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I confess that the only reason I borrowed this from the library is because ITV have just produced a series of Sanditon starring Kris Marshall, my favourite St Marie detective and I wanted to read the source material before I watched the programme I haven t read any Jane Austen before, I struggle to focus with classics and find my concentration drifting Nevertheless, I enjoyed Austen s characterisation, particularly Lady Denham who was quite humorous I only read Sanditon, not the other stories so can t pass comment on those Although I recognise that this isn t my cup of tea, I still appreciate that it is well written and would have liked to find out what happened to Charlotte on her summer adventures. This book has too parts the first includes a complete novella and two fragments of novels Austen left unfinished The novella Lady Susan, an epistolary work of fiction is a little gem, where Austen s customary wit becomes acerbic, for once.The second part has her juvenile writings from the ending of the XVIII century, which I found uninteresting. I just finished reading this collection of Austen s unfinished and unpublished stories I see her in a whole new light now, she was such a comic Sanditon was enchanting, I am devestaed that it was never finished I particularly loved her History of England Jane Austen is just all round brilliant. This has had to go back to the library and I ve read all but the last few pages, which include some prayers I ll borrow it again perhaps to finish it off, as a matter of following through on my mission to read everything Jane Austen wrote that has been published I really was blown away by this It s hard to give a short summary because each of the items within the collection is so different Sanditon, I had read before, but forgotten It struck me as so very cynical in flavour I hadn t remembered this Jane appeared to like no one at this point The heroine who isthe narrator or observer is unrealistically perfect and sensible in every way, in stark contrast to every other character who is reeking with flaws Well, some don t reek, but many do I got the sense that the heroine is Jane Austen herself, observing everybody else s weaknesses with clarity of mind and perfect manners Lady Susan is a knock out Extraordinary So much like Les Liaisons dangereuses in subject matter The Watsons was very open ended in its current state and I enjoyed Joan Aiken s finishing off, despite the fact that she did not follow through with Jane Austen s alleged intentions with regards to plot As to the material written when Jane Austen was a child There is so much of it And it s so brilliant and witty and in many cases ambiguous in the comment it makes on society It made me very thoughtful One story The Three Sisters was presented as a complete farce but made me very sober It concerned as is most often the case with JA the issue of deciding on love vs material comfort with respect to a marriage proposal It is very sad to think what options women had available to them They were likely to be condemned for marrying for wealth without affection , OR for refusing an advantageous match How often or likely would it be that girls were offered the perfect blend of love and financial reward in a proposed match It must have been most uncommon This theme is repeated in various ways with various degrees of levity in several of the fragments Another theme is sensibilities which are lampooned mercilessly by Jane The sort of scenario where the heroine chuses to leave home and hearth to follow the man she adores upon 5 minutes introduction simply because he is the worst possible match for her and her parents would not approve ending in sleeping in the street, disastrous carriage accidents, lovers bleeding to death tragically in the lover s arms and so on all told in a highly ironic tone of voice I could write on for hours So I won t Anyway, Jane Austen was quite an amazing woman and natural writer, clearly from a very early age. [ Book ] ⚖ Sanditon and Other Stories ♌ Readers Of Jane Austen S Six Great Novels Are Left Hungering For , And There Is The Marvelous Unpublished Manuscripts She Left Behind, Collected Here Sanditon Might Have Been Austen S Greatest Novel Had She Lived To Finish It Its Subject Matter Astonishes Here Is Austen Observing The Birth Pangs Of The Culture Of Commerce, As Her Country Bred Heroine, A Foolish Baronet, A Family Of Hypochondriacs, And A Mysterious West Indian Heiress Collide Against The Background Hum Of Real Estate Development At A Seaside Resort The Watsons, Begun InBut Never Completed, Tells The Story Of A Young Woman Who Was Raised By A Rich Aunt And Who Finds Herself Shipped Back To The Comparative Poverty And Social Clumsiness Of Her Own FamilyThe Novella Lady Susan Is A Miniature Masterpiece, Featuring Austen S Only Villainous Protagonist Lady Susan S Subtle, Single Minded, And Ruthless Pursuit Of Power Makes The Reader Regret That Austen Never Again Wrote A Novel With A Scheming Widow For Its HeroineThe Special Joy Of This Collection Lies In Austen S Juvenilia Tiny Novels, The Enchantingly Funny Love And Freindship, Comic Fragments, And A Very Partial History Of England Romping Miniatures That She Wrote In Her Teens Their High Spirits, Hilarity, And Control Offer Delicious Proof That Austen Was An Artist Born, Not Made Sanditon was definitely set up to take onclass and race issues, but we get only a taste of it The seaside town is being set up to be the next big destination, but it has some rather foolish people in charge of that future I wonder if we would have hints of gentrification and how the West Indies heiress would have altered how we perceive Austen novels. A great find for Jane Austen fans It was nice to read some of her lesser known works Lady Susan , etc and her earlier writings A number of her stories from when she was younger were actually less subtle in the humor andoutrageous in the situations. Read only the novella Lady Susan which was amusing and generously quoted in the movie Love and Friendship not her best but clever. I just reread Sanditon, as I believe a movie is coming soon This was the last work she undertook before her death, 75 pages were written before she abandoned it, and died 3 months later The tag on this book is it may have been the greatest novel she has ever written if she had finished it I find that hard to support Of course whatever exists is a first draft, but I felt uncomfortable as to the number of times she mentions money, income, and inducing people to buy things in it Also there are several hypochondriacs in it who loved to complain about how sick they are, then get up and do whatever they actually want, but excuse themselves from anything else It was hard to care about any of the characters, which is usually a bad sign. Fascinating to see Jane s style as a young writer Her short stories are amazing, cheeky, and never ever ever have a happy ending I feel like this just proves how her writing really isn t mainly about the romance but about caricaturing human nature in a way that s amusing and enlightening.