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Roman tad nda bir otobiyografi,daha do rusu ilk b l m b l mden olu uyor nk ,bu daha ilk b l m.Mazlum Beyhan n ak c terc mesi de rahat ilerlemeyi sa l yor ocuklukta ge irdi i olaylar demek ne kadar i ine i lemi ki Aleksey in,b y y nce ok net bir ekilde yaz ya d km her ayr nt y.Anlatm da anlatm.O daha ok k k ya ta iken len babas yla ba lam anlatmaya,votka i en enfiye eken iyi kalpli ninesini,onu d ven ama yeti tiren dedesini,ortadan bir kaybolup bir ortaya kan annesini, vey babas n ,arkada lar n ,day lar n en ince ayr nt lar na kadar.Ya ad hayat ho una gitmiyor,s rekli bir umutsuzluk hali i inde ama bunu gizlemeye al yor dedesinden,ninesinden ve annesinden hep olay kar yor,yaramazl k yap yor ve de dayak yiyor.Kavga hayat n n biricik zevki ocukluk zamanlar nda.Annesi onu kemerle d v yor,i inde sevgi kurumu ,her eye kin duyar olmu.Hi sevmedi i,s rekli alaya al nd okulunda t rl haylazl klar yap yor,dersleri pek iyi de il,ama ok k t de de il.Okulda Piskopos Hrisanf ile tan mas ona kitaplar n yolunu a yor bir ekilde.Annesini d vd i in vey babas n b aklamaya te ebb s ediyor ama ba ar l olam yor.Kendi deyimiyle vah i Rus ya am na k tutuyor Gorki nin otobiyografisinin ilk b l m olan ocuklu um.Okunmaya de er I read this book in Russian and a fairly simple Russian it was, as I recall From Maxim Gorky s Trilogy, Moskva, 1975 , this book began it, followed by Among the People, and My University One sentence I admire, even aspire to at his father s grave he did not cry , 17 I cry very rarely, and only from insults or outrages, never from suffering or pain Moreover, his father would laugh at his tears When his bereaved mother comes on deck to see her own mother singing Aida to vodka smashed sailors, Mother says, They re laughing at you, Mamasha God Bless them her mother replies, Let them laughIt s good for their health 21 This was decades ago, so what I principally recall is seeing Gorky s house on Capri What a shock that this avatar of the simple life, this hero of socialist realism, this denizen of economic sequestration, actually lived in splendor quite a few years on the Isle of Capri 1906 13, before the Revolution, then again in the 1920s Wrote one of his best novels there, at his own villa Pierina A couple years ago, Capri named one of its streets for him, as did Norway, Maine for my grandfather, Ralph W Richardson Even has his middle initial. My Childhood, Autobiography Part I, 1913 1914, Maxim Gorky My Childhood, Autobiography Part I Russian , translit Detstvo is an autobiographical work by Maxim Gorky, published in Russian in 1913 14, and in English in 1920 It was republished by Pocket Penguins in 2016 1975 1330 267 1341 336 1357 336 1388 319 9789643515461 20 What a wonderful book I liked everything of it the story, which is the autobiographical account of Gorky s childhood, but also the writing style The language is so simple but powerful and there are wonderful descriptions of everything the landscapes, the emotions of the people, Russian life and habits of that period and, above all, Gorky s considerations about his childhood.It s impossible to hate even only one of the characters though sometimes they seem harsh and rude I liked a lot how Gorky depicts the humanity in every character they can be sometimes bad but also kind All are so human with their virtues but also with their vices Every aspect of the personality was important for Gorky As he himself says in the storyIf I think about myself as a child, I imagine myself like a hive where several simple and insignificant people brought, like bees, the honey of their knowledge and their thoughts on life, generously enriching my soul, each according to his ability Often this honey was dirty and bitter, but all knowledge is still honeytranslation made by me, I ve read the book in Italian I do agree so much with this quote In my opinion it is so important to observe and listen to the people because from everyone we can learn something Through the description of his childhood we can also feel the Russian soul the life and habits of simple and poor people in that period but also during the time when his grandparents were kids because they told him from their childhood There is another quote I liked, when Gorky s grandfather says We are not lords No one teaches us We have to understand everything by ourselves For the others books have been written and schools built, and for us there is nothing ready made We have to take it all by ourselves. It was really interesting to read about how life was in that period for poor people His grandfather hit him a lot when he was a child but also told him that he did it to teach him The grandfather hit also his wife but for her there was nothing strange in this But she was such a lovely person, full of compassion for her husband and for the other people Gorky s uncles had tried to kill Gorky s father, there was often a lot of violence but Gorky seems detached from everything he talks about his youth but there is no bitterness or judgment He used also the bad things as we can understand from the first quote to better understand people, life and what surrounded him He was a big observes and it s only through observation that we can learn something and attain knowledge.Another theme I liked a lot was that about God There were two different points of view the one of Gorky s grandmother and the one of his grandfather For his grandfather God was far away, someone to respect and be afraid of He was a strong believer but in a serious way For the grandmother, on the contrary, God was a friend Every evening, before going to bed, she talked to him telling what happened during the day and how people had behaved, as if she was chatting with a neighbor There was so much sweetness and tenderness in her way of loving God She talked also to God s Mother as if she wasimportant that God himself Once, talking to her, the grandmother said but don t tell your Son It was so sweet It seemed a relationship of confidence among mothers.But Gorky s grandmother believed also in spirits and goblins of the Russian folklore The tales she told to Gorky when he was a child were wonderful and I liked that mix of superstition and faith For the grandmother all these spirits were real, she strongly believed in them She talked also about angels and devils she had seen and Gorky child was fascinated by all these stories.His grandmother was the most important person of his childhood and the reader feels the importance of this person and her sweetness Gorky s father had died when he was a child and his mother decided to leave him with her parents and to go away She wasn t present in Gorky s life, his grandfather hit him often so we understand why his grandmother with her sweetness, kindness and fables has been the most important person in his life There would be a lotto say about this book It was also moving Not only because of the people s lives but I found also some descriptions of the landscape very touching In my opinion this is a must read Cred c pot spune c a fost una din cele mai bine scrise i traduse c r i citite de mine vreodat Povestea plin de fr m nt ri i ncerc ri a micului Alio a m a dus cu g ndul la Remi din Singur pe lume al lui Hector Malot, primul roman citit n copil rie.Cu siguran , am s trec n cur nd i la urm toarele dou volume din trilogia gorkiana La st p n i Universit ile mele. The most horrific violence, terrible poverty and degradation is described here, most frighteningly of all, in the indifferent voice of a child It is terrifying to see how quickly the horror of this reality becomes an accepted, to the point of being almost ignored, part of Alexei s life Only on two occasions does the voice of the adult Maxim Gorky give us an indication of the true effect of such experiences on a young childI couldn t believe any longer that all this was in earnest and that tears came hard to them All those tears and shouts, and all the suffering they inflicted on each other, all those conflicts that died away just as quickly as they flared up, had now become an accepted part of my life, disturbed me less and less, and hardly left any impression Long afterwards I understood that to Russians, through the poverty and squalor of their lives, suffering comes as a diversion, is turned into a game and they play at it like children and rarely feel ashamed of their misfortune In the monotony of everyday existence grief comes as a holiday When I try to recall thsoe vile abominations of that barbarous life in Russia, at times I find myself asking the question is it worth while recording them And with ever stronger conviction I find the answer is yes, because that was the real loathsome truth and to this day it is still valid It is the truth that must be known down to the very roots, so that by tearing them up it can be completely erased from the memory, from the soul of man, from our whole oppressive and shameful life Yet this story is beautifully told, with charm and without bitterness, with an appreciation for the happy times and for the love. NO SPOILERS Magnificent writing I loved listening to those kind words and watching the red and gold fire flickering in the stove and milky white clouds of steam rising over the vats, leaving a dove coloured crust like hoar frost, on the sloping rafters of the roof , where jagged chinks let through blue patches of sky The wind died down, the sun came out, and the whole yard seemed sprinkled with ground glass The screeching of sleighs came from the street, light blue smoke curled up from chimneys, and soft shadows as if they too had a story to tell The tall, bony Grigory, hatless, with his long beard, and large ears, looked like a kind hearted magician as he stood there mixing the bubbling dye and continued the lesson Never be afraid to look a person straight in the face Even the dog that attacks you will run away then23% Russian authors are the best in my view Their description of people, both in appearance and character, of places and events are unsurpassed This is an autobiography, the first book of three, by and about Maxim Gorky Tolstoy has also written an autobiography entitled My Childhood their lives were very different Gorky s portrays the lowest classes of the Russian people It is not surprising that he became an enthused supporter of Marxism Please read the book description if you are unaware of the basics of Gorky s life Here, in this book, you see the events of the author s first eight years, through his own eyes.Stories after stories that is what you get Gorky had a very frightening, terrible childhood The suffering he describes is physical Beatings, brawls, fights and yet at the same time there are fairy tales and legends he has learned from his grandmother he is close to his grandmother and her life philosophy inspires hope even during the darkest of times When Gorky s father dies he goes to live with his mother s family, but even his mother cannot bear to live there He is thus raised primarily by his grandmother and grandfather Although the grandfather is brutal, you see that he is also kind, well sometimes The times are different children are beaten, how else can they be taught Both grandparents are religious, but each in their own way Both ways are vividly painted through Alexei s perception The book shows how this child saw his world it was utterly frightening and incomprehensible You absorb his experiences through story after story after story I waited until the innkeeper s wife had gone down to the cellar, and then shut the hatch and locked it over her, danced a dance of revenge over it, flung the key onto the roof and rushed as fast as my legs could take me to the kitchen, where Grandmother happened to be doing the washing It took her some time to find out why I was so delighted, and when she did, she gave me a smack in the right place, dragged me outside and sent me up on the roof after the keys Amazed at the reception, I silently retrieved the key and then ran off to one corner of the yard, from where I could see Grandmother freeing the captive innkeeper s wife Then both of them, laughing all over their faces, came towards me across the yard You ll get it from me said the innkeeper s wife threatening me with her plump fist, but still smiling benevolently with that eyeless face of hers.Grandmother took hold of me by the scruff of the neck and hauled me off to the kitchen, where she asked me What did you do that for She threw a carrot at you So you did it for me Well What a nerve I ve a good mind to put you under the stove to keep the mince company Perhaps that will knock some sense into you42% There are stories about everything, but they are all true stories funerals where live frogs end up buried on top of the coffin, blazing fires, cockroach battles, people crushed under crosses Life was hard One can understand why Gorky, or Alexei Maximovich Peshkov as he was really called, came to sympathize for the downtrodden tramps, factory workers and the poorest of the poor of Russian society He lived from 1863 1936 His book Mother was the first comprehensive portrait of the Russian socialist movement He was a friend of Stalin and was given a Hero s Funeral in the Red Square But you should read this book for the marvellous storytelling, not for a summary of historical events For that, look elsewhere.I believe the following quote wonderfully expresses Gorky s view on both life and people In recalling my childhood I like to picture myself as a beehive to which very simple obscure people brought the honey of their knowledge and thoughts on life, generously enriching my character with their own experience Often this honey was dirty and bitter, but every scrap of knowledge was honey all the same 55% This book deservesthan five stars . ocuklu umda bir kovan gibi g r rd m kendimi Basit, s radan insanlar, hayat zerine bilgilerinin, d ncelerinin bal n ar lar gibi kovan ma ta r, sunabildikleri ne varsa ruhumu zenginle tirmek zere getirip c mert e sunard Bal her zaman temiz olmazd , hatta o u kez ac olurdu Ama her bilgi, yine de balds.149 ocuklu um, Maksim Gorki nin otobiyografisini olu turan kitaptan ilki Biyografi ve otobiyografi ok severek okudu um bir t r de ildir normalde, bu sebeple ocuklu um a da biraz teredd tle ba lam t m fakat elimden d remedim Rus klasiklerini ok zlemi im `Free Ebook ↡ Детство ☋ Coloured By Poverty And Horrifying Brutality, Gorky S Childhood Equipped Him To Understand In A Way Denied To A Tolstoy Or A Turgenev The Life Of The Ordinary Russian After His Father, A Paperhanger And Upholsterer, Died Of Cholera, Five Year Old Gorky Was Taken To Live With His Grandfather, A Polecat Faced Tyrant Who Would Regularly Beat Him Unconscious, And With His Grandmother, A Tender Mountain Of A Woman And A Wonderful Storyteller, Who Would Kneel Beside Their Bed With Gorky Inside It Pretending To Be Asleep And Give God Her Views On The Day S Happenings, Down To The Last Fascinating Details She Was, In Fact, Gorky S Closest Friend And The Epic Heroine Of A Book Swarming With Characters And With The Sensations Of A Curious And Often Frightened Little Boy My Childhood, The First Volume Of Gorky S Autobiographical Trilogy, Was In Part An Act Of Exorcism It Describes A Life Begun In The Raw, Remembered With Extraordinary Charm And Poignancy And Without Bitterness Of All Gorky S Books This Is The One That Made Him The Father Of Russian Literature