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Another home run for MEE I love MEE I love her personality, her sense of humor, and her voice, which comes across clearly in everything that she writes This book is VERY short I finished reading it during breakfast this morning, but it was such a great read for the Sabbath Day I loved the reminders and the suggestions in it. I hate giving this book such a mediocre rating because I usually adore the author s work But she has some much better talks books out It could be that the topic of stress and coping with stress didn t resonate with me, but it kind of felt like a drawn out listicle blog or magazine article comprised of a list Worth the small amount of time it takes to read, but not one I ll likely refer back to. Super quick, very short read There were some sensible tips all gathered into one place and she is always a good writer speaker However oddly, I actually felt MORE stressed after reading it I felt stressed out about how I deal with stress what a great book to help you get through crazy times I bought this book for myself for Mother s Day, but just got around to reading it recently The title was intriguing to me because lately I feel like I m having a hard time keeping it all together This is a quick read The stories are easy to relate to and she has a lot of great insight It s one of those books I think I will pick up time and time again when I need to gain a little perspective. I thought the book was a little trite and quite repetitive Yes, it was a rah, rah, cheerleader book but it lacked substance and anything of real value that hasn t been said a million times I like some of her other stuff much better But if you want to feel good about yourself get this book, because you can read it in 30 minutes You ll feel smart and successful and like you ve really accomplished something Just my thoughts. This is a great little book to polish off in an hour or so I liked the conversational tone and easy going manner it had I loved the thought If we all gained ten pounds, we d be closer together It s nice to hear someone telling us to take it easy rather than to see how muchwe can cram in a day I don t tend to get stressed a lot, so the subject matter didn t really resonate with me However, I still enjoyed it and gained some good thoughts ideas from it. Because I am a total stressed out basket caseI LOVED this book Mary Ellen Edmunds, with her witty sense of humor, talks point blank about ways that we make ourselves stressed out and ways to help calm the S Monster This is a Time Out Classic and is a very short, easy read with a lot of great suggestions on how to reduce stress in our lives. This book talk was exactly what I needed to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon, following a stressful and life changing week Okay, maybe it wasn t a life changing week, but it was a glimpse of BIG changes yet to come MEE s humor, and way of pointing out the obvioustrust God Duh was just the little reminder that I needed. ^EBOOK ↶ Keeping It Together in a Pull-Apart World ↴ Is Life Pulling You In Too Many Directions Are You Out Of Time, Out Of Patience, And Out Of Humor Keeping It Together In A Pull Apart World, The Newest Book In The Time Out Classics Series, Gives Practical Ideas For Managing The Stress Of Everyday Life And Redirecting Your Attention To The Things That Matter Most Bestselling Author And Popular Speaker Mary Ellen Edmunds Presents Her Usual Mix Of Humorous Anecdotes And Thoughtful Insights In This Positive, Upbeat Approach To One Of Life S Most Common And Perplexing Dilemmas