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First book in my quest to read the Willard Price Adventure Series books in order Adventure begins with dad John Hunt taking his two boys Hal and Roger on an expedition to the uncharted to collect wild animals for sale to zoos In a Blyton esque twist Mr Hunt gets called away half way through as there is a mysterious arson attack at their Florida property Therefore their very livelihood depends on the boys success.Danger lurks at every turn with the gang who destroyed their ranch in hot pursuit, wild animals everywhere and obtrusive natives the boys have to survive on their wits.Mr Hunt promises them a trip to the South Seas if they are successful.These books contain everything for youngsters, thrills, adventure, learning about different animals.I feel this one was quite light, I remember as a youngster liking some of the later adventures such as Gorilla or Lion adventure But a good start for the series none the less.PS I had thought I owned the whole series, but it turns out I am missing one or two including the next in the series, South Sea Adventure.Also missing Whale Adventure and Arctic Adventure.reviews for all the others to follow in due course. I love this series Although this book isn t my favourite in the series I still enjoy it even though I ve read it a few times Simple but fun and interestingit s also good that you learn some things about the animals and the though not all the fact are accurate and it s always interesting seeing all the different ways they use to catch the animals and bad guys #DOWNLOAD æ Amazon Adventure ì Long Island Teenagers Hal And Roger Hunt Explore Uncharted River With Their Father, Expert Naturalist John Hunt For His Exotic Animal Collection Someone Sends An Anonymous Telegram, So John Returns Alone, The Boys Face Hostile Natives, Dangerous Rapids And Wild Animals, And A Hunchback With Bloodshot Eyes I loved these books as a child Between the school and public library I probably read all of Willard Price s Adventure books before I reached double digits Cracking stories full of exciting exploits and natural history facts So, I was rereading with a little trepidation, worried that the old magic wouldn t be there any However, although it is a little worrying how easily the boys reach for the guns and how distasteful the idea of catching animals to sell to circuses and zoos are, at the core is still an enjoyable read that takes me back to carefree younger times. I m going to rate all of the Willard Price books as four stars Not because I think they re all that special hell, they re basically the works of an eco terrorism apologist , but because, when I was twelve, they were THE BEST BOOKS I D EVER READ I lapped them up Loved em. Written and based at a time where terms like animal cruelty and animal conservation were not fully fledged, Willard Price s Adventures may be a bit much for the sensibilities for some of today s readers, young and less young They are very much of their time which should be taken into consideration in regards to the portrayal of the native ians.Now that the disclaimer is out of the way This story was an enjoyable traipse down the river The boys see many of the s marvels and risk life and limb collecting them You can tell that Willard Price had actually been to many of the places he wrote about by the almost David Attenborough level of natural history in these pages Having grown up with these books myself, a lot of what I know about the natural world came from this series of books It s been at least 25 years since I last read this and I still remember the vapire bat scene vividly I had forgotten most of the rest.As usual with this type of adventure story, the luck level that the boys have is turned all the way up to that of Tintin in terms of being able to survive anything that s thrown at them, be it poison arrows, waterfalls, jaguars, army ants and malaria, to name a few I almost expected them to find Tintin on the floating island.The bad guy in the story did feel a little tacked on, there were perils enough from the river and jungle without the need to add Greedy evil white guy. possibly read in winter 1967 Willard Price s Adventure series, originally published from the 40s to 80s, was always a favourite of mine as a child so I decided to buy them again It was recently republished with attractive covers than my previous collection The new books come with a special foreward by Willard Price s granddaughters who acknowledge the casual racism It s not so much an apology, but a times were different back then, deal with it kind of note The first book in the series introduces the Long Island brothers, Hal and Roger Hunt, who catch wild animals alive for their father, a renowned procurer for zoos and circuses Their first expedition is to the rainforest, where in addition to finding rare and valuable specimens, they hope to chart a new river Things go awry when their father John Hunt is forced to abandon the mission following a disaster back home Alone in an unforgiving jungle, the brothers must contend with dangerous animals, headhunting Indians, and an even deadlier gang of cut throats determined to do them in The jungle hijinks are high octane, exhilarating and occasionally hilarious, but the educational aspects of the books are where they really shine Some sections of these books would be considered rather too gung ho and trigger happy for today s audience Like all red blooded American lads, the Hunt brothers love their guns and nothing pleases them than an excuse to use them Despite this, the adventure stories were considered forward thinking in terms of conservation when they were written.Recommended to all lovers of adventure and wildlife, Adventures is a great start to the series and still retains the power to thrill and inspire all these years later. The I read of the book, the I got into it It s easy to read, and parts of it are really humorous The descriptions of the animals and how they acted and moved were really good, some of which I had to Google to see what they looked like I feel maybe that some of the serious moments in the book were slightly overlooked.I really enjoyed it though, especially the ending I would never have been able to survive on a floating island like Hal and Roger did This is a classic children s adventure novel from 1949 John Hunt is a zookeeper for a zoo on Long Island, and he spends much of his time traveling the world to rescue and acquire animal specimens for the zoo As the story begins, he has decided that his two sons, Hal nineteen and Roger thirteen are finally old enough to join him on an expedition This expedition will take them deep into Western Brazil, in the unexplored sections of one of the s tributaries, where they will hire native guides to take them downriver But while they are in Quito, preparing to fly through the Andes, an emergency calls John away, and his sons convince him to let them continue with the journey It is possible, however, that the emergency was fabricated by a mercenary hired by enemies to scuttle the expedition The enemy follows the Hunt boys through the upper peaks of the mountains and into the lower slopes of the Andes where the rivers begin to flow down and east toward the ocean A number of attempts are made on the boys lives as they travel downriver, eventually moving from tributaries to the great river herself As the rivers widen, so they increase the size of their vessels, in order to store and of the exotic animals that they encounter and claim for the zoo.This book was definitely written in a different era, with a different sense of what is appropriate for young readers I read this first when I was in sixth grade, finding it in my grade school library and taking it home because I couldn t bear to put it down before I d finished it There s a lot of slapstick usually at Roger s expense but also some very grim, very gory vignettes, including the indelible image that burned its way into my young brain view spoiler the bad guys, who have been chasing the boys through most of the book, step up their pursuit with hijacking, kidnapping, gun fights, which culminates in a narrow escape for the boys and a relentless, days long chase sequence down the river But the villains run afoul of a native tribe, attempting to fight their way through rather than deal peaceably, and in the morning the boys are dismayed to see the villains still following them in their canoebut as the canoe comes closer, they see that all of the men have been beheaded, and the canoe drifts past them crewed with dead men on its way out to the seathat image, of the drifting canoe of headless men, will remain with me to the end of my days hide spoiler