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Gigolo and Gigolette by Somerset Maugham
Like always, Maugham writes an excellent tale

William Somerset Maugham is one of my top five favorite writers.
His short stories are always a pleasure to read, albeit Gigolo and Gigolette is a rather sad tale.
From the start, without giving away the ending…I will just say that the end is not really clear you could be skeptical, but then there is also hope.
There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.
It will be up to you if you are an optimist, you will see light at the end of the tunnel.
On the other hand, here are people who make heaven out of hell and others that make hell out of heaven.
The tale takes place around a casino. Once we start with the second story, within the story we hear the reminiscences of another couple, taking place in different surroundings.
But at this casino, we have Gigolo and Gigolette putting on a show.
She is the star attraction, as she jumps from on high into a saucer in flames.
But it was Gigolo’s idea to set fire to the landing spot he pours some petrol over the water and then the excellent diver has to plunge in and get out.
Nobody had ever done that before.
Although an old couple comes to show and they start talking about their own act, for they too had been in this dangerous show business.
Te older couple is now passed seventy and she used to be the “cannon woman”
Don’t you know me?
But didn’t you hear about my act?
Then she starts describing her own experience, how the public got tired with whatever they had tried and then she did something that had never been on stage before.
The effect is depressing and we learn about what had happened to Gigolo and Gigolette before the casino act.
He had used to be a dancer. Dancers had the chance to make some money, when they met people with money, who would give them tips.
When the rich guests of hotels and bars really fell for the dancers, they would give them jewelry, diamonds and rings. But it was a fluctuating business.
And he had met Gigolette, who at that time was a swimming instructor, and a fantastic diver. They had dinner together and they fell in love.
After they had married, they worked as dancers, with the scope of entertaining and attracting guests to the dance ring. This employment did not provide much and it was soon over. The interest disappeared and they had to work 24 hours a day, with short breaks, until Gigolette collapsed.
They had to pawn and sell everything, until Gigolo came up with the idea of an original, extravagant act.
And indeed, the uniqueness, the danger and the expected death of the performer has attracted many paying guests.
Gigolette is anxious though. She feels that doing it and Twice in a show is too much and the anxiety is overwhelming her.
What will she do?
You will find out at the end of a very good story.
Absolutely brilliant Hilarious. Beautifully observed. Maugham writes his stories as though they are essays.
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