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Three quick thoughts about this book This book seems to be everyone s reference to understand the Japanese social system I have encountered the ideas of this books in several other works written about Japan The content is therefore not new to me However, the biggest contribution of the book was the various concrete examples that illustrate the author s arguments The Japanese society has changed since the book was written in the 70s I would be interested to read a revised version of this book that take into account several new aspects globalization, the social model in start up businesses, etc The book is a bit outdated, however is a solid read and I would recommend it to anyone interested in how the Japanese society is structured in one basic fragment It is far from a complete manual though.Four out of five stars due to changed circumstances since the book had first been published and due to its lacking structure repetitive, no clear final word, etc Also, there are a lot of things, important for understanding of the Japanese mindset and culture it does not mention at all.I would love to see it revised with social changes of the modern Japan If anyone has a good recommendation in that regard, please share. A study of the mental and behavioral characteristics of Japanese.society, with special focus on their respect toward elders and higher ups based on longevity rather than ability, or what is termed as a vertical hierarchy It centers mainly on the workplace, which, as I was reading it while in a Japanese workplace high school , was interesting at times, though a little out dated now However, on this topic I highly recommend Ruth Benedict s The Chrysanthemum and the Sword for wide reaching analysis But this extended essay is OK if you re looking for something quick and specific to the office lifestyle. Japanese Society is an academic evaluation of the class structure of Japanese society The ways in which the classes are constructed are pursued as is the accepted ways of interaction between the different classes. ( DOWNLOAD EPUB ) ♖ タテ社会の人間関係 [Tate shakai no ningen kankei] ♈ This Short Work Presents A Configuration Of The Important Elements To Be Found In Contemporary Japanese Social Life, And Attempts To Shed New Light On Japanese Society Nakane Deals With His Own Society As A Social Anthropologist Using Some Of The Methods Which He Was Accustomed To Applying In Examining Any Other Society However, Its Form Is Not That Of A Scientific Thesis As May Be Seen At Once From The Absence Of A Bibliography The Author Also Refrains From Quoting Any Statistical Figures Or Precise Data Directly Obtained From Field Surveys Nakane Has Tried To Construct A Structural Image Of Japanese Society, Synthesizing The Major Distinguishing Features To Be Found In Japanese Life He Has Drawn Evidence Almost At Random From A Number Of Different Types Of Community To Be Found In Japan Today Industrial Enterprises, Government Organizations, Educational Institutions, Intellectual Groups, Religious Communities, Political Parties, Village Communities, Individual Household And So On Throughout This Investigation Of Groups In Such Varied Fields, Nakane Has Concentrated My Analysis On Individual Behavior And Interpersonal Relations Which Provide The Base Of Both The Group Organization And The Structural Tendencies Dominating In The Development Of A Group Japanese society is explained by Chie Nakane s vertical society theory Definitely recommend to read to everyone who is interested in Japan or Asia there are some little comparisons with China and India, but not much, still it gives some overview of the differences between those countries.Not exactly beach reading as the society of Japan is explained very theoretically and is not written as usual books which introduce some country s culture or society, but it is not difficult to understand just something to consider when You start reading this book. A classic, but I ve read most of this before though this was groundbreaking work when it came out just an accident of how I ve been reading that I got to it only now have read much of the book as excerpts in the past though Needs updating For example, there s a chapter on the Japanese Man How about the Japanese Woman There are issues that pertain to her in this vertical society that aren t covered and should be treated with equal importance. Utilissimo e conciso.Uno sguardo approdondito all interno della societ giapponese con un particolare riguardo alle dinamiche di gruppo Viene chiarito la dicotomia uchi soto sia le varie componenti della gerarchiche all interno del posto di lavoro, dell ambito famigliare, etc. I really enjoyed this book, full of interesting background to the development of Japanese society and why the Japanese behave the way they do in comparison to other nations I found the social anthropology particularly interesting Worth reading for anyone intrigued by Japanese social etiquette. Superato, utile soltanto per capire l ambiente culturale e ideologico in cui il libro stato scritto e soprattutto stato letto e accolto Purtroppo in Italia e a volte anche fuori da c chi ancora lo prende sul serio