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!READ DOWNLOAD ☤ Until I Die ♴ In Kates Leben Ist Nichts Mehr, Wie Es Einmal War Vincent Und Sie Scheinen Die Probleme Berwunden Zu Haben, Die Sein Dasein Als Revenant Mit Sich Bringt Als Ihre Liebe Zueinander St Rker Wird, Dr Ngt Sich Allerdings Eine Frage Auf Wie Sollen Sie Zusammenbleiben, Wenn Es Vincents Schicksal Ist, Immer Wieder Sein Leben Zu Opfern, Um Das Anderer Menschen Zu Retten Vincent Hat Zwar Einen Weg Gefunden, Nicht Mehr Sterben Zu M Ssen, Aber Der Preis Daf R Ist Hoch Kate Kann Und Will Es Nicht Ertragen, Ihn Derart Leiden Zu Sehen, Und Sucht Nach Einem Ausweg Aus Dieser Situation Doch Dann Tauchen Pl Tzlich Die Skrupellosen Feinde Der Revenants Wieder Auf Und Kates Pl Ne Drohen Zu Scheitern Wird Vincents Und Ihre Liebe Stark Genug Sein, Um Alle Hindernisse Zu Berwinden Vom Mondlicht Ber Hrt Ist Der Zweite Band Einer Trilogie Der Titel Des Ersten Bandes Lautet Von Der Nacht Verzaubert I m sorry, but this book was just plain boring It wasthan halfway through the book before we saw any action Even then, it was really short lived We don t see any action again until near the end And the villain was too predictable partly because the book was so uneventful, and I never trusted the villain even from the start because the villain was too perfect So yeah, I didn t really care for the story here.As for Vincent and Kate, their relationship was really boring I know, I know It s nice to see a sequel without the introduction of a love triangle, but still, their relationship was uneventful, and even though they are really lovey dovey, I didn t really feel any kind of a spark.The only exciting part of their relationship was Kate s problem with what Vincent does and that he is JB s second But I was put off about how childish and overdramatic she was about that I know it s a problem, but I guess it was just the way it was written Whereas with some characters, I can sympathize with their hard situation, with Kate, I just wanted to shake her and tell her to get over it already.Really, the only thing I really liked about the book was Jules I think he s a great character, and I love his easy going attitude and his charm, as well as his loyalty. Amy plum took the second installment to some seriously interesting places Looking forward to 3. So, I quite liked Die for Me I thought it was sweet and fun and gently subversive Until I Die, on the other hand, is a mess The thing is, I feel a little guilty for complaining, because it seems like Amy Plum s trying to infuse all of the good romance bits into her story, but somehow it s not working There s a lot of telling about how Kate is whole without Vincent, but he completes her, etc, etc, but that s all it is telling The showing is all about them kissing and cuddling and kissing someand Kate being all sad that she s only a blip in his immortal lifespan I got a little sick of the drippyness of it all, honestly The biggest problem with this book is that it took forever to get going Nothing central to the plot happened until the last fifty pages or so The rest of the book was a bunch of unconnected events, way too many descriptions of Parisian monuments, too much relationship development I never thought I d hear that come out of my mouth and Vincent being mysterious with Kate Whatever The only reason this book gets three stars from me is because I may have been a little unfair to it, trying to juggle between languid jobhunting and frantic blogging and obsessive tweeting.I felt like despite the big, bright spotlight shining on their relationship, Vincent and Kate didn t have the chemistry they did in the first book This is a problem I ve noticed with quite a few books that progress into series It s as if, once the protagonists have gotten together, the author doesn t quite know what to do with them And the other, EXCESSIVELY ANNOYING thing is this new trend of writing the first book as a stand alone, and ending the second one on a cliffhanger Yes, debut author, I know your book got converted to a series, and I m happy for you, but how about gasp three standalones Now there s an innovative idea for you And the thing is, I DID enjoy where the story was going, once it finally kicked off, but then it just ended, and it felt like most of this book was pointless, and the author could have just grafted the last few chapters onto the third book and not bothered writing this one at all I ll read the final installment, sure, but only because I ve gotten this far and want to see how it all ends I feel like this is a very lackadaisical review, but that s cause the book left me overall with an overwhelming feeling of meh I m not going to be running out recommending this one to people Sorry, Maja Rating 4.5 brilliant stars out of 5 Oh sweet goodness, how I loved this book In the first novel, Die For Me, it was the romantic Paris setting and idea of revenants undead beings with the compulsion to die to save others that captivated me The idea was completely unique and executed with perfection, but even though I loved the characters with all my heart, I was never really sold on the romance But in Until I Die, somehow Amy Plum managed to make everythingintense,lovable,breathtaking even the romance Kate and Vincent have to be the perfect couple I don t mean that their relationship is without its complications because having an undead boyfriend definitely isn t , but I can finally see how they fit so well together Their banter and interactions are funny and sweet, and being set in Paris, I was constantly swooning off my feet The middle of the book is admittedly a little slower as Kate tries to find out how to help Vincent resist his compulsion to sacrifice himself to save others But that is my only complaint Otherwise, I loved every second I could spend with my favourite characters again From sweet and stubborn Kate to Vincent the perfect dream boyfriend to Jules my favourite playboy of all time without making this a love triangle as well as all of the other awesome revenants, both new and old, they were always a blast to read about Beautifully written and ending with one of the most heart pounding, heart breaking, and heart tearing conclusions ever, Until I Die is an unpredictable and captivating installment to a trilogy that is quickly becoming one of my favourites Amy Plum has made a total fangirl out of me BUY or BORROW I d recommend that you buy this even if you haven t read the first book yet That just means you have to backtrack to the first one beforehand, which you should be doing anyways Original review at Mimi Valentine s YA Review Blog TEASER He raised his hand, and running his fingers from my temples through my hair, he spoke softly Now that you are here now that we re together I can t imagine going back to the life I had before I don t know what I d do if I lost you now I love you too much My throat constricted He had said the magical three words Out loud When he registered my stunned expression, his lips curled up at the corners But you knew that already, didn t you My heart became a gooey mess inside my chest, and then he said it again.I think I melted a little Hm.Hmmmmmm Die For Me was an unexpectedly good ride for me I gave it two stars at the time, but eventually it crept up to 3.5, just because it reminds me of this really weird sesame cookie I tried lately that tasted weird, and that I should have hated, but actually ended up really liking Is that an awful metaphor Meh, probably But it s really late and I m super hungry Until I Die teeters on a sharp precipice, swaying to and fro between my love and mymild dislike I don t hate anything about these books How can you hate them There s not enough substance to hate It s just Kate wandering from mishap to mishap, and that s kind of a summary of both books, and likely the last one too which I intend to read Oh, don t you worry about that My main problem with this series is that I don t care at all about the love story, mostly because Vincent, to me, is like a big slice of walking cardboard Like a dry shard of shortcrust pastry It s not that he s a bad guy in fact, he s pretty nice He s just bland So, so bland I feel bad for him, he s so bland.And even the side characters aren t that interesting, except for Gaspard, who I love, and Violette view spoiler who I thought I loved until she went full Shane You NEVER go full Shane hide spoiler My review can also be found on Reading Lark We ve got to wait a WHOLE YEAR to find out what happens I honestly don t think I can survive it Yes, you guessed it Until I Die ended on one heckuva cliffhanger and I normally despise those dreaded things I have always felt that if an author s writing is THAT good and Amy Plum s is THAT good they don t need one to entice the reader to come back That was very true with Amy s first book, Die For Me But that said, this was a GOOD cliffhanger if there is such a thing a real heart breaker with a tinge of hope mixed in So, I will forgive Amy this one time And so once again this installment in the Revenants trilogy gets FIVE BRIGHT and SHINEY stars from me and is going to be shelved amongst my favourites The sequel to Die For Me did not disappoint one iota in fact, I think I loved it evenEverything I adored about the first book was turned up a notch in Until I Die There was plenty of Kate and Vincent, plenty of romance, plenty of Paris, plenty of the other revenants good and bad and plentyrevenant lore to sink our teeth into all woven around another great plot that had me riveted Picking up where Die For Me left off, we get to witness Kate and Vincent s love story really take root There is no shortage of toe curling romance in this book A little teaser to wet your appetite He raised his hand, and running his fingers from my temples through my hair, he spoke softly Now that you are here now that we re together I can t imagine going back to the life I had before I don t know what I d do if I lost you now I love you too much My throat constricted He had said the magical three words Out loud When he registered my stunned expression, his lips curled up at the corners But you knew that already, didn t you My heart became a goeey mess inside my chest, and then he said it again p 71 Until I Die arc , Amy PlumVincent promised Kate to be an extraordinary boyfriend to make up for the extraordinary circumstances they face together, and he certainly holds nothing back From winter picnics to a private box at the Belshoi Ballet to sword lessons to just hanging out And through all of this, we really get to witness what an awesome pair these two make Together they can take on the world.The problem is when they go off and do things separately that s when things go awry and they becomevulnerable Each is looking for a solution to making it easier for Vincent to resist the urge to die at the hands of saving another life He made that promise to her in the last book because Kate having such a difficult time with her own parent s death knew she couldn t handle Vincent dying over and over again In this book, we learn muchabout the mechanics of this compulsion they have to saving lives it sthan just being noble So Vincent is going in one direction to solve this problem, while Kate goes in another for reasons you ll discover when you read this for yourself, as explaining it will give away too much Both avenues they are taking are, of course, dangerous The numa seem to be regrouping but the revenants have no idea what they re up to, nor who is their new leader It s very quiet for the longest time Meanwhile, two new reventants join La Maison, Violette and Arthur The centuries old, and seemingly aloof couple, change things up quite a lot I loved getting to knowabout the revenants through stories shared But you can t help but catch the ominous foreshadowing undertones in those stories Genevieve s story in particularAnother thing I loved about this book is gettingJules and Ambrose I heart those two Jules continues his flirty ways with Kate and how and always just shy of crossing the line I almost feel sorry for him because he truly is a sweetheart Not that he would ever dream of taking Kate away from Vincent well maybe he might daydream just a little about such a prospect And Ambrose has taken on Kate s big brotherly bodyguard duties with lots of charm and humour I adore these two best friends of Vincent s Kate s socializing boy crazy sister Georgia continues to provide the lighter,humourous moments She s quick witted but has a serious side to her too and as always, is there for Kate, as are also Mamie and Papy.We also get to see different sides of both Jean Baptiste and Gaspard both of which are so well written The whole revenant clan really does feellike family in this book and while some of them still have some insecurities where Kate is concerned, they respect Vincent s choice and abide by it.Another great addition to the story is Vincent s developing role in this clan and possibly in reventant lore and prophecy Ooohh wait till you take that in And finally Kate and Vincent Because they really are so much better as a team, it s hard to talk about them separately Kate sort of feels like she s straddling two completely different worlds and not entirely fitting into either but Vincent is helping her work through that I love that Kate remains independent and thinks for herself despite how good she is with Vincent She s still thoughtful, insightful and smart She s developing a tough outer shell through the confidence Vincent has in her and in teaching her how to fight In Jules s words she s kick ass Vincent still remains the chivalrous and charming revenant that we instantly fell in love with in the previous book andso With a much larger presence in this installment, we get to see what Kate really loves about him Yes, he speaks and acts like he s from a different time and that rubs some people the wrong way but not with me I can easily melt into a puddle of goo with Vincent s words to Kate and the way he looks at her Vincent s got a gentle and loving side but watch out when he s protecting Kate or his kindred he s a force, let me tell you He s definitely one of my favourite leading men and I simply cannot resist a guy wielding a sword Even though, typically, middle books are painful to get through, what I found pleasantly surprising is that this isn t the case for most of this middle book Yes, the blasted cliffhanger at the end was a real humdinger but Until I Die was seriously one awesome book Amy Plum s eloquent writing style flowed like water over river rocks It was incredibly hard to put down when life got in the way and I couldn t wait to get back to it Amy expertly places the events in and around Paris, making me long to go there She cleverly mergedgreat revenant lore and mythology into one swoon worthy love story with an intriguing and suspenseful plot line Did I mention there was a stinker of a cliffhanger Oh yes I did it s going to be a looooong year And a special thank you to fellow Lark, Andrea, for sharing this ARC with me I m forever indebted Originally read February 24 29, 2012 I am completely head over heals for this series The world of Revenants has both fascinated and intrigued me I now wish that I lived in a world with hot undead guys.In Die For Me, Kate meets Vincent and finds out his most terrifying secret He is a Revenant an undead with the duty to help people and die for them In Until I Die, Kate and Vincent are trying to find a way of being together without Vincent s urge to die for someone Vincent has to make sacrifices and Kate has to go behind his back to find out information to help him Can the two really be together While one grows old and dies, the other has to live for eternity saving those in need.Before I go on I must say, that is one hell of a cover Once I held a copy in my hands all I could do was stare in awe Yes, the beauty does seep into the book and Amy Plum does deliver the sequel we have all been hoping for In this book, I felt a lot of pain and confusion from the characters While Vincent is trying to find a way to be with Kate without dying, he also collects a number of dark bruises over his body Yes, all girlfriends would be worried, right Kate is feeling that worry and does so much research I thought her head might explode The book is packed full of action, mysteries, tension, humour and, of course, romance To be honest, I would have liked to see a bitbetween Vincent and Kate but I guess their situation isn t exactly simple So, in Until I Die we still have Vincent s words to keep us calm He is still that charming guy from Die For Me just not in the best condition His relationship with Kate is heartbreaking No couple would want to be in the mess that their in It was extremely interesting to see how they dealt with their problems and disagreements I don t want to give too much away about the ending, but I can tell you that it is unexpected and just so UNFAIR Yes, guys, it s a sad ending It will also leave you craving the next instalment Overall, Until I Die is a very exciting sequel that those who loved Die For Me should get their hands on RIGHT NOW And if you have never heard of this series before then, please, go to your library bookstore and start experiencing this bright new world Readof my reviews at Falling Books Until I Die, the second book in the Revenants series, is very much a middle book, but we do learn tonsabout the Revenant lore in addition to greater character development And of course, we still have the beautiful Paris setting.Oriented towards the Revenant lore, we re plunged deeper into their background and history in this sequel I was very interested in Amy Plum s unique zombie lore from the beginning, so I was happy to get somedetails on these unusual beings Even though there is still some plot development included, the pacing hovers a bit on the slow side However, if like me you enjoyed book 1 mostly for its characters and setting, you will not be disappointed There is plenty of Paris presence, in which walks our well beloved characters.Two of these beloved that shine in this novel are Jules and Georgia I completely adore Jules He is so sweet and every time he s present he fills the book with humor and charm Considerablyinvolved in this book Kate s sister, Georgia, also knows how to liven things up She is simply a fun character witty, spontaneous, and just plain buoyant She has the confidence everyone wishes they had I loved seeingof her She s also someone we can always count on and put our trust into no matter what This sisterly bond is another part of the book that I adore There are a couple of new interesting personalities that join the already superb cast Arthur is cranky but surprisingly intriguing And Violette is a lot of fun, outgoing, and charming when she wants to be.Since I wasn t infatuated with the romantic plot in Die For Me, I was happy to find the romance was a tadpassionate in this second novel Where the previous book left me underwhelmed, Until I Die made me see how, even though it s not an all consuming, lust filled romance, the love for each other is definitely present Their desperation fills the pages, but with an air of maturity Almost as if they ve together for years already Add a Parisian setting to the mix, and we ve got an enchanting love story.An utterly shocking ending will make you long for the final book It s not every author who would dare go the route Amy went I love how she s not afraid to make things happen This is not a fairy tale For this reason though, I can see how some may not be to happy with it, nonetheless I thought it was an amazingly heartfelt, passionate ending that brings a lot of emotions to the surface As a middle book, Until I Die is clearly a set up for the finale, but it s still a great addition to the series that gives us plenty of development as far as character and world building Book 3 If I Should Die promises to be heartbreaking and thoroughly intense Forof my reviews, visit my blog at Xpresso Reads I was blessed to receive an ARC of this book, and now have written this spoil free review for anyone interested Until I Die most definitely surpassed Amy s first book, Die For Me At least I think so I love reading new, upcoming authors and watching how their writing grows and flourishes over time one see s it all the time, i.e J.K Rowling, Cassandra Clare, Libba Bray, and Terry Goodkind to name a few And Amy is no exception to this there are beautiful metaphors, rich descriptions, and we discover layers to some characters that we might not have even realized had layers Now that is said, this is Kate s book Really, genuinely Kate s book all the way I found myself truly connecting with her as she goes through tough decisions, while always keeping reality in perspective Though this might sound odd, I found myself loving her the most whenever she doubted herself or others because it is the human thing to do For example, she loves Vincent but she also keeps in mind the countless mortal couples, I believe was the phrasing, which are unable to make things work Then we get to meet this very new side of Kate that I love and hope everyone else does too While I do not want to give anything away, Kate is not a damsel in distress she is fully capable of defending herself Kate shines in this book, and I mush say, it is a shame that the YA tourney occurred before this book is published Another treat for the fans, is the rich history of the revenant s that is delved into Actually, I have a hunch that this book only scrapes the surface of the detail constructed around these beautiful, mystical beings, but I found myself so very intrigued about all these facts that we did not know before, and I am sure everyone else will love them too I know everyone is interested about the plot and what happens, and some are concerned about the ending yes, it is worthy of tears , but I am wary of spoilers Kate and Vincent are as much in love as ever at the beginning of the book and yes, there are some very worthy ravishing scenes between the two but like in any book, there is a conflict And this book gives an excellent view of how Kate and Vincent each deal with this conflict, and as I said before, it is in watching Kate go through this and how she deals with this, that makes me love her evenAnd yes, it is a very sad ending, quite a contrast to the lovely ending of the last book, but this is a trilogy It does not mean that the end of the story will be tragic Although, for all I know, it could be Besides, no matter how mad some of us might get at authors for making tragic, cliffhanger endings, we love it After all, books make us feel things, and tragic, cliffhanger endings sure do make me feel a lot If nothing else, this book was entertaining, and I loved the Buffy references and the mass of old films If you like the first book, you will love the second installment If you did not like the first book, I am still betting that you will love the second installment A big thank you to Amy for WRITING these books If you do not already know this, not only is she a great writer, but also she is fantastic when it comes to communicating with us fans Just check out the acknowledgment page when this book hits the stands So another big thank you for being so awesome to us.