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If you need a good laugh, then read this SIX OF ONE is the earlier book, then this follows But don t have to read the earlier one to appreciate the hilarity Read it years ago have recommended it to so many people who also loved it I remember the dog in it as absolutely hysterical, but the whole family consists of such funny characters Had to put this on hold while on vacation Nothing to write home about but it was an enjoyable read. Witty at times and pulls you in to the story of sisters Louise and Juts through the eyes of Juts daughter.The author infuses serious social taboos of the times while balancing it with a comedic energy. This a hilarious book Two sisters in their 80 s constantly argue and physically fight Theydisrupt Bingo games and fight over the same man for his attention The people around themtry to keep the sisters in line but that s a really hard job Definitely not on par with Six of One , not even close There are major discrepancies between the supposed history of the characters as compared with Six I thought Nicole was going to be an architect, what s with this newspaper business That was never mentioned And just WHAT is she doing in bed with a guy What is THAT all about I had never imagined Nicole Smith sleeping with a male in my entire life it s almost as if RMB is apologizing for Nicole s lesbianism Major turnoff The sisters are not nearly as charming or witty in this one though Juts has her moments still And the supporting characters add little to nothing I especially despised the ending how convenient and incredibly false feeling.RMB s work has dropped several notches with this potboiler of a novel Really awful. If it is true that laughter is the best medicine, then Rita Mae Brown s, BINGO, will cure anything I laughed so hard The small southern town of Runnymede, Maryland, is split down the middle by the Mason Dixon line The war between the states is still being played out, and how could it not be In trouble with the law in the South Run north across Town Square and you re free of that jurisdiction Two sheriff s, two city halls hilarious Nickel Smith is often always smack in the middle of her mother and aunts outrageous sisterly competitiveness And I do mean outrageous One of my favorite examples is when her nearly ninety year old aunt, Louise, sometimes called Aunt Wheezie, wears falsies when competing with her sister, Julia, sometimes called Juts, for the attention of a newly arrived, available, Ed Tutweiler Walters The antics these octogenarians pulled were not befitting their age and made me forget mine as this sort of funny is ageless Nickel is a newspaper journalist, born and breed When the town s only newspaper, the Clarion, is sold out from under her feet her world seems to be crumbling down around her But, with the help of friends and happenstance, the Mercury newspaper is established giving Nickel her much needed newspaper job, and the town an opposing daily This book was published in 1989, before being gay was a fad Back when coming out of the closet could close a lot of doors Yet, the main character, Nickel, is a proud publicly professed lesbian, amongst other well rounded qualities culminating in a well developed, fascinating main character, surrounded by a family and town of characters Funny, funny, funny.A friend loaned me this book Guess I will have to give it back. I think this is my favorite of Rita Mae Brown s novels I don t care for how wishy washy she makes some of her characters, especially the main character Nicole Smith whom I m surprised can stand up without help since she lacks a backbone But overall, this is Brown at her funniest.I do, however, get the feeling that Brown is a self loathing lesbian I ve noticed that in almost every one of her books that have a lesbian character, they all sleep with men, thereby making them bisexuals If it was just one book, I d chalk it up as an aberration But it s almost every one of her books If she wants her characters to be lesbians, then have them actually be lesbians, goddamnit None of this I m a lesbian except when I have sex with men bullshit. Rita Mae Brown spins a good yarn When I need a little light hearted snack to get me comforted before bed, I turn to Brown and her eccentric cast of characters, with whom I fell in love in Six of One This tome is told from the POV of Nickel, the adopted lesbian daughter of the spirited Juts she s having an affair with her best friend s husband Bingo is missing the heart that I loved so much in Six of One, and the madcap bickering and capers start to wear a little thin But still, it s always comforting to read Brown, whose philosophy is I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it. I love Rita Mae Brown Her writing style is fun to read She had quite a bit to say in this book about life, love and friendship It was messy It was funny And it made me think It didn t preach, far from it Nikki is gay and sleeping with her best friend s husband That sets up messy all over the place Her mother and her aunt are only happy when they are squabbling The whole town knows what everyone is doing It is just a great little story `Download ☟ Bingo ☠ In The Sequel To Her BelovedSix Of One ,Rita Mae Brown Returns With Another Witty Tale Of Passion And Rivalry In The Small Southern Town Of Runnymede, Maryland Newspaper Editor Nickel Smith Is Scrambling To Save The Local Paper From Corporate Extinction, Even As She Is Engaged In An Affair That Would Shock The Town As Much As It Amazes Nickel Herself Meanwhile, Her Mother, Julia, And Her Aunt Louise, The Infamous Hunsenmeir Sisters, Who Ve Set The Town On Its Ears For Decades, Keep An Eagle Eye On Nickel No Matter That She S A Grown Woman And That They Re Going On Ninety They Need Someone To Gossip About Not Even The Town S Weekly Bingo Games Can Keep Louise And Julia Out Of Trouble When Ed Tutweiler Walters, An Eligible Newcomer, Arrives In Town And Has The Sisters Fighting Over Him Like Schoolgirls A Telling Look At The Foibles Of Modern Relationships, Bingo Is Full Of Wisdom About The Comforts, Trials, And Absurdities Of Small Town Life And Especially Of Our Own Nearest And Dearest