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~Kindle ♱ Great monsters of the movies ♵ The Monsters Are Coming Most Of Us Like To Escape From The Ordinary Or Enjoy The Thrill Of A Good Fright One Of The Most Popular Scary Entertainments In This Century Has Been The Parade Of Monster Movies Vampires, Werewolves, And Gigantic Beasts Are Just A Few Of The Terrifying Creatures That Have Made These Movies Famous This Survey Covers The Legends Behind The Stories, And The Brilliant Directors, Technicians, And Actors Who Created Some Of The Most Successful Horror Films Stills Of Such Classic Villains As King Kong, Frankenstein, Dracula And The Wolf Man Add To The Fascination And Delight Of This Book For All Monster Movie Buffs Cool little book of monster facts and movie plots Pretty funny to read about how the zombie subgenre was not a money maker when this book was published. I used to own this book as a child and read it till it was tatters Just found it used and couldn t resist This book helped cement my love of classic horror movies, and I ve counted it a personal triumph every time I ve seen one of the movies mentioned and I ve now watched a good number Bucket list Although I ve heard some of the details provided about the movies years, etc are incorrect, it has not stopped me from enjoying this book immensely.