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Excellent On par with Hunger Games and Divergent. (((READ KINDLE))) ↞ Fledge (Fiona Frost, #1) ⇺ Fiona Draws Attention Than She Would Like Being The Only Female That Does Hard Labor On Earth S Dusty, Bone Dry Colony, A Planet Called Providence But She S Just Been Plucked From Her Family S Farm And Dropped Into A Military Camp Where No Girl Has Ever Served As A Soldier Before Expected To Fulfill The Training Required Of All Seventeen Year Old Males Her Age, Fiona Is Forced To Rely On Her Format, A Group Of Twelve Teammates With One Imposing Leader, An Alien, Some Troublemakers, And A Handful Of Misfits For Mates, Can She Find Her Place A Teen Science Fiction And Romance, Fledge Is The First Novel In The Fiona Frost Trilogy Typically, I dislike any Militant Sci Fi style book, because while I like stories with interesting strategy, when it becomes all about aircraft maneuvers and tactics, I lose interest That very ordered lifestylediscipline I think they call it Who doesn t like rebels who break the rules a little bit then the ones who yessir and nossir all the time So I was surprised that I liked this book as much as I did Prentiss the lead character is the only girl that works a plot of land, as a sort of fill in son to her Father And then inexplicably, she s pulled into military training, the only girl, ever.And it goes through her experiences, of being so resented and so hated by her team which is sure she ll bring their scores down for the end of training war games, and goes through as she begins to learn about them individually and about some of the underlying politics.Though she struggles a lot with the physical training, and keeping up with stronger young teenage males, and get s injured a fair amount of times, in some of the brainiac classes she s a little too good Yes, we get it, she s smart, but you don t learn almost two alien languages in 4 or 5 months, in the few hours your allowed outside of hard core training.Also the end did take me by surprise, in a good way It was an endurable cliff hanger Many things were nicely tied up and resolved, we got some closure to a few questions and then it sets up the start of a very epic sounding adventure I do want to read the next one. Fairly standard plot, farm girl sent to military training for unknown reason in a society that does not allow women in these occupations.The storyline was interesting enough but I found the difficulties the main character found herself in to be annoying I found it difficult to suspend my belief enough to feel a very intelligent person, which she was supposed to be, could allow herself to be persuaded into the foolish illegal situations that occurred.Those inconsistencies were followed by an absolutely unanticipated cliffhanger ending, no indication this was Book I of a series Since this is a particular pet peeve for me, I dropped the rating another star to indicate my dislike of this fact. Fiona Frost didn t have a choice in becoming a farmer instead of a daughter raised to be a wife She didn t have a choice when they took her to train with the military She didn t have a choice when it was over But she did have a choice in how she lived the life she was forced into This story is about an amazing girl and I can hardly wait until the next book comes out. Good Read I loved this book, except that it ended too soon There are not enough science fiction being written with women in starring roles, and I don t count sappy romance type stories This author has a place up some of my favorite SF authors, such as Linda De Pauw, Mercedes Lackey, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Anne McCaffrey, and Andre Norton. Really didn t expect much from this book but sometimes those are the best ones the story really pulled me in I couldn t put it down until I finished really kept me wanting to know what was going to happen next great job. I really loved this book and all the characters Cannot wait till the next book Surprisingly great A fast paced and unique story that definitely kept me engaged Great characters with a fresh look at interpersonal relationships, self awareness and growth. I loved this story about a girl thrust into a all male soldier training camp Love it as it was free I would recommend it all who enjoy romance and action stories.