review into six parts Overall, I am rating the book 3 stars ish.Book 1 DisarmI liked the beginning Henry is Elsie s brother s best friend, Jason All three grew up together Henry and Jason are in the military Jason dies overseas Overcome with major distraught, Henry and Elsie grow closer and move in together.It s a sad beginning, but I love it I m so into the brother s best friend for some reason Oh the pain Henry goes through He is so in love with Elsie but he doesn t want to pursue her because of his best friend, yeah, I know even though he s not alive.Book 2 BesiegeHenry goes overseas and after six months of waiting, he s back I m really excited for this because I want to know what will happen next Major events happened in Disarm.Elsie is a great character Yes, it took her awhile to understand where Henry s coming from, but she s just going through the emotions You really do feel for her because Henry isn t like how he was before.Book 3 RetreatThis is where things get kind of tough and really difficult for me I felt like Henry and Elsie was getting on track with working things out, but Henry is just messed up I guess I just don t understand where he s coming from I can t relate I understand stuff happened overseas, but he s being a prick and it s pissing me off.Book 4 The Henry SessionThis is Henry s POV, flash back In all honesty, this book could have been omitted from the series It was not needed, I skimmed and it was just kind of boring There were some sweet parts, but I felt like it was kind of already addressed in the previous books.Book 5 EngageGetting back on track with the original tone of the series, I m ready for Henry to redeem himself and kind of explain and show Elsie why he is the way he is It s a short section and I m warming up back up to the series.Book 6 CaptureAll things come to an end and you must wrap it up I felt that Capture had a lot of the same look and feel of Disarm and I was happy about that since I enjoyed the beginning so much.Overall It was difficult for me to read the book broken into six books At some parts, I felt like there was some disconnect, maybe it s because of the Henry sessions kind of threw me off I really enjoyed the beginning of the series YAY STEAM , but it was a slight struggle to get through the second half I was however, very satisfied with the last book and I am not sure if Henry ever fully redeemed himself, he tried very hard to Full Novel Series Parts For reviews, all my reviews This review can also be found on my blog.Elsie is still in pain and trying to move on with her life as best as she can Henry still tried to remain a quiet presence in her life, but his phone calls went to voice message, a birthday card taped to her door He was there, but at the same time not It was probably naive of him to think that she would be able to go from being blissfully in love to mere acquaintances But then she hears news through the grapevine that he ll be leaving for a one year tour in Korea She shows up at the going away party to say goodbye, and find some sort of closure one way or another Unfortunately things don t go quite as expected Her hurt leads her to do something he once did to her.I wouldn t say that I agreed with her actions at all, but I suppose that love and hurt will make people lash out in ways that seem like a good idea at the time, but only end up causing pain for both sides And what he said to her at the party, I REALLY want to know what he was thinking at that moment Oh the cruelty. 2 to 2 1 2 starsI didn t care for this book, the hero, or the heroine s lack of backbone It s a shame, because when I started this series, I truly loved these two characters One thing s for sure I may not love this book, but I do love this author s writing style. After reading On One Condition this book was recommended and I bought it by mistake as I thought I was getting a preview instead of a purchase Winds up that this is a short book or story The only interesting concept is where the former girlfriend gives her old boyfriend the assignment to make me fall in love with you in three dates or less The Novelette ended on that challenge and unfortunately the writing is not good enough for me to want to keep reading even though the concept is intriguing.